Twitter recently announced you can now use both Twitter ads and Twitter cards to remarket to existing customers and leads. In this article I’ll show you how to set up Twitter ads so you can remarket to your target audience on Twitter. Thanks to the latest developments in Twitter ads, you can now use promoted tweets and Twitter cards to remarket only to the users who have visited your website.
Twitter ads allow your business to connect with the most relevant users thanks to a combination of geographic, interest and follower targeting and much more. To remarket on Twitter, you need to connect your Twitter ad with your website so Twitter can tell who has and hasn’t visited your site. However, if your website runs on WordPress and you want to install the tag code yourself, you can follow the instructions below. If you don’t use WordPress as your website or blog platform, I strongly recommend asking your developer to install the code for you. Don’t try to remarket to everyone on Twitter—segment your audience and create custom experiences based on the pages visitors land on most. Create Twitter tags for each of those popular pages and install the related tag code on each one.

For example, if you offer three services, create four remarketing tags: one for the whole site and three additional tags for each service page on your website (one code per service).
For each remarketing campaign you run, you can use either promoted tweets or Twitter cards—both are referred to as promoted tweets. If you’re looking to promote tweets, you should definitely include an image in your ad to increase your visibility and boost your click-through rate (CTR). If you prefer to use Twitter cards to advertise on Twitter, there are four that work best for remarketing: lead generation, website, basic app and image app. Finally, you can create a variation of the basic app card by adding an image to increase CTR and downloads. When a user is ready buy a product or engage a service, you want them to think of you first. Click the Settings gear at the top of your profile page and choose Twitter Ads from the menu. Install the Google Tag Manager plugin and use the Google Tag Manager ID (from step 1) to track the proper account.
The more you customize your leads’ experience, the more likely they are to convert when they click through.

When a user clicks on the card, Twitter gives you the email address associated with their Twitter account. If you’re trying to minimize the number of hoops a lead has to jump through, Twitter lead generation cards are ideal.
You can use a headline and an image to attract the attention of potential customers—and entice them to click through to the page you want them to visit.
These cards use information included in the Google Play or iTunes App stores to populate the information on the card. Whether you’re using promoted tweets or Twitter cards, clearly segment your audience and include an image to maximize the ROI of your marketing budget.
You can choose whichever one fits your needs, but for this article I’m choosing website visits. Keep this tab open, as you’ll need to copy the code for the next set of instructions (installing the code on your site).

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