Creating a site is no longer the hard and time consuming process it used to be ten years ago. IM Creator is an elaborate and at the same time slight web builder, putting importance on ease of use.
Webydo is an advanced WYIWYG website builder that is made especially for designers who don’t have time or simply don’t know how to code.
The freebie of the day is a collection of 4 free vector vintage style badges in high-quality resolution.. The web industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever, especially when it has to keep up with the variety of platforms that become old after merely months. The templates cover many fields of business: entertainment, real estate, weddings, freelancing, and so on. The service includes a PDF format manual for beginners, as well as e-mail customer support, and includes free hosting, SEO integration, and Web Analytics. Windows 8 has arrived and the familiar look of Windows OS has completely changed with the tile-based Metro UI.
This is a big move by Microsoft as this new UI will be used in all their platforms including desktop, tablet, mobile and their website as well.
Personally, I liked the Metro UI as it fits into many aspects of the modern web design like simplicity, grid-based interfaces (good for responsive layouts) and it is consistent in every part (there is really a style guide behind it).
Although tile-based UIs is nothing new, Metro UI will definitely inspire many designers and we’ll see websites similar to it. There are also built-in JavaScript components for the popular tiles, menu, sidebar, accordion, progress bars, notices and more. BootMetro is like a theme for Twitter Bootstrap that brings every feature of Bootstrap but with a Metro design.
It is actually some more as there are custom styles for the tiles, application bar and some other components.
This is a website framework and template to create sites using the Windows 8 Metro UI style.
It features very smooth transitions and many tiles (RSS, Twitter, weather, etc.) are included. It displays info in tiles where each tile is a mini app itself fetching data from external sources.
A PHP image gallery script that can auto-generate thumbnails and can display images in a Lightbox. Currently, panorama, pivot, progress bar, list picker, toggle switch, buttons and textbox are available. This jQuery Metro UI plugin is capable of creating the tiles, application bar and has theming support. The tiles and application bar are highly customizable in means of functionality and design.
It uses various plugins for handling the app bar, progress bar, toggle button and date-picker. A ThemeRoller-like theme builder for jQuery UI that focuses on creating Metro UI looking outputs. A standalone JavaScript code for creating the tiles and accomplishing the tilting effect onClick (with CSS3). Really nice and latest designing technique, lots of thanks you are sharing these types of latest post. Droptiles allows you to move the tiles around, although I found it very difficult to drop them where I wanted them!
Really cool, I can do lots of things with Win 8, I was aware of some of them but rest are really awesome to know about them. Most designers are often approached by clients who are interested in having them build their websites. Webydo is a professional online website builder application that lets designers create, manage and design a website without writing code.
Webydo works to resolve this issue by providing graphic designers with tools to create unique business websites without writing a single line of code.
Webydo offers an easy integration of Ecwid E-Commerce widget, a dynamic and mobile friendly solution that accepts a wide variety of payment solutions, with great stock control, media rich category and product description. I think Webydo is an ideal work environment for professional web design, It is amazing website creator for designer! Webydo is servicing a community of 13,000 designers, enables them to create and manage cross-platform business websites, without writing code. The creative process can start without registration, and the top menu is very straightforward: you simply drag and drop the object you need on the dashboard.
With over a thousand templates to match the most varied of domains, (limo rentals, plumbing services, dry cleaning, dentist cabinets, nail salons, law firms, etc.), you might think at some point everybody will have similar sites.
It’s the perfect solution for those professionals seeking a professional tool that they can use with their clients using the advanced CMS Webydo has to offer. It offers everything you need to create the website of your dream and go live in a matter of minutes. This is to say that on uCoz you can build a website of any complexity, be it a powerful web store or a simple portfolio. It provides many extra features not many web builders usually provide, such as free domain, personalized e-mail, no advertisement, SEO integration, stock photos, Google Analytics, and more.
The builder itself is very accessible and intuitive, whether you are building everything from scratch of use templates.
It welcomes you with your own virtual shelves, where you add your products right away, without registration.
He take pride in his work and he will do the best to provide the high quality and fresh contents. There are plenty of resources that allow you to create you own website, blog, wiki, or social community without having to know any programming language. Here are the steps for creating a website in no time: first off you must decide if you want to start from nothing and build up everything yourself, including background and design.

In the next screen there is a top menu, split in three sections: pages, elements and settings.
As they state it themselves, they can teach your grandma how to build award winning web sites. In today’s rapidly changing global economy, good design has become the key driver in creating value and establishing competitive advantage.
The problem, in many instances, is that designers don’t necessarily have the coding skills necessary to develop robust websites from scratch.
Drag the various elements of the website you’re creating a€” like photos, rich media, designs, forms, and even blogs a€” into the Webydo editor screen, and then drop them into position. You can easily explore compositions and typography choices, and feel the visual and emotional effect that every choice brings. Use our drag and drop control to easily upload elements such as: shapes, images, texts, videos, flash, galleries, forms, widgets and menus.
This popular E-Commerce solution provides you with total creative freedom in designing brilliant online stores for your clients.
With a click of a button, designers can publish an advanced HTML website, including a friendly built-in CMS for the website owner. These include pictures, slideshows, videos, texts, all as easy as drag and drop widgets, all of them taking shape in real time.
Its features include e-commerce, SEO optimization, mobile integration, and Google Analytics. With its courageous understanding of design and availability, Aircus is a site builder of the future, a pioneer in the direction of simplicity and speed.
There are thousands of designers that are using Webydo, and these same designers have helped to build Webydo as well. Good news is that you can check this yourself without any unwanted risks – they offer a feature-rich free plan that has no expiration date. Other features include cloud hosting, SEO optimization, Google Analytics, custom domain service, and cross platform compatibility, which becomes more and more a necessity, with so many different web browsers we have today. These free website creation sites allow you to easily create a site, customize the design, add content, and use a custom URL.A A  All website builders listed in this collection provide a fully functional working version of website without limited by time trial version. With everybody communicating almost exclusively with their smart phones, remaining on the PC seems like a great isolation. The first section controls the number of pages, the last one deals with the technical aspect (SEO integration, domain), while the elements section is where the magic happens.
This doesn’t work for web apps or other non-Windows 8 apps that use that design paradigm.
Founded by designers and creative professionals, Webydo is empowering designers around the world, eliminating all technical barriers and helping designers focus on the creative side of web creation.
Their templates have a feature that enables you to change the dominating colors with a simple click. It is not free, but you benefit from a 14 days trial and after your site is ready, you can buy a package. Focused on solutions for rushed customers and businessmen, it provides a few neat templates with simple lines and shapes and straightforward easy to read fonts.
Although its admin panel is very easy-to-use, uCoz has no shortage of advanced tools – even their completely free plan allows you to build a decent website. After you’re done with your site, regardless of how long it takes, you can move on to publishing, which is when you choose a plan.
Here you can find all the elements needed to create the face of your site: images, video embeds, galleries, slideshows, widgets. When viewing on an 7″ Android I must side scroll constantly as zooming out isn’t even allowed? The musician has musical instruments to give the world to hear the sounds that play in his head; an artist has a brush, paint and easel to paint a picture that he has in mind, but what about the web designer? While you design your website, Webydo automatically converts your graphic design into an updated HTML code and a CMS for your client. You can use drag and drop control to easily upload elements such as: shapes, images, texts, videos, flash, galleries, forms, widgets and menus. I’m talking about site creating software that does not require coding, everything happens via an interface and the whole process is similar to image editing and takes literally minutes.
The top features will be sent straight to development and the designers can interact with the development team personally. Not only a boon for web designers, as they don’t need programmers anymore, but also for you, who might not even need web designers anymore. The templates span the most varied domains, from business and real estate to arts, travel and entertainment.
After you are done with the design, all you have to do is put your text in the place of the demo text, and you’re done. Webydo generates a cross-platform code updated to the latest industry standards, guaranteeing that your website will look exactly as planned on all browsers and devices. The customer service provides a FAQ section, a community forum and live chat support, with a team of designers at your disposal. The most interesting feature is probably the universal accessibility: you can create a site from your phone or tablet, no matter where you are, in a matter of minutes. However, why can’t you go to the particular website and know that you will find needed things there for sure. When you upload all your design elements, click publish and your high quality website is live immediately. A pdf guide and a video tutorial are also available for beginners, and what’s best is that all of it is free. To be honest, I spent a lot of time to collect all those websites and all of them have helped me to create really good design at one time. Feel free to make your mark in the comment section.Photoshop BrushesEvery web project you take requires some brushes in order to complete the design and make it looks super cool. Small details like hair, eyelashes, skin imperfections could be corrected with Photoshop brushes.

You can find brushes with a certain form, hand-drawn or technical ones.I feel lack of brushes every time I’m going to create a design. Here you will find logos, fonts, photography, PDS-files, Photoshop brushes, shapes and tutorials, and a lot of other useful stuff.
There is also a community on the Deviantart platform that allows you to promote, exhibit and share your works. Please, learn the licences properly before the downloading a file.BrusheezyAll Photoshop stuff is definitely here.
There are a lot of brushes, patterns, textures, shapes, actions, gradients and styles for your Photoshop needs on Brucheezy. Therefore, take a look at shapes on these websites and choose what you need.Of course, Photoshop users are able to benefit from the great number of high-quality resources that are available freely all around the web. Good designed icons also improve the quality of the designer’s work.A huge number of designers make theirs icon sets available for free, thus giving their work more exposure. Always read the licenses, they can be changed from time to time.There is a list of websites with great icons. Give your website visitors an opportunity to follow your updates and news with a help of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Behance and so on.Of course, you can find the icons on the websites I’ve mentioned above. Here you will find a huge bundle of free Google Plus interface icons.Vector and PhotosVector illustrations and photos are the integral parts of any web project. It is impossible to list all the sites where you can find similar materials, but here are a few that I’m found.
There are more then 20 websites in the list below.FreePikBefore Freepik exists, the free graphic files were not ordered in one website, and it took hours to find quality free vectors, psd or photos.
A logo shows off your relation to the particular niche.I usually use logos in my website templates creation.
You can use them for inspiration or personal (and even commercial) needs.LogoInstantAll the logos are 100 % free here.
You are also free to customize and edit a logo to suit your needs.SnaboopieShaboopie is a website that provides the customers with free logos in PSD or vector formats.
The owners just ask you do not profit from the logos directly.FontsThe choice out there is quite huge, so you need some time to find free and high-quality fonts in the web, but you can invest this time on your web project.
So, it is the highlight of such kind of articles: the designer bookmarks the article in order to find there some useful stuff when he needs. So, I have collected a few websites where you’ll find almost any font for free.I think it is one of the most important things in designer’s work.
In my opinion, there are three the most popular websites below.Google WebFontsThis is a good website for designers and developers where a lot of web fonts from Google are placed.
Use the fonts in any way you want, no matter private or commercial.DafontDafont is an awesome archive of the free fonts. Here you will find the needed one for sure.UI Design PatternsUser interface design pattern is one of the hardest and time-consuming designer’s job. Design patterns have found a place in many areas of our life and IT sphere is not the exception. These brief website overview will help you to choose the right design patter for a particular website design.Dynam UIExcellent and high-quality UI with clean and minimalistic design. On these websites you will find the PSD full mock up with all layers in vectors that will allow you to change design without loss of quality. On these websites you can also find the elements taht were described before, such as icons, UI, business cards, and so on.
Therefore, this part of the article is quite important.PremiumPixelsIt is Orman Clark’s website where you will find a lot of free and useful materials. His main goal is to make the web a more attractive place.365 PSD365PSD is a world of high-quality PSDs that can be used for personal and commercial use without worrying about the licencing. Once I’ve downloaded a business card in order to see how it is organized, (I mean to know the size, marking, etc) and then create my own one. A few free business cards for inspiration below.It’s very difficult issue to find free business cards. Basically, all free business cards you can find in different freebie or in the business cards collections on the blogs around the net. I hope you’ll like them.Free Business Card DesignsFive free and clear business card designs. But still the number of free business cards is huge, so keep on looking and you’ll find what you need.Facebook CoversDepending on the increasing number of Facebook users, covers are critically important.
Many people put a photo on a place of Facebook cover, but it is not the original solution at all. The examples below allows you to choose.This direction is a relatively new, but still there are not so many websites that develop free Facebook covers.
Many websites lay out interesting and unusual photos with the right size which can be easily installed on Facebook.Free Premium Facebook Cover PhotosFive free awesome Facebook covers is a great present. Feel free to customize a cover whatever you like.TrendyCoversIt’s a website with great Facebook covers, but as I’ve mentioned before, a lot of them are just usual photos. There a huge number of covers, so you’ll have a choice.ConclusionI hope that the collection of websites from my bookmarks will help you in creation of truly great design. If you want to ask any question, share thoughts or just say “hello” use a comment section below.Like it? I’m proud to myself that I am familiar to most of them and have used several of them on my projects. Instant Shift rocks!DD Reply Stacy Summers October 19, 2012Awesome collection!)))) good work, Pavlushka! Reply Ruud October 1, 2013This is A Very Nice And design and useful for Web devlopers Thanks For Sharing Reply kwame October 16, 2013You solved a problem for me.

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