2) Declare DOCTYPE for HTML5 and create the comment listing the lab number, the author, and the date. 3) After text “Hello World!” write five (5) lines of code to demonstrate headers 1 through 5. 2) Display your name in title bar of the browser, declare DOCTYPE for HTML5, and create the comment listing the lab number, the author, and the date. 6) On the glossary.htm page, create the definition list of at least five (5) terms and their definitions.
1) Create the storyboard for a four (4) page Website (one (1) home page and three (3) sub pages) and one (1) Cascading Style Sheet (.css).
1) Re-create sample Web pages listed below with nested ordered lists and nested unordered lists. 2) Create Web page from number 1 with silver background color set by the Cascading Style Sheet (.css). 3) Create Web page from number 1 with silver background color and Comic Sans MS font set by the Cascading Style Sheet (.css).
4) Re-create Web page set from number 1 with Silver background color and Comic Sans MS font set by Cascading Style Sheet (.css). 1) Create the home page with navigation bar to the three (3) pages with images listed below and a Cascading Style Sheet (.css) for bisque color and Arial text.
2) Create the “single image” page with the Cascading Style Sheet (.css) for background image, bisque color, and Arial text. 3) Create the “top line image” page with Cascading Style Sheet (.css) for background image, bisque color, and Arial text. 4) Create the “left side image” page with the Cascading Style Sheet (.css) for background image, bisque color, and centered Arial text. Note: Please make sure to read above instructions carefully, You are provided solution file as per above instructions. Write a C function to solve the system of linear equations and function should implement the Gaussian Elimination Algorithm with Partial Pivoting. This assignment has been intended to permit students to test and express their ability to create XHTML documents using a basic text editor. How you capture the expressive quality of human behaviour is up to you but a good place to start is video or point cloud (kinect) analysis.
Use the distance matrix to perform the given three kinds of hierarchical clustering: MIN, MAX, and Group Average. Create an application that will dynamically add a menu strip with menu items to a form (ie NOT dragged and dropped on the form in Visual Basic.
By using the student and faculty tables create a select query which outputs all the students for a specific advisor.

A company manufactures five categories of products and the numbers of items manufactured and sold are recorded product-wise every week in a month.
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We are being asked to create a Marymount faculty site and you have each been given a professor to profile (see below). Your task is to design, implement, test and document a prototype system that enables the company to keep track of its stock. First we need to identify the main structural elements of the design, so that we know how to structure our HTML document. The web is very heavily based around rectangles, and we need to remember that when dividing up our design.
The website header includes a background image (purely for aesthetics), and the company name. Thanks so much for sharing all the information, I wasn’t hoping to find such complete tutorials for free. I’m about to move to the next page, b4 that i just felt can’t last bit of code for the css be as under?
Great tutorial mate, have been looking for something like this for so long; a guide which actually breaks down each component and shows the effect of each parameter change. Many applications pack all their data files into a single file, using internal markers to discern the different types of information contained within.
Finally, someone who explains it in plain english rather than unnecessarily complicated code-talk. 4+ years on, with cross-browser positioning being a lot better than it was, there are much better ways of achieving a similar header effect now with a lot less images.
Hey Steve you have save me from the fever i had from two sleepless night battling with CSS, both on online and with text book. Steve can you make a downloadable copy of this useful tutorial for refering in .pdf format? Just a quick question, if im not seeing any changes in my webpage, does this mean I wont until im finished, btw i’m using iE. Awesome tutorial, am a complete newbie to all things HTML and CSS and even I can understand most of what’s going on.
I want to thank you for helping me understand CSS (with this tutorial) when I first started out about a year and a half ago. Using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, or Dia, create the diagram of the layout and navigation structure.
We will make use of Javascript to create a webpage that has client-side interaction with the user.

The program would draw small yellow circles for each input point, then draw the triangle and compute the perimeter and area of the triangle. If no argument is entered by the user, the program checks the system date for today's day and displays the appropriate Special.
It may be an old article but the basic principles of website building and web design have remained the same. Never found anything that present the material, and shows it’s simplicity such as this.
Does anyone have any information that could help me out or possibly a link to another article that covers this? Though I’m getting stuck in one area, say if i create a button on the menus, how do i gett he onmouseover attribute to work? I’ve been hitting a wall, trying to grasp layout concepts and your tutorial was invaluable.
I offer layouts, pro pics, scroll boxes and more and people always ask me how do you make layouts. This might explain why you can’t currently see the navigation but the clicks do work.
Thanks so much for this, I know this is an old article but it’s relevant and very useful even today. The last part with those rollovers was a bit confusing (just need to get some rest) so I gave it up for a while, tho.
Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. I feel like I actually understand css now, whereas most any other place that tries to teach makes it far more complicated than it really is. You explain every parameter let us see the result and told us how to correct the bad things.
This article is written in such a way that I still refer to it for inspiration and making my css simple. I had bought the books (a ton of them) and none helped to make sense of it all till I found your tutorial! Maybe even pointing me to another tutorial that is as clear as this one would be extremely helpful.

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