What happened when I asked a few friends and blog readers to like my professional Facebook page? There are two things to consider when getting people to like a Facebook page: understanding the psychological reasons people want to subscribe to a page and mastering the mechanics helping people to click the Like button. I lot of times we feel that we build a great page, site, or multimedia content and no one is paying attention.
I used the Build Audience tool in the Facebook Page administration area and imported some email addresses. There are two ways to get people to like your Facebook Page – hound them, or make them want to like. I’ve done email campaigns in the past for clients without difficulty, but spam laws have gotten tougher in recent years and email campaign providers are not taking any risks. Many people that visit my viral post HOW TO: Separate Personal and Business with Facebook Pages want information on converting their personal Facebook profile to a business page. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. But in this ultra competitive profession, there are still a few funeral homes that manage to come out on top and just kill it at their jobs year after year (excuse the pun). A few big players in the funeral profession have taken this statistic to heart, by ensuring their website and online presence reflects their passion and commitment to helping families. The second that family and friends begin to hear about their loved one’s passing, they are going to begin scouring the internet, looking for service information and how they can help the family.
Gray Funeral Home is one example of a successful funeral home who makes the obituary a priority during the arrangement process with families.
If you are simply copying and pasting the obituary the family posted in the newspapers to your website and leaving it at that, you are doing a disservice to people who are looking for ways to help.
52% of brands say that social media is the top driver for relationship building and brand engagement.
Langeland Family Funeral Homes takes advantage of f1Connect’s new Social Share function, which automatically posts the obituaries on their website to their Facebook page. From the very second a family walks through your door, your focus should be on building an emotional connection with them and kick-starting the healing process. Through all aspects of a funeral service, people want to feel an emotional connection to the loved one they are celebrating. By uploading personalized photos and videos to their memorial pages, Wilkerson Funeral Home offers families a chance to share their own memories and stories about their loved ones.
A beautiful service should leave family and friends with a deeper understanding of their loved one. But the healing power of tribute videos doesn’t have to stop there… they can also be uploaded to a loved one’s memorial page after the service. Shackelford Funeral Directors uploads the Life Tributes videos that they create for their families on the loved one’s social memorial page on their website.

If you would like to learn more about how you too can create beautiful obituaries and social memorial pages that help your families create emotional connections with their loved ones, check out our f1Connect Website Platform today.
For more great insight into what the most successful funeral homes in our profession are doing to stay relevant and valuable to their families, stay tuned for PART TWO of this blog… coming soon! Pages with fewer than 5,000 likes can have email addresses imported to jumpstart the audience.
There’s a form of marketing called permission marketing where users take actions to receive marketing.
It’s free for basic emailing and reasonable amounts of subscribers (less than 2,000). You’re constantly competing with other local funeral homes for your families’ business, you’re competing with the market to bring your families value in an affordable way, and you’re competing with the ever-changing wants and needs of today’s families, which can can ultimately decide the future of the funeral services you provide. And, not surprising to us, the majority of the most successful funeral homes got to where they are because of a successful online presence. Meaning, your families are moving between multiple devices ? smartphones, computers or tablets ? to accomplish their goals.
But very few take advantage of their full power… like building engagement, bringing traffic to your website, and even helping people support the immediate family. If the obituary is not on your website, they are simply going to click-off and find the information they are looking for someplace else. By personalizing the memorial page with the loved one’s photo and obituary right away, they are ensuring that friends and families looking for service information online will find what they need, and they’ll be able to build emotional connections with their loved one’s story through the photos and memories shared there. Fielding’s Funeral Home does a great job of showcasing their service information, maps to their location, and even the cemetery details right on a loved one’s memorial page.
That is why sharing your funeral home’s obituaries on Facebook or Twitter is such a vital step in the obituary posting process. This helps to bring more visibility and reach to each obituary you are posting, and brings more awareness for the funeral service you are holding. The best funeral professionals in the business do this by introducing social memorial websites right in the arrangement process, so that building emotional connections becomes the first and strongest element of the funeral service, from beginning to end. In this example, a nephew was able to reminisce about an emotional memory of his uncle that was triggered by a photo.
A funeral service done right should encourage people to share stories, remember moments and events, and should feel that emotional connection they are craving. As an added bonus, when you are putting together a tribute video for your family, all of the photos included in the video are automatically scanned into a beautiful photo album on the loved one’s memorial page, furthering the personalized memorial experience you are creating for your families. This helps ensure that friends and family from out of town feel emotionally connected to their loved one, even if they didn’t attend the funeral service. If you’re not good at creating graphics you can use Canva to make graphics with ease. This is different from interruption marketing where people get messages they didn’t ask to receive or are totally irrelevant.
Remember, you are on a shared server, so the bad practices of user can affect all users of the service.

The one important feature that requires a paid account is autoresponders, but that’s about it. As you can see, the people that want to be your friend and the people that want to follow you are different. Here are a few ways that the most successful funeral pros in the business have become great. Not only do you lose out on traffic the longer you wait to upload obits, but you also lose out on the engagement that you would have received by allowing family and friends to share their memories and condolences. Because they now have to scan a big wall of text when looking for service information, any requests made by the family, or any other important information that will help them lend support.
This way, friends and families do not have to go searching for information about their loved one’s service. When your families see their loved one’s service information online, they can help spread the world about the service by sharing it with their network. Memorial websites are also a great resource for gathering photos and memories from everyone who was touched by the loved one, giving the immediate family the chance to hear new memories that they may have not even known about before. If you upload a memorial page without personal photos and videos of the loved one ? or worse yet, no photo at all ? you are losing your engagement with the people who are coming to your website. One of the most effective ways many successful funeral homes have achieved this is through tribute videos. I didn’t send requests to all my friends, but a few that I thought would be interested. If you have an existing list to send to, there’s not really any harm in asking people to like the page as long your expectations are low.
Instead, you should break out important information so it’s easy to find, such as what time the service will be starting, or when and where they can send flowers. This viral spread of information will also bring more traffic to your website, and more exposure of your funeral home to outside friends and family who may not know about you.
They do not feel that emotional connection, so they are less likely to support the family by uploading a photo of their own, sharing a beautiful memory or sending flowers. Not only do these videos help tell the story of a beautiful life lived and bring a personalized touch to visitations and services, but it’s also a very healing experience for the immediate family who is gathering photos to honor their loved one.
I think a better idea is to create an email marketing campaign and ask your real fans to like the page with a link in the email.
The feature was a good idea when brands could only create Facebook profiles and pages didn’t exist.
However, when you trigger that emotional connection with beautiful photos of the loved one, other friends and family are more likely to share their support and will want to take part, as well.

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