Cross Browser Compatibility is a rather under appreciated feature of really great websites. A website is cross browser compatible when it can be opened and used in any browser, regardless of the version of that browser. As mentioned above, there are a number of tools and services out there to help you with your cross browser compatibility, but there are also a few steps you can take to make the whole process easier in the long run as well. This website has some useful design tips to help with browser compatibility such as: never add padding to items with a set width or height, specify your line height and clear your floats. If you’re including mobile in your cross browser compatibility, then try to use responsive design instead of a separate website.
Stay in touchJoin hundreds of your peers in receiving industry news and advice from our team. This is not a new concept and is being followed by many designers and developers for years.
If you are webmaster or a blogger using WordPress, then make sure your website is compatible with all major browsers. Here is the list of some free online tools that helps to have a cross-browser compatibility test on your WordPress blog. Adobe BrowserLab: Our first choice is Adobe BrowserLab, which got many great options to live test any website on different browsers and operating systems.
Browser Shots: Another popular free online source to easily test the cross-browser compatibility. Cross-Browser Testing: Crossbrowser testing includes each and every single option, to deeply test the cross-browser compatibility of any website. Browser Sandbox: Yet another free online tool to test compatibility and it includes all the 5 major browsers.
Expression SuperPreview: Created by Microsoft to test compatibility of website across IE6, IE7 and IE8. I have always been using Browsershot, hearing the others for the first time, will certainly check them out. Testing application in multiple browsers is most pain in testing for developer while developing web pages. Don’t worry, nowadays there are many best paid and FREE cross browser testing tools are available in the market.

Cross Browser Testing tool supports multiple OS & Browser Configurations for Cross Browser Compatibility Testing. Spoon Browser Sandbox also supports the multiple plug-ins like IE Developer Toolbar; Firebug, ActiveX controls, Java applets, CSS and Javascript debugging consoles etc. IE Tab is an add-on for Firefox and Chrome browser which allow user to see web page in Internet browser in a Tab.
Use Windows Explorer view to browse the local file system, with full Explorer support for icons, right-click menus, etc. SuperPreview can integrate well with Expression Web & you can simply test cross browser testing of web pages at any stage in the design process. SuperPreview allows using multiple pages with multiple browsers at the same time & allowing you to see rendering of pages different way like vertically or horizontally. Depending on the IE browser you have installed on your local machine you can see your web pages rendered in Internet Explorer 6, 7 etc.
In the Standalone version of SuperPreview is supports only Internet Explorer browser and it is available for free for 60 days. Make a cross-browser compatibility test and check how your website looks in different browsers.
If any website looks and functions same on all browsers, then we can consider that as cross-browser compatible. Visitors of your blog will use different types of browsers and different devices to browse the contents, so to create an amazing user experience and to make things better, you need to make a quick cross-browser compatibility test.
Submit the URL, select the browsers you want to test and wait till the screenshots are prepared. Just select the OS, browser to start with the process and to check the wide range of results.
You can follow some online resources  or can use our services to make your website completely compatible with all major browsers. However me and all my web designing community friends most often wonder which browsers are important and which to leave out. Web application can be use over the World Wide Web & multiple users having their own web browsers.
This is a perfect tool for cross browser web testing tool which supports Ajax, JavaScript and Flash.

But SuperPreview deals with the installed browser on your machine which became super duper fast.
The full version comes with the Expression Studio and it supports Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers. Consider any website and it doesn’t look same on all browsers, unless some special tweaks are made to it. Browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome can easily adjust the new technologies, but coming to the Internet Explorer,  special care is to be taken. Another good thing is, you can test your website by enabling or disabling scripts in your theme also. There is a hard impression among developers that IE sucks big time and this tool surely helps to make things better in less possible time.
I normally use Adobe BrowserLab to check whether my site is compatible with all the browsers or not, the other tools are quite new to me.
It also supports automated screen-shot tool to view website’s design across different browsers. This is useful for tester & developers to see web page in Internet browser in single click from Chrome and Firefox browser.
Apart from designing a perfect WordPress theme, it is necessary to check the look and feel in multiple browsers.
The 4 Main Browsers to Test Your Website Rendering In helped me understand browser traffic and also helped me save my efforts and time in avoiding unnecessary coding for lesser important browser.
It means once you installed IE9 then you cannot downgrade to IE6 and IE7 on the same machine.
Well, there are many popular browsers available to surf internet and every one of us have a personal choice. Keeping this in mind, you have to work on things to make every part of theme or template compatible with all major browsers. But again one problem of multiplatform as most of the browsers are supports both Windows and Mac.

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