My Reflective Journal Template can be used by both students and teachers as a digital journal. Here is the storyboard created to support the Photo Story project that involved using sound effects. Here is a sample Photo Story project that uses sound effects (rain and birds) to emphasis the message. A local teacher mastered Photo Story within a few moments and made this sample for her students so she could model what their finished projects should look like. Once this class had learned how to do a project with  Photo Story, they moved on to a more difficult project.

You can add pictures, music, voice, transitions, and effects to make your stories come to life! If doing this project with your students, view these with your kids and talk about what makes a good photo story. In this situation they had to draw some images and get them into digital format for the Photo Story. Then they used the internet to find pictures that they thought would fit with the song and finally they used Photo Story 3 to create the video.
They had to describe what they knew about slavery and then decide if they thought it was right or wrong.

Please click the link below to view a sample Photostory created by a sixth grader for a slavery project.

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