These days no one thinks that a games room is just for kids – gaming has become an activity for people of all ages. A darts board is another really good choice for a games room because – again – it doesn’t take up a lot of space and lets you organize tournaments with friends. Creative Director Martin Sahlin gives instructions on how you can make Yarny using wire and yarn, just like he did in the forest of Northern Scandinavia.
Obviously the first thing you need to do is sort out a suitable space – and if you are lucky enough to have an unused room in the house, that will be ideal. What you really want to do is give yourself the widest possible choice of games, while still leaving enough room to move around without difficulty.

You want your gaming room to be a social thing, and a pool, snooker or table tennis table will be great for the same reason.
But you don't need to wait until then to go hands-on with Yarny if you make one of your own!
Unless your room is really big, you will probably have to choose just one of these – but any one will make the perfect central focus of your room.
Just like the computer, it is also a really smart move to have a television in the room, as this lets you watch sports that you are betting on, and also lets you and your friends play games on it with a console – again giving you a lot of gaming options all in one place, helping you maximize the space you have available. Popular choices for this include classic posters, canvas photographs and pieces of sporting memorabilia.

While you might dream of having a bar in the room, a mini-fridge will probably be more viable for most people, as a way of providing refreshments.

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