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For those of you who are already following me, then you will know that I have been managing sales for a startup with my senior business partners for the last two years.
In order to expand quickly, develop further services and applications for our business we needed to raise venture capital or angel investment.
The decks come in Windows PowerPoint format and Apple Mac Keynote format so getting started is quick and easy. Speaking from personal experience, creating your sales pitch deck is a time consuming but critical process that is fundamental to you successfully getting sales or even invested. Using a pre-constructed template like pitch deck will save you a heap of time, but you will still need to do the hard work and input your content and data into the pitch deck templates.
You will also use your pitch deck as a sales and marketing tool to sell your products or services to your clients. At end of the day if potential investors can’t understand your business or your operation they won’t invest in you. The difference between success and failure on an investment pitch deck can be determined in under 30 seconds if your presentation isn’t clear, easy to understand and to the point.
To do this we worked on a number of presentation formats and teaser pages to deliver to our potential investors and business supporters. You can download the Free pack which includes around 12 free slides, or the paid for option, which I went for, that contains 65 slides in total, colour schemes, stock images and all the core key pages you will need to create a rock solid and kickass investor or sales presentation. You will need a presentation or pitch deck that conveys all your key business information in a clean, contemporary and efficient way. Investors no matter the size, from PE, VC or Angels, are all people who will be making a choice about you and your business.
The Management Team and people behind your business or product, this might only be you if you have created your own unique product or programmed your own unique app, or it could be you and your partners if it’s a bigger business, typically a CEO, CTO and COO. The problem what’s the gap or space that your business, service or product fills, show your investors that you have found a hole in the market that you can exploit. The solution What are the benefit’s of your product, service or business that you provide to your customers, users or clients.
Sales & Forecasts This is where you will list your current sales figures if any, or your projections once your product or service sis launched, normally you would be looking at least 5 years projections. Valuation figures This is your valuation – how much your business is worth, including your share offering (Term Sheet).
Exit Strategy once your investors have put in the money what’s the long term plan for them and you to exit the business, M&A, Trade Sale, IPO, Management Buyout etc. The best part of any power point presentation is that one can add visual effects to the presentation to snaffle the attention of others.
My CEO and Chairman put in months of work on the presentation, which has been revised numerous times before coming up with a great format. They stand to be an effective form of demonstration as they support communication, focus on the subject and also picture problematical concepts. With the state of art technology any presentation today either business or academics utilize power point as their strong tool to deliver ideas. Ita€™s a challenge to grab attention of the audience and keep them attentive during presentation. Design: Only a perfect design can finish your presentation with a professional touch and make it look neat.
To pick out a picture perfect design pattern, presentation helper can be utilized which holds abundant templates for various topics. There are also a few points to bear in mind like downloading a free template or creating a fresh one.
Proper visual usage: Most good presentations are complimented due to best visuals, the usage of proper visuals plays a key role in presenting an effective presentation. To make effective presentation with visuals these few points can be kept in mind before designing.Always utilize font greater than 24, which makes it visible to the public. When images are used in the presentation they should be added with short text, that makes presentations more effective. Do not read the presentations from the slides and avoid having many slides during presentation.3.
Usage of mandatory elements: Another important factor to make your presentation effective is to use the same font and size throughout the slides.
It is also suggested to match the right colors, infix the company logo, prepare special frames for figures, and spotlight the headers. Never try to amaze the audience with overall styles, or try to bring in visual magic in the same.
Picking the right colors: One should always be groovy on picking the right mix of colors for presenting. If youa€™re timid in choosing colors, then color blender with six matching colors can help you out with an exceptional one.
For individuals who desire to amaze the audience with colors, it is suggested to use contrast colors so that readers can easily read the written text typed on the slides.

Limit the usage of power point tools: Power point is an excellent presentation tool which holds abundant tools. Few tips to make your presentation professional and neat are:The usage of bulleting in power point presentation should be decided by the user relevant to the topic. Employing fonts like Cambria and Calibri can be avoided as they present your slides unexpressive. Another major default is the shadow formation and leaving behind blue shapes which can be removed.7. Planning script: Many presentations are presented without a valid reason and theme, so it is always a good choice to plan a script, and illustrate slides with thoughts to reach the audience. Have a clear architecture with a beginning, middle and climax so that audience appreciate your presentation. Make simple slides:SourcePresentations should be simple and neat with mandatory keywords, remember slides are just to help and support your speech and not a replacement. Never read from the slides as audience would be bored, offer an interesting speech and talk freely. Avoid paragraphs: Plan your presentation with lines emerging one by one accompanied with bullet points rather than having a cluster of paras. Audience would never like to read from the paragraphs, but instead they love to read when its short, meaningful and numbered. Attention towards designing: While your slides keep crawling one by one, many visual effects such as swipes, flash, fades and lot more options are available with power point but make a note to use simple and basic designs. Sans serif font can be used for body text as they are easier to read through on the screen. A few fonts which can be used for large headlines at the top are calligraphy, futuristic, German black face, flowers, psychotic handwriting, art nouveau and more. Make use of light colored text when you have a dark background and vice versa so that reading is made easy.
Embed font files: When the presenter moves from one computer to the other, the fonts change.
To overcome this issue, save a power point presentation this way, click on save then move to save as, now select embed true type font check box and give ok.
This helps out your font to remain constant and never change when moving to other computers. Utilization of format menus: Fine adjustments which are impossible can be carried through with the help of format menus. To accomplish format menu, one just requires right clicking on the object and selecting a€?formata€? option. The key advantage of doing this step is that shadows can be fine-tuned, shape measurements can be adjusted, reflections are created, and more options stick to the list.
There are many controls and options available in the tool bar, but never forget to glance for complete control in format window menu. A few of the controls in format menu are:Adjustment of text inside a shape can be doneNatural perspective shadow behind an object can be developed. Allocating an object in any desired location though power point auto-positions the object.13.
Express a message through presentation: Always try to express a message at the end of the presentation. Images are another important feature for any presentation as audience are eager to look at and hear from you.
Minimal usage of images: Images can be interesting for some audience and boring for the other set.
Focus on yourself too: It is very important to learn that slides arena€™t the only part of presentation.
The presenter is the main part of the presentation and all eyes are focused on them though the slides are quite interesting.
Fresh up and energize the audience:SourceOpen up the presentation with something refreshing, making them smile, or something that would energize them and keep lively.
The opening should be awesome and exceptional and the rest of your presentation would be effective and blossoming. Test Audience knowledge by asking questions: Questions are something which rise up interest, curiosity and build awareness within audience to learn and speak out.
It is always a good idea to ask questions to the audience and make the presentation interesting.
Usage of power point shapes: A link with expanded format options was released by Microsoft in 2010, it contains good design and shapes which would be useful for the presenters. Apart from professional design programs, Power point has masses of shapes and designs which can be employed in the presentation and made effective. The shapes contain high functionality features which assist in development of flow charts and creation of diagrams within time. These categories of features are really useful for presenters to offer an exceptional presentation.
Developing custom shapes with PowerPoint: Power point assists in developing shapes by right clicking and clicking edit points.

Another interesting option is that two objects can be combined together, by selecting two shapes, right click and move on to grouping sub menu which opens up numerous options. Web pages within power point: There are presenters who require presenting web pages during the presentation in that case a link to the web page should be created and browser is prompted for opening.
For effective presentations the website can be directly embedded to power point presentation with HTML iframe. In this scenario to have a uninterrupted power point presentation which is natural, a third party software such as Live web can be used.
Presenter view usage: Almost all situations would have both presenter screen and a main projected display for presentation.
The presenter view is a tool available in power point which helps in unification of spoken presentation and visual aid. When starting the presentation the user is supposed to hit CTRL + H, so the cursor disappears.
Use more images: Usage of more images than text can be a good delight for audience eyes but never overdo the same.
For presenters who are running out of images can browse Flickr or Google images for materials. Right usage of animation and media: Sophisticated ideas can be well explained with animations, this helps better understanding of the concept where the audiences can understand the message. Target your presentation towards audience: Prepare a presentation keeping the mentality of the audience. The knowledge level they possess and what they need from the presentation is quiet important. Good practice can deliver perfect presentation: Before stepping in for presentation, good practice with enthusiastic talk can pull in the attention of the audience. Maintain time limit: It is always a good suggestion to prepare material according to the time limit. Presentation should be completed within the time such that audiences are able to learn what they require.
If the time is completed and presentation isna€™t over, then the session would be incomplete. Get deep into the subject: SourceWhen presentations are made people usually deliver speech on what they know about the subject. A presentation would be more interesting and effective when a research news, latest update or case study is discussed during the presentation session. This would update and educate the audience and also show that the presenter is more conversant. Learn navigation for presentation: It is always better the presenter learns navigating between slides, since the audience may ask for previous slides if doubts resists.
Have an alternative option: Always have plan B or any other alternative option in case of technical difficulties.
Trial your presentation: Always try to practice and present with someone who has not seen your presentation, as they can be the right people to tell you honest feedback regarding your presentation, speech and slide development.
Check your grammar: Before getting on for presentation it is really important to check out the spelling and grammar in the slides. To have good impression amongst audience and maintain good respect correct english should be utilized in the slides.
Check in on time: Get prepared and stay on time for the presentation before the audience could come. It is suggested to be ready to start the presentation and not to make the audience wait otherwise they may lose interest.
Face the audience: Many presenters face the slide presentation instead of the audience, this will make the audience lack interest and under estimate the presenter. There should persist a free flow of language and comfortableness between the presenter and the audience. Avoid apologies: When the presenter finds anything hard to read or understand during the presentation, it is best suggested to skip rather than apologizing.
Opt hard disk rather than compact disk: It is always a good idea to run your presentation from hard disk, as compact disk may slow down the speed of presentation. Regarding abbreviations and sentences: It is suggested to avoid long sentences in the slides. Apart from that abbreviations and acronyms can also be avoided which may confuse the audience. Briefing: Before starting the presentation, the presenter can deliver a short introduction so that the audience would be clear about what would be next. Usage of capital font: Use capital letters only for headings and not anywhere else in the slide presentation and also make sure to use the same border throughout the presentation. Conclusion: It would be a good presentation if the presenter revises all important points and concludes the session, so that audience who would like to pen down points which will be benefited.

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