In order to access setting up your Facebook business page, you must first be a Facebook user.
Note, there are ways to set up a business account without it being linked to a personal account but you lose some of the key functionality offered by Facebook so I wouldn’t suggest this route.
You can also add other websites related to your business such as links to your blog or social media profiles.
You can use your company logo, a similar icon or an image of a person if the page represents a brand. Make it stand out by putting a colored border around it – this will make it pop when people see it in their newsfeed. The Favorites sidebar is found on the left-side of the Facebook homepage just right under your profile picture. Once you’ve set up the About section, go back into Update Your Page Info and double check that your page includes all of the relevant information regarding your business. Age and country restrictions: if you need to limit your page to your own country, or an age group. The last step would be uploading your cover photo, which should be eye-catching and relevant to your audience and business. Local SEO Guide is Andrew Shotland's blog on local search optimization, small business marketing & search engine optimization strategy.
I think that mobile speaks volume and if your business is missing from Google Maps via Places, it is bound to hurt your visibility. I’ve been a major Google lover since they appeared on the scene when I lived in Walnut Creek. I do have a Google Places Page for one of my very, very small businesses and have my other 3 waiting on approval – fair enough same address and same phone. Every business has a Facebook page and spend their time working on that as opposed to what Google are about to unleash…. This is exactly why every small business needs to create a fan page and use an appropriate title, so they can be found in the search engines.
The butcher, baker and candlestick maker don’t have a clue about the shift that is taking place. When I had my car serviced at a local radiator shop, I talked with the owner (an old friend) about Google Place Pages.
And the next generation(s) of SMB operator … will eventually be tech savvy enough to hold their own online. One more lofty observation ( for SMB owners who may stumble upon this … trying to get a handle on this whole technology thingy. I’ve been doing SEO etc etc waffle waffle since 97 when I lived in San Francisco and Walnut Creek and have found that low BS usually gets me the job. David … have 2 words for you Youtube presentation, something Ive recently started exploring, so thought to share with folks. But bottomline, if they arent willing to put in some effort and investment to improve their lot.
Guess some people think its as easy as sitting at home, pressing a few buttons and cashing checks, lol.

Or are local SEOers with a passion for small-potatoes entrepreneurship going to educate these folks and offer them starter packages they can afford? So those people wouldve never stood a chance, if they hadnt harnessed the power and opportunity technology and the internet brought.
Nope dont like outsourcing ( seen stats where people are getting paid .06 cents per shirt they make ) not at all being paid enough to have a good life for themselves. Everyone but them is starving = Ahhhh profits are good, stock earnings are up etc so forth. There’s also no shortage of information available about internet marketing + related subjects online or off. Seen plenty of books with titles like facebook marketing for dummies, local search marketing 1 hr a day, Use twitter for your business, etc so forth … endless. Firefox plugin for customizing your email signatures to include links to your soc net profiles and other junk. Decide if you would like to add your new page into your Favorites to make it easier for you bookmark the page when logged in to Facebook. You can write short and long descriptions, include store hours or contact information, include a company mission statement, product details and awards you might have previously won.
We are also a Pleasanton SEO company offering full service Local SEO, SEO Audits & Strategy. SMBs, (especially those with brick and mortars locations) need to keep up with services that send customers through the door. It’s all just a matter of time before serps becomes a steady stream of real time updates. Depending on a quality guidelines of the site the web site may get daily minimum 50 visitors.I will stress it again Content and Quality Guidelines does meter. He doesn’t have e-mail or a computer, let alone a website, let alone know what a Place Page is. I offered to help him set up his Place Page–just take a few minutes and I could meet him at the library a few blocks away. But wouldnt be my main focus or concern … as rules are obviously subject to change at someones whim, with however much notice they feel like giving.
Googles been offering free local business listings for years … and yet recently announced like 2 million businesses have taken them up on it … around 1 in 10 ??!!??
Plus you can pause it, rewind it etc so forth at your convenience, go use the bathroom, get a soda, lol and come back to it on your time … aside from having tons of other benefits, which Im not going to try to touch on.
Learning all this stuff and staying half on top of developments in the field is a full time job.
So I feel as if I have 2 full time jobs myself and realistically, you can sink 80hrs a wk into it and still come up short..
Someone who was quick or smart enough to see the advantage and benefit and acted quickly to make themselves successful. Every day I come across things ( many of them free ) that could be a substantial benefit to business owners. They invented this other ground breaking technology long ago … called the printing press.

You dont try to learn how to become an ASE certified mechanic overnight … you take it to a garage. Consumers won’t be willing to settle for anything less than the very latest sentiment regarding a particular product or service. People, especially younger generation spend more time on facebook, so looking for a local business is much easier.
His eyes glazed over on the idea of walking through it, even with my help, but he offered to pay me to do it for him. Like recently trashing custom html boxes on fan pages … that wiped out tons of work people had done. But they are going through growing pains trying to be the one stop shop, go to place for the internet.
And feel in terms of results and effort required … it ( fb business presence ) leaves much to be desired, when compared to other methods of promoting online. Took me around 200 hrs to put one together myself and still need to change it … as Im not fully satisfied with it. But pdf I feel is better, again superior to listening to someone ramble on about something.
But people who arent willing to put in the time and effort … have no right to complain about the end results either. Anything static (including websites, maps, sponsored links, etc.) will be left in the dust. Small business owners who roll with the changes and evolve their business models … will make it through, in some cases flourish.
And that’s with google promoting it themselves … how many times have you seen those get a free business listing on google ads ? Trying to do that makes my head spin sometimes … and Im a long way from tech illiterate, or marketing savvy challenged. Even if they have a clue, they don’t have the time or knowledge to ko0w what to do about it.
After reading this, I’ll print it out and offer to set him up a Facebook page as well.
Do we really want all our dollars going to national or multinational corporations whose employees get minimum wage and no or low benefits?
Remember, the future market will be filled with internet savvy, social media literate consumers. Or any number of other things fb tends to do, like I keep hearing about them banning accts for TOS violations etc.

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