How to avoid an e-Commerce integration disasterWhatever you like to call it - eCommerce, online shop or webshop - are you really ready for it? If the customer is king and it is cheaper to retain new customers than it is to gain new ones then implementing a fully integrated CRM package is a no-brainer! Most companies recognise the importance of focusing on delivering great customer service but how many actually take the time to work on it. Cloud Business Solutions is a top provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Keeping an effective communication with the customers is the most efficient way to invest in the company’s future.
A close inspection on customer behavior is the best way to grant reliable decisions in the future.
Return of investment becomes only a matter of time with Cloud Business Apps as the whole purpose of a Customer Relationship Management system is to bring profit to the company. As all the sales reports are available at any given time of the day or year, it makes it real simple to adjust to new strategies suitable for new market tendencies.
With an effective Customer Relationship Management application, the company can ignore all those repetitive management tasks that usually take a great deal of time. Using a CRM system is a very secure way to keep your data in a professional, organized way.

Major customers tell us frequently that they want consistency, proactiveness and responsiveness from their key suppliers. The Macquarie Marketing Group are able to assist companies in very practical ways to develop their customer management processes based on best practice (link to benchmarking) and customer and staff priorities.
We are also experienced in assisting companies to achieve effective implementation (link to effective implementation). Each of these is a proven influencer of customer loyalty and relationship and opportunity development among major customers. These are very effective detailed reviews of current field sales, customer management and marketing practices and systems. Outputs include detailed ratings relative to best practice, key areas for attention, practical and proven recommendations on solutions and an implementation program.
These programs offer sales managers and account executives an integrated suite of methodologies and tools specifically developed for effective customer management, with the aim of retaining and growing major business customers. The coaching and development programs are flexible and can be delivered in a number of ways - one on one, small groups or in a classroom environment. The programs frequently include one on one in field personal coaching with account managers. Macquarie Marketing have a very successful track record in assisting companies to recover sales in regions or business units that have encountered sudden or unanticipated sales problems.

Typically we have been able to achieve prompt sales turnarounds although obviously in some instances problems are structural.
All the applications developed by the CBS team of specialists are professional systems, with a user-friendly interface that can assist the company’s management to adjust to the client’s requirements. Increasing the number of clients and gaining their overall trust is the number one factor in rising sales and, of course, profit.
Keeping online track of sales results will provide you just the insight you need to control and manage the marketing campaigns with the right results. Consistently applied customer management processes are a powerful differentiator and builder of loyalty.
Below are examples of some of the key elements of 'best practice' customer relationship management and the practical tools employed. In these cases we have the ability to quickly identify the sales, marketing or customer management issues involved and propose practical solutions. A Customer Relationship Management system is a great and convenient way to improve your services, to succesfully manage your clients and sales and to take the best decisions.

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