We added some classes to make it easy customize the table layout via css without touching the html code. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
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To travel 30 km from India to Sri Lanka, do I really have to take a 1500 km, 20 hour detour?
Jimmy R shows you how to make a website from scratch using just a text editor (notepad), HTML and CSS in 30 minutes.
Part 1 of 9 - How to Design and code a website from scratch with HTML, CSS jQuery & PHP.
Part 2 of 9 - How to Design and code a website from scratch with HTML, CSS jQuery & PHP. In this video instructional exercise i will characterize every single stride for How To Make Responsive Websites In HTML and CSS in this video training.
We went this way because we want to allow the site builders and theme developers customize the table layout via css making it fit the overall website design.
You can also use the power of concrete5 and build your own custom templates for the table block. The + makes the image have its original size, while the - makes the image fit the screen, but not the full screen, so that no scroll bars appear.

We will use the background-size: contain property to achieve the sizing that you are looking for. The greater part of us needed to realize that what is the scene behind how to make responsive pages in css. With the exception of IE8, all recent modern browsers support this property-value combination.
This video instructional exercise will take you from zero experience to building your own particular lovely sites. For more information, including detailed instructions, and to get started creating and coding your own website groups, take a look.
Have you taken other html and css courses yet at the same time hunting down how to code a true site.

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