See Creating Simple 3D PDF documents using MS Office Word 2003 tutorial to learn how to insert 3D Model into the Office document. What I liked: the interface for presentations will be familiar to anyone who has used other well-known presentation software. Most of all I liked that there’s a blank canvas where you can create images from scratch.
If you're interested in articles about making presentations, you might like to read Set Your Stories Free with Haiku Deck. You need to have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended installed on your computer to see interactive PowerPoint presentation with the 3D PDF.

Recently I discovered Visme, an online space that calls itself the Swiss Knife for creating engaging content.
With only three free projects a month, it’s not likely I will use it on a regular basis to create images when Canva, Ribbet and PicMonkey already offer what I want. Right now, it’s focused on presentations, infographics and animations, with more to come.
Once you choose your dimensions, and a background from several colours and textures, you start work on your canvas.
However, if I were going to create infographics on a regular basis, if I wanted to delve into their animations, or needed a web-based way of creating presentations, I would certainly look into it further.

I think this site has the potential to be useful to teachers, bloggers and anyone interested in creating media for an audience. There are lots of customisable widgets you can add (some free), plus video, audio and your own images.

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