Quick Adsense is een advertentie management WordPress plugin die meer kan dan alleen maar Adsense advertenties te tonen. Deze adsense plugin biedt je en snelle en flexible manier om je Adsense advertenties te plaatsen, of het nu gaat om een bericht of een pagina, je kunt snel de plaatsing wijzigen voor jehele website!
Daarbij kun je met deze Adsense plugin ook diverse formaten van je Adsense advertenties automtisch laten roleren. In het algemeen is het willekeurig (random) rouleren van Adsense advertentie formaten een goede manier om te experimenteren met verschillende advertentie formaten en plaatsing daarvan om te zien of je je Adsense inkomsten verder kunt optimaliseren. Als je veel terugkerende bezoekers hebt op je website, dan help het willekeurig wisselen van de formaten en posities zeker om hun attentie voor de advertentie vast te houden en je Click Trough Rate (CTR) te verhogen. Absoluut GEEN betaling of automatisch delen van je Adsense inkomsten met de auteur van deze Adsense plugin, bij sommige plugins gebeurt dit helaas wel. Flexibele Advertentie plaatsing, invoegen van specifieke of willekeurige advertenties overal binnen een bericht. Simpel configuration scherm, geen kennis nodig van codering in WordPress thema’s: Gewoon kopieren en plakken van je AdSense code, activeren en selecteren van de opties en deze Adsense plugin doet de rest voor je. Mogelijkheid tot het gebruiken van maximaal 10 Advertentie widgets in je zijmenu (sidebar).
Mogelijkheden om maximaal10 Advertenties te gerbuiken voor specifieke plaatsing en roulering binnen een bericht of pagina. Invoegen van de Tags hierboven door de extra Quicktag Buttons die je ziet als je het HTML bewerking veld gebruikt (werkt nog niet in WordPress 3.3).
Als je op deze site komt dan zul je waarschijnlijk al een Google Adsense account hebben, zo niet, maak eerst een Google Adsense Account aan zodat je een extra online inkomen kunt generen met je eigen website.
Hieronder nog het scherm dat je zou moeten zien bij de HTML weergave, maar dat nu even niet werkt in combinatie met WordPress versie 3.3.
Met WordPress versie 3.3 kun je natuurlijk wel de codes invoeren in je HTML scherm en ze werken ook, alleen de invoer buttons zijn niet zichtbaar.
Mocht je zelf nog een Privacy Policy hebben op je website, maak dan snel een Privacy pagina een en gebruik deze Privacy Policy Generator waarbij je kiest voor Alleen de tekst met opmaak die je dan kunt plakken in de HTML code van die nieuwe pagina. Kopier een aantal van de codes die je wilt testen in een van de Ads on post vakken en kijk hoe ze je pagina vullen en rouleren.
So rather than yhou having to go back through our archive of posts, we’ve gathered up the best of what was new over the past year in one place! Hovercard is a free jQuery plugin that lets you display related information when you hover over a link, label, or any other HTML element. Kinzaa is a web app that lets you create infographic resumes that will set you apart from other job seekers.
WP Remote lets you manage and maintain all of your WordPress sites from a single dashboard. SlabText is a script that lets you create a big, bold, responsive headline for your web designs.
HTML KickStart is a set of HTML5, CSS, and jQuery building blocks for rapid website development.
Fokiz is a content management system designed for ease of use by designers, developers, and users.
Bootstrap Generator makes it easy to get started with your Twitter Bootstrap project the way you want. Create is a new web editing interface that uses a browser-based HTML5 environment for managing your content. Osmosis is a simple app for managing your client questionnaires in a way that makes it easier to interact with your clients and gather the information you need from them.
Entypo is a set of more than a hundred pictograms, available as an OpenType font, a web font, and vector EPS.
Collusion is a Firefox add-on that lets you see all the third parties that are tracking your movements online. Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard that lets you see an overview of your entire business in real time.
Story Wheel is a new app that lets you take your Instagram photos and tell the story behind them. Anchor CMS is a PHP5-based content management system created specifically for art-directed blogging. 15Five is a web app that makes it easy for upper-level management to keep track of what their employees are doing, without being obtrusive. Backstretch is a jQuery plugin for adding a dynamically resized background image to your pages. Noty, now in version 2, is a jQuery plugin for creating alternative alert and other notification messages (such as success, error, and confirmation).
Breezi is a new website builder that makes it easy to design, edit, and launch beautiful websites in minutes. This Responsive Horizontal Layout shows you how to create a horizontal layout that includes multiple panels that can each be scrolled individually.
Filtrify is a tag filtering plugin that lets you search tags within tags, and filter items by multiple tags from different categories.
The NHP Theme Options Framework is a simple, very extendable theme options framework for your WP themes. Codeanywhere is a code editor that lets you code from your browser or via mobile app, and includes a built-in FTP client. Silk is a new web-based publishing platform that makes it easy to provide content in a more structured manner.
Shifticons provides an easy way to create custom icon web fonts from a variety of web fonts. Goal Stacker makes it easy to focus on things you can get done in the time you have available. Pageguide.js lets you create an interactive guide for webpage elements with jQuery and CSS3. Axis is a new browser that offers up visual search previews and works on your desktop to iOS device. The Responsive Grid System is a flexible way to create a responsive website design that isn’t a framework or boilerplate. The Designer’s Survival Guide is a blog, curated by Richard Baird, that offers continuously-updated lists of design tips on various topics from leading designers and industry pros.
Brackets is an open-source code editor for web design and development, created and maintained by Adobe (and released under an MIT License). SeuratJS is a JavaScript library for creating pointilized and pixelized animations from your images with minimal code.
Laravel is a PHP web development framework that makes it easier to create apps with simple, expressive syntax. Dummy is a toolkit for rapid prototyping that makes it faster to develop, test, and present web prototypes by simulating connectivity to a live database.
Unroll.me is a free service for getting rid of unwanted email subscriptions and organizing the rest of them. Pagico is a productivity app for managing tasks, files, notes, projects, and contacts on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, or iPad that keeps everything in sync for an individual or a team. Getquantify is a cloud-based GTD system for small businesses that includes task management, time tracking, and organizational tools. Pulse is now available on the web for reading your favorite sites, rather than just as an iOS app. Termsfeed’s Privacy Policy Generator makes it easy to generate a professional privacy policy for your website quickly and easily. CSS3 Code Snippets from WebInterfaceLab is a collection of open source UI components built in HTML, CSS, and Sass.
Annotator is an open-source JS library that can be added to a webpage to let visitors leave annotations. Quabel is a browser-based writing app that lets you easily set writing goals and focus on your writing without outside distractions. LazyMeter is a to-do list app that makes it easier for you to focus on a daily goal and stop feeling lazy. Haiku Deck is a presentation app for the iPad that lets you easily create beautiful slideshows to share.
Plunk, from Zurb, is a new mobile testing app that lets you run click tests on images from your mobile device.

HTML5 Blank is a blank HTML5 WordPress theme that’s responsive ready and includes preloaded functions, HTML5 Boilerplate reset, and a media query framework. This site shows how popular websites, everything from Evernote to Facebook to Tumblr, make money. Brunch is an HTML5 application builder that’s agnostic to frameworks, libraries, programming, and more.
Solidify is a new prototyping app from Zurb that lets you create clickable prototypes from wireframes, mockups, or even sketches.
Weavly is a free online app for mashing up sounds, videos, and GIFs from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Loopcam, and SoundCloud.
Photoshop Secrets is a continuously-updated Tumblr blog that offers new Photoshop tips and tricks. Many of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a lot of designers and developers out there. As always, if we’ve missed something you think should have been included, please let us know in the comments.
Droplings makes it easy to turn any file on your computer into a branded download page hosted on Dropbox. Collections is a photo and document management app for Mac OS X that supports Instagram, so you can browse right from your desktop. Upverter is a design and collaboration app for designers, engineers, students, and pretty much anyone who makes hardware. Gamedevtuts+ is the newest offering from the Tuts+ Network and focuses on game development across multiple platforms. Erlywarn is an early warning system for your website that sends you instant notifications whenever your website responds unusually.
Booklets is a simple way to create digital booklets that can be shared with others, either publicly or privately.
PicMonkey is an easy-to-use photo editing app that makes it easy to do things like nip & tuck images (making people look thinner), draw on your pics, and even combine two photos. JustGage is a JS plugin for creating and animating clean gauges, based on the Raphael library for vector drawing (so it’s resolution-independent and self-adjusting).
Mousetrap is a stand-alone library for handling keyboard shortcuts in JavaScript, even the Konami code! Express is a web application framework for node that provides a robust set of features for building both single and multi-page web applications.
The Opera Mobile Emulator is a free emulator for testing your designs and apps in the mobile version of Opera from your desktop. LiebeKlara is a pretty hand-drawn script font with tons of contextual alternates and gorgeous swashes. Ashemore is a super family of fonts, containing 36 fonts with more than 60 alternate character forms. Garvis Pro is a family of four typefaces (Book, Italic, Semibold, and Bold) inspired by neoclassical forms and Dutch Fleischmann Type.
FM Bolyar Ornate is a royal, majestic typeface with a wide set of alternates, swashes, ligatures, and ornaments that make it excellent for packaging and other display uses. The Valuco font family contains five different typefaces that can be layered and combined for more effects. Colfax is an oval sans serif font with origins in the last century but the sensibilities of this one. Che’s Bone is a fun display font reminiscent of dog bones, but with a modern feel and sensibility.
Citizen Slab is a modern slab serif typeface with vintage sensibilities from Joel Felix Design. De Quick Adsense plugin heeft daarvoor een simple pagina waar je de configuratie kunt regelen zonder dat je allerlei complexe technische zaken moet regelen of theme pagina’s aan moet passen. Google Adsense is gelimiteerd tot 3 Adsense advertenties voor inhoud blokken op een pagina.
Die gebruik ik op mijn contact pagina, op de Privacy pagina en andere pagina’s waar ik geen advertenties wil laten zien of waar Google niet wil dat ik ze laat zien, denk bijvoorbeeld aan een bijna lege 404 fout pagina als jouw theme daar bijvoorbeeld een duidelijke sitemap laat zien waar je bezoekers wel wat aan hebben. It includes Twitter and Facebook hovercards, and uses minimum CSS and no external stylesheets. There’s a smart phone app for data capture, as well as desktop and web applications for analysis and visualization. It’s a great addition to an online file management system or site where users need to upload content.
You can update your core, plugins, and themes, track site status, and have daily backups run and stored to Amazon S3. It splits headlines into rows before resizing each row to fill the available horizontal space, and even lets you specify preset word combinations.
It includes files, layouts, and elements that will give you a headstart and save you hours on your projects. It has a minimal learning curve, with a simple templating system and easy-to-develop module system for expanding functionality. Just alter the options to suit your needs and it will generate your compiled Bootstrap CSS file. It’s based on both the Zend and Symphony 2 frameworks, but focuses on creating rich internet applications and individual e-commerce applications. It includes over 150 icons, is free for commercial use, offers infinite scalability, and is screen reader compatible. It’s licensed under the GPLv2, so you can use it on unlimited client, personal, and commercial sites. It’s Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licensed, so you can use it on personal and commercial projects. It provides over sixty functions that support the usual functional suspects, including map, select, invoke, as well as more specialized ones. It currently supports Joomla and WordPress, and can be extended to work with other systems. Probably the most useful feature is the ability to search across your entire social history. Just connect it to your Instagram account, then record your story, and create a nostalgic slideshow you can share with the world. It has a powerful but simple theming engine, an uncluttered admin interface, and is completely free.
Employees just take 15 minutes at the end of each week to write a report that can be read in 5 minutes. There’s a web interface as well as an iOS app, and you can sign up with Facebook or Twitter. Notifications can be placed in a variety of areas, and the API allows you to customize the text, animation, speed, buttons, and more.
One of Breezi’s best features, and what sets it apart from most other website builders, is that it has exceptionally well designed templates to get you started. You can pull media in from a variety of sources, including videos from YouTube and Vimeo, Google Maps, and SoundCloud, as well as tweets. Just drag and drop your images to the grid and it will immediately be available as PNG and cSS code. It includes structured and clean theme organization, Haml views, Sass & Compass stylesheets, optional Coffeescript-powered logic, and more than 50 Rails-like helper functions. Users can choose the data they want to display from the mass of information available, and then view it and arrange it in a way that makes sense. Just find the icons you want, build a web font with only what you need, and then buy the finished web font.
Just tell it how much time you have, and it will schedule your time for you, based on tasks you need to complete.
Users just click on the Pageguide and are shown arrows to highlight various elements and provide more information. It works well with other libraries, is fully extensible, and adds a ton of extra functionality to HTML that makes it much more suitable for creating dynamic applications. It’s built off of Twitter Bootstrap and includes popular jQuery table manipulation plugins like tablesorter. Just login with Facebook and Octofeed will pull in your feed and reformat it so that it’s much prettier to look at.

It makes it easy to conduct market research, letting you create surveys in minutes and get near-instant reports, charts, and insights.
It shows you what’s trending when you search, and offers instant visual search results as you type.
It simplifies the creation of breakpoints, works with your existing HTML and CSS, and lets you create a grid to suit your content, rather than the other way around.
And if you open files directly from Dropbox or Box, it will save it back to where it came from. 3.0 was built with Sass for faster development and additional tools, and other new elements have also been added. It’s well-documented, open source, and lets you share code in bundles (or grab bundles others have shared to speed up your own development). It serves up content while also randomizing key layout aspects, so you’re working with and presenting something much closer to the final outcome.
Just add projects, define your columns to reflect your process, and then drag and drop your projects through the columns to mark their progress. Feedback is given directly on the work, making it easier for clients to use and easier for you to understand what they mean. It makes it easy to structure and organize the information in your notes for better productivity. Your favorite sites will be transformed into a colorful, interactive mosaic that’s cross-browser compatible and accessible from anywhere. It can be used with any programming language or framework, and on any server, and content can be distributed to multiple sites. It’s available as a Chrome extension, or you can just email the article URL to get the conversion. It’s easy to use, optimized for desktop and mobile, has customizable themes, and is search engine optimized right out of the box.
You can invite readers, friends, and fans to ask you questions, and then just choose which ones to answer and start typing. Simple commands make it easy to format your writing, and it’s accessible from anywhere. It uses em units and golden ratios, and relies entirely on Sass mixins, therefore not polluting your HTML with presentation classes and extra wrapping divs. You can use it to create simple or complex functionality, and it’s easy to integrate into existsing services. Just specify the size of the arrow, the border width and color, position, and background color, and you’ll get all the code you need.
There are pre-designed themes to choose from, then just add your data and share or embed the finished infographic. It lets you create draggable, dynamic layouts that you can even add and remove elements from. It automatically formats your text, and gives you the ability to view the big picture or just the details. It includes a range of fonts, layouts, and image filters, as well as millions of free, high-quality photos. It’s adaptive and responsive, with a built-in grid and beautiful typography, but with no imposed styles and complete freedom.
It watches your files for changes and automatically wraps your scripts and templates in common.js modules. It uses built-in harmony rules for composing color schemes, as well as a color picker, a tool to make schemes from images, and built-in library, and more. It has different grid systems for 1200px, 960px, and 720px displays, as well as mobile screens.
It has two starting options, for screens of 1280px or 1024px wide, and uses a percentage-based grid system to perfectly adapt to any screen.
It will greatly improve your HTML and CSS, taking snippets to a whole new level (CSS-like expressions that can be dynamically parsed and more). Just search for the resources you want to use and arrange them in a timeline, just like offline video editing apps.
Learn all sorts of techniques to improve your PS skills, find resources to download, and more. You can use it connected to Photoshop (making it a lot easier to grab color from something outside of Photoshop without a lot of copying and pasting) or use it as a stand-alone color picker. Just drag a file onto the menubar icon and it will build a preview page around it, then upload both to your Dropbox and copy the public preview link to your clipboard (it’ll automatically zip a folder before uploading if you drop a folder onto the icon). It also works with Google Docs, and offers both interactive mode (so you can comment or like an Instagram image or edit and collaborate on a Google Docs document) as well as offline mode so you have local access to your files. It includes built-in collaboration tools, and is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.
They’ve already got a number of tutorials up, for both beginners and more advanced users. Just drag and drop your snippet on the SourceDrop icon and it will be uploaded to the configured PasteBin provider. You can set goals and objectives, as well as milestones and updates for measuring your progress. It officially supports Google Plus, GitHub, Pinterest, Twitter, Stackoverflow, Reddit, and Instagram. It works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE8+, and will gracefully degrade in older versions of IE.
It’s a sturdier version of the original forms, though it maintains the same character.
Combine a base, a midtone (there are fine and course versions), and a shadow (also in fine and course versions) for typography with a retro 3-dimensional feel. It’s a refined typeface that includes six weights and accompanying italics from Process Type Foundry. It’s a very usable display font, inspired by a trip to Boston and a feeling of patriotism.
Or, it is also possible that you never really cared much for the legal industry.Regardless of your degree of interest on legal matters, the law will always be around. Als je ook nog andere advertentie gebruik zoals die van bijvoorbeeld ShareASale of Clickbank dan kun je tot 10 Advertenties tonen. It’s highly adaptable, uses a simple plugin system, and is specifically adapted to e-commerce. It makes it possible to create themes that are easily portable between supported systems while retaining all features. The reports can then be condensed into a single report for the CEO (or other top-level managers). It also connects your devices, so you can move from one device to another and pick up where you left off.
It’s a condensed, sweet, sincere script font perfect for signs and other display uses. It blends Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts with more strict sans serif styles to create a very usable font.
Especially for bloggers and website owners, you would never want to be caught in the middle of a legal battle without knowing what’s going on and what the causes are. For example, you can tell them what you may do with any kind of information that they submit. This way, you could avoid a potential lawsuit in case someone suddenly accuses you of using their personal information the wrong way just because you sent them a few promotional emails.It also gives you the power to hold visitors liable in case they copy any of your content or use any of your material without following your policies about it. Some websites for instance, allow their users to download the images and use them for other purposes, as long as there is a clear citation where the image came from. This could also be applicable to some of the text that other people may want to quote on their own content.

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