We recently discussed how to go about scanning QR codes on the iPhone with the help of a free third party app called Scan.
At this point you can either save the QR code as an image like a PNG and print it our, send it to your friends, or do whatever you want with it.
If you create a bookmark with that script as the content, then you can use a bookmark to open the QR code. Maybe I’m being paranoid but what do they do with your personal data which yo have so kindly typed into their webpage? Visualead, an Israeli startup behind a simple service that creates QR codes that are barely visible, kicked off its official launch in China with a bang: winning the Growth Stage Competition at the Global Mobile Internet Conference yesterday.
It’s hard to argue that scooping an accolade at one of the most reputable startup competitions in China is anything but a promising sign for its China foray. Unlike older codes, those created with Visualead are considerably more attractive, giving them a better chance of engagement with readers or passers by. The service is free to consumers, but Peled says that the company is focused on expanding its premium service, which enables small businesses and enterprises to purchase codes to use on any number of materials, including banners, brochures, and retail products. Referring to Visualead’s own customer base, he says that 65 percent of the 200,000 businesses that it serves each month come from the US, and 20 percent are from Europe. Adding to that detail, he also points out that most smartphone owners have a QR code reader on their device – although many may be unaware of that. Peled does admit though that adoption in the US has generally plateaued, but there are plenty of other markets where growth is strong.
Despite the excitement of the market, the Visualead chief has one reservation about its expansion: copycats. Building the kind of QR code technology that Visualead uses isn’t simple at all, Peled explains.
For now, the company is primarily chasing two main objectives in China: funding and partnerships.

Following its $750,000 seed funding round, led by Kaedan Capital, the company is beginning to prepare for its Series A round.
Once the funding is in place, Visualead is aiming to build relationships with the biggest Chinese mobile Internet companies that use QR codes as a core part of its technology. Visualead is already off to a promising start, and we’ll be keeping an eye on its progress in China, Asia and the rest of the world. In addition to URL,  QR codes can also be used for information such as free text (when scanned text pops up), phone number, contact, SMS and location. If you are looking to create a QR code to help promote your website or blog, check out these resources that will have you creating a QR code in no time. If you are looking for a free solution for creating a QR code, check out The QR Code Generator. Read more from Molly at Digital Mom Blog where she blogs technology, parenting and geekery. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
But if you’ve ever wondered where QR Codes come from or how to make one yourself, then you might be pleased to find out that not only can Scan read QR codes, but the service can actually make them as well.
The QR code actions can cover a variety of things, ranging from accessing a business or personal page, website, social media interaction like sending a tweet or Liking a page, displaying a message, or even joining a password protected wi-fi network. If it’s scanned by the Scan app or any other QR code reader, it will redirect to the website you specified when setting it up. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! And the company has big plans to help marketers, brand and others use its technology to better communicate with Chinese consumers.
Uses simply upload a photo to its website, which creates a code that are merged with the original image.

Statistics have floated around demonizing QR codes for low adoption rates, but Peled assures me that the technology is far from struggling. He adds that, since its launch six months ago, Visualead has seen its business grow by 100 percent each month – both in terms of revenue and users. QR code adoption in Asia is blossoming, he says, which explains the launch into China and its presence at GMIC 2013.
China has a notorious reputation for copying (or ‘borrowing’ depending on how you look at it) intellectual property and business models. The company uses machine learning algorithms, full image scanning, and other complex proprietary algorithms.
Peled says that, in a ideal world, he’d like to see the new investment led by a VC in China and another in Israel, pointing out that a strategic investor with the right network and expertise would help power growth in the country.
Ideally, we’d imagine that would mean partnering with companies like WeChat, Baidu and Sina Weibo to replace these platforms’ existing QR code tech.
Now a days, you can find QR codes on just about anything (case in point, here is a scarf with a QR code) – though most popular would be a business card. While there are numerous sites out there that will generate a free QR code for you, The QR Code Generator is quick and easy, also giving you sizing options. We’ll focus on creating a QR code for redirecting to a website, but each of the other options at ScanMe is as simple to configure. Since China didn’t get its copycat reputation for no reason, Visualead has taken the step of obtaining patents to protect its IP in China.

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