The Managed Metadata functionality provided by SharePoint 2010 allows you to centrally manage metadata and keywords.
If there are a large number of content pages this type of tagging can help users find information as these columns can be used as filters on a list, items in a tag cloud or as search refinements.
As I’ve covered the process to create a managed metadata field in a previous article I won’t repeat that. In this example I’ve created two features – a site scoped feature named ‘Metadata Page’ and a web scoped feature named ‘Metadata Page Web’. Once you have deployed a managed metadata field you should create a content type that inherits from the Page content type (or one that derives from it such as the Article Page or Welcome Page).
To create the page layout you need to create an ASPX page and a module that will deploy this to the masterpage gallery. At this point you should check your features to make sure the content type and page layout are associated with the Metadata Page site scoped feature. The web scoped feature that is used for this should be activated on all sites that will use the page layout you created earlier. I’ve included the code used in the steps above in a Visual Studio 2010 project to add a managed metadata field to a publishing page layout. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged jquery page-layout sharepoint-server or ask your own question.

Is it possible to improve brute-force guessing of a password with a picture of the keyboard used to enter it? How to translate a list of English words in to other language using online translation service with mathematica? It also provides the capability of creating new theme color combinations using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. In a previous post I covered how to provision a SharePoint 2010 managed metadata field and add this to a content type and a list definition.
Instead you can download the example solution and use the steps below to add the field to a page layout, or just use the steps below if you already have completed part A.
The site scoped feature needs to contain the content type and page layout as these are deployed at the site collection level.
You will then want to include your managed metadata field and the hidden note field as well as any other fields you want to use in your layout.
This step is only required if you are creating a list definition – more details are in the post on issues provisioning SharePoint 2010 managed metadata fields.
One way of creating the ASPX page is to use the CKS:Dev Visual Studio extensions that allow you to create this by right clicking on the content type in server explorer. It tells SharePoint to add the content type to the pages library as well as all associated fields and will correctly configure the managed metadata functionality when this is activated.

This builds on the previous example to create a managed metadata field so it also includes the code to create a list definition.
Everything worked as expected except for searching… Indeed when I run a full crawl, the crawled properties are found but nothing inside. In this post I will cover how to add these types of fields to a publishing page layout so that content authors can add metadata and keywords to webpages they create using these layouts.
It should also include a feature activation dependency on the feature(s) used in part A and the publishing infrastructure feature to ensure these features are available. The example below adds the PublishingPageContent rich text field, the Regional Office managed metadata field and the associated hidden note field, and the Enterprise keywords field (a non-hierarchical open term set).
In which a category you can put the publishing fields for the category title, the images, and the content.

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