Presenting Word 2013 Document through Online Presentation – Word 2013 allows its users to present a document online to other users through online presentation service.
Word 2013 tries to connect to the Office Presentation Server and creates an Online Presentation of the document.
Send in email– clicking on this option opens Outlook and you can see the presentation link in the message box. A dialog box open presenting you option of opening existing notes for the document or create new notes. Microsoft One Note 2013 is launched and you are presented with an option to create new Note.
This is a common handout that follows the outline of the presentation and usually has unfinished sentences that need to be filled in.
To use this type of handout, you’ll want to make sure your audience has them at the beginning of the presentation, so the speaker is not interrupted. This is a specially designed template to help your audience take notes or visually engage with the material. A lined note area is great for lots of information, an open one is great for more visual ideas. This is a nice looking handout that covers the material in your presentation and may have additional information for follow up.
Color if Available: Use limited color for headings, tags and limited pictures to make the handout POP! Two Sided Glossy: Pre Printed full color brochures can be expensive but add a professional image to your presentation.
Make It Incredibly Helpful: If possible customize your handout to your audience, and match it to their needs. Branded with Full Contact Information: Use your logo, name and taglines so audience members will remember you.
SMART Note Taking: Adding a calendar or note taking area will make your handout more useful.
Powerful Photos or Screenshots: Including your photo and pictures of your products will help keep your business top of mind. Here is a great way to engage with your audience after your presentation… Offer them a ticket to a different event. Recently I did a series of lectures for a graduate speech language pathology program regarding how to create the most effective therapy plan following the client’s assessment.
Once my FB page hits 800 likes, I will choose 10 winners, whose responses I liked the best.
Tatyana Elleseff is a bilingual speech-language pathologist who specializes in working with multicultural, internationally and domestically adopted as well as at-risk children with complex communication disorders. I noticed a sequential way in displaying topics of the slides and I have a great desire to see them, especially, SOAP Note Documentation. I have been working with adults for some time now and have recently received the opportunity to work with children again.
It’s would be nice to have a refresher and a good resource if I have a student clinician in the future! I am always looking for ways to improve my planning for therapy and goals for functional language. This appears to be an excellent way not to help me organize and make clear that which I have done as a matter of course for years, but to verify that what I say is being done is being done so that even a lay person might understand. I am returning to the field of speech pathology after 34 years as a special education teacher in the inner city of Philadelphia. This seems to be such a versatile and helpful resource for me as a newly minted SLP still experiencing new diagnoses for the first time.

As a speech pathologist working in the schools, I have read soooo very many goals and objectives stating with cues or prompts or in progress notes. I have many years of experience but I’m always looking for better and more efficient ways to deal with the planning of the treatment of individual children and groups, and to monitor the achievements of the patients in a structured and organized way, allowing the measurement of progress.
As an experienced clinician, I like this handout becuase I struggle daily with data collection – I’m always reviewing pages and pages of notes, and taking hours to summarize progress because my system does not work!!! Do you ever have one of those days where you just can’t seem to pull the information that you use on a daily basis out of your head?
One of my greatest challenges as a speech language pathologist would have to be producing documents that are both concise and professional, but also readable for parents and collaborating professionals. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOT OVER; HOWEVER, THIS PRODUCT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN MY ONLINE STORE SHORTLY!
Using free Office Online Presentation service, you can deliver documents to other users who can view them in their browser. Unfortunately, managers have limited time to create presentations, discussion questions and follow-through tools for their teams. You may have seen these used during church sermons, educational presentations, or business meetings. Depending on the speaking order, putting them on the seats before your audience arrives, handing them out at the door, or having a dedicated person hand them out before each presentation will get them into the hands of your audience with a minimum of disruption. You can use these free-form sheets to explore new ideas, create action plans, process organizational items, or just have a fun way to interact with your listeners.
Share the link to this post publicly on Facebook and leave a Comment on FB that you’ve entered this giveaway.
She received her MA from NYU, her Bilingual Extension Certification from Columbia University and 4 ACE awards for continuing education from ASHA (to date).
Considering I lost my entire office, books, and all my materials due to the Sandy storm, this would help a great deal in starting to rebuild my materials!! With the advent of so much (too much) government intervention; I am hoping this will satisfy even the most difficult auditors. Although I worked in the field part time in the 80’s, I stopped working my second job in speech when I had my children. Considering the contexts these terms were used, I question the real meaning behind these terms as well. I am a brand new CF and would very much appreciate and benefit greatly from this information. I would love to improve my goal and objective writing skills and with your materials as well as better explain therapy to the teachers I collaborate with. Very timely as this is the time of year that we write the individual education plans for the coming year. Let’s take a look at detailed steps that allows you to share Word documents online through online presentation. In response to manager need, Strengths Publishing has created a kit of resources for facilitating these sessions.
Unfortunately, handouts can be a HUGE distraction to a speaker if they are distributed at the wrong time. Mind Maps come in many different styles, but a common one I use is the idea generator. This is a classic and works well if you break your audience into small groups.
You’ll want to include your contact information, social media links, and any call to action notes. The small cost of a good handout is well offset with the benefits and referrals they will bring. Her articles have been published in several magazines including Adoption Today, ASHA Perspectives SIG 16 and 17, as well as Advance for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

This presentation would be a such a helpful resource for me to look to so that I can provide my clients with a well thought out, thorough and functional therapy plan. It is all about the children and what we can do as therapists to make a difference in a child with special needs.I want to be that person! After practicing in a school system for 18 years, going into private practice, and then returning to continue my life’s work with indigent, lower socio economic students in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan, it has been a challenge meeting the demands of administrators who do not have a clue as to the benefit of my services. I am doing voluntary observations 5 days a week in a school setting and a skilled nursing facility to regain skills and competencies to allow me to work as a speech and language pathologist.
Would love this resource as more and more insurance restraints demand strong documentation. It would really help me in getting started on the right foot in regard to creating appropriate goals and collecting data for my kiddos!
The real challenge has become pragmatic goals-measuring so many components in a given situation. I need to write a goal but just can’t seem to put into words, so I need all the help I can get. A lot of the things that you touch on in this presentation are still confusing to me like writing SOAP notes and creating measurable goals. There is nothing worse than having your audience reading your handout, when they should be focused on you, the speaker. It simply combines a note taking area, a keyword area, along with a take-action shorthand box. Within minutes your audience can brainstorm complex ideas and come up with amazing solutions. You can print these one sided on regular paper, or go all out and print them double sided on semi gloss stock. This power point would be incredibly helpful to me as I gather as much information as I can to help me be an effective SLP.
All the other information listed that is listed as part of your power point, appears to be very powerful and could be Very useful in the current setting I am employed. Yet a properly formatted handout can help your audience follow along, and give your kinesthetic (Hands on) users something to do by filling in the blanks as you move through your content. When you create these always make sure to have your contact information at the bottom, and a way for your audience to get in touch with you should they have questions or want to follow up. You can capture a lot more information in a smaller area than with a conventional sheet of paper.
I am not here to condemn others; I am seeking help simply to survive and help others see the value in the service I provide. Let’s look at three different styles of handouts and explore how and when to distribute them for maximum effectiveness.
What you have created seems ideal for documentation, report writing, and frankly holding my own during an IEP or RTI meeting. For some presentations, I’ve found that using Tri-fold stock gives a more professional appearance and allows the participant to store them easily in pocket or purse. Business proposal templates like the one below can be a good starting point for document creation.

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