Whether someone is making a PowerPoint presentation to a group of employees or to a company they want to do business with, the presentation must be professional.
Finally, in order to be effective, a PowerPoint presentation must employ graphics that are easy to scan. Send us emailEmail correspondence must come from a Palomar College email address for identity verification purposes. If you have not already typed an outline in Word or some other document, you can type it right in PowerPoint by using Outline View.  Create a new blank presentaiton and then click on the View tab to open Outline View. To import to PowerPoint click the drop-down under New Slide on the Home tab and select Slides from Outline…  Navigate to the Outline file and click Insert. When you start creating a new presentation, many users just launch PowerPoint and start creating their slides. To create a PowerPoint presentation using a template, click the File tab > New, and the following panel will be displayed. Clicking on a template category will display thumbnail images of all the templates within that category.

There are many free templates available from within PowerPoint, and also freely downloadable from other websites on the internet. This means that the presentation has graphics that capture the attention of whoever is attending the meeting. If a person watching a presentation begins to get confused by how data or facts are presented, he or she may stop listening.
If a PowerPoint revolves around a question, then the facts revealed in the presentation should serve to answer that question. A person attending a PowerPoint presentation shouldn’t have to figure out how to read a chart or graph that shows up on the screen. Colors and print work together get the point of the presentation across in a memorable way.
If the people in the meeting get bogged down with confusing information and numbers thrown around, they won’t benefit from the presentation. A person shouldn’t walk out of the meeting room wondering about the answer to the main question in the presentation.

A successful PowerPoint presentation communicates its purpose in a clear manner with information organized in a logical way. Furthermore, each meeting attendee should not only know the answer to the question, but also be able to offer facts to back up that answer.
The information can easily be absorbed by all the attendees of a meeting and allow them to see the overall picture that the presenter is trying to convey. In short, the people attending the meeting should remember the main points of the presentation because they were conveyed in an interesting fashion. They’ll know all the facts because they were revealed in the PowerPoint presentation.
The goal of an effective PowerPoint is to present the facts in a way that is accessible to everyone in attendance.

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