5 Nov 2013 They have an extensive media library and their banner creator tools are very user Create banners for Windows and Mac with banner maker. This 2-day course is organized through task-oriented, classroom-based tutorials to enable you use the program quickly and efficiently.
There will be realistic exercise files provided for this InDesign course to enable better learning and understanding, and to learn at your own pace. For government ministries on HRMS-2 or ACE portals inform your Training Coordinator of our Course Code and Course Date. To register, select your preferred date and then click the REGISTER button at the bottom of this list.
If none of our published course date is suitable for you or your staff, contact us at 6423-1183 and let us know when you need this course to be conducted and if it is possible we will do our best to make it happen! If you require this course to be customised to better suit the training needs of your staff or to have this course conducted on a date not stated in our training calendar, contact us (Call us at 6423-1183) for a no obligation discussion. Can't attend this course during office hours, contact us at 6423-1183 for possible evening or Saturday class arrangements.
BlogOur collection of thoughts, advice, experiments and other activities going on in and out of the studio. Developing a robust and innovative iPhone app can be complex; however, the experience can be certainly enthralling.
As you probably know, there are millions of apps out there on iTunes, and the competition is further getting tough. Apple iPhone uses a variation of Mac Operating System and recently, iPhone development tools are available only for Mac users.
Register as an Apple developer for free and then you can create iPhone apps for Mac products. First, have your app drawn on paper or in Photoshop and then start designing it with attractive templates available in the SDK. This is one of the most important steps in developing an iPhone app – programming your application.

The Software Download Kit comes with cutting-edge iPhone Simulator that helps you test your app before submitting it to the iTunes. This is one of the most important steps where you need to provide data pertaining to the new app. Follow these steps in developing a unique and engaging iPhone app, and submit it to iTunes.
It is especially designed for pagemaking to allow you to create output-ready layouts for many purposes, from simple brochure, full-colour magazines, interactive PDFs, splash pages for web sites, and magazines for your tablet. Targeted for the beginner to intermediate learners, the lessons cover the essential principles of Adobe InDesign.
Call us at 6423-1183 and speak to any of your representatives and we would be work out an arrangement for you.
Creating an application isn’t free completely, and at some point of time, you might need to shed $99 (USD).
Though you can design an app in jail break mode on a PC, but eventually you will need a Mac to get it up in the App Store. It is a full-featured IDE that is built around smooth workflow, integrating source code editing, with build and compile steps. Here, you will have a wide range of templates to choose from, giving your app a unique and compelling look. For this, you have to learn Objective-C for Cocoa, which is a powerful programming language, designed to develop apps for iPhone. This includes providing the Application Name that will appear in iTunes, Application Description, Device Requirements, Primary Category, Secondary Category, Version Number, SKU Number, Keywords, Application URL, Support URL, Support Email Address, and Demo Account. Also provide the Availability Date, Pricing, and an App Store Selection if you don’t want the application to be available worldwide.
Make sure that you don’t goof up here and therefore, add a compelling and realistic review that will attract users to buy the app or at all, download it for free.
The projects based lesson will walk you through the real-world process of creating documents, working with text and objects, applying formatting and styles, placing images, managing colour, and outputting files for both digital and print format.

Furthermore, you will also need a Mac at some point and use specific Mac-happy code to create an app for iPhone. It takes through a graphical debugging experience, without actually leaving view of the source code.
Go through a large number of video tutorials to know how to use the templates to design iPhone apps effectively.You can also download iOS7 GUI (Graphic user interface) PSD for design guidelines.
At this stage, try to eliminate as much bugs as possible and think of different ways the app might be used. Localize your app by customizing description of the application for each country’s App Store.
Having these handy with you, and a unique idea, you are all set to develop an iPhone app and submit it to the iTunes store.
Therefore, it is important that you craft a unique and innovative idea, ensuring that there aren’t other applications that offering the same thing as you propose.
It could take several hours to download the SDK since it comprises of different sorts of sample codes, documentation, and other components that you will need later on. An important component in developing iPhone apps, make sure that you download it full, which might take few hours again.
If you wish to build something better than what is already there, think creatively how you can actually make it better. Next, program the application in Objective-C, which might take several weeks or even months.

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