Mayor Dave Augustyn and the Mayor's Gala Committee thank you for supporting the Annual Pelham Mayor's Gala! Proceeds from the Gala benefit Pelham community groups, charities, service clubs and not-for-profit organizations that support local programs and services. Please join us as we celebrate with an evening of food, wine, live entertainment & laughter! Avoid disappointment and purchase your 8th Annual Mayor's Gala Tickets & Sponsorships now! Join our mailing list and receive updates, special offers, and weekly news that matters to you. Archeologists working in southern France have identified three graves that represent the oldest Muslim burials ever found in Europe, dating to the eighth century. The skeletons at a medieval site at Nimes were found facing Mecca, and a genetic analysis showed their paternal lineage was North African, said the study in the journal PLOS ONE. Furthermore, radiocarbon dating shows the bones likely date from the 7th to 9th centuries, suggesting they came from the Muslim conquests of Europe during that period. The findings add a new dimension to knowledge of the era, which had been limited to history books and rare bits of archeological data.

The graves were first discovered in 2006 near a major roadway in Nimes as construction workers were digging an underground parking garage.
A careful analysis in the years since has shown that the men were all laid on their right sides, facing southeast in the direction of Mecca, according to traditional Muslim burial rites. We take the pleasure to inform you that Munsif Daily has retained its position as the number one Urdu daily in India for the 22nd consecutive term (Jul-Dec 2010). One way fares to Toronto, St John’s, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg are all currently available from between ?150 and ?178, all in. Daily services will leave Gatwick for Toronto and St John’s, six a week will service Vancouver, five Calgary, two will leave for Edmonton, and the only non-stop transatlantic service Winnipeg will fly from Gatwick once a week. Each aircraft will also carry cargo so UK exporters can benefit from fast and regular access to markets across Canada.
Our low-fare, high-care service, combined with our caring, people-driven approach, continues to win new guests in every new part of the world we serve. Save the date for 8th International Insurance Conference: 25 May 2016Insurance Europe welcomes you to join the debate at its 8th International Insurance Conference, which will be held in Dublin on 25 May 2016.
The event, which is titled “Serving the customer in tomorrow’s world”, is expected to attract around 600 senior attendees from throughout the insurance and regulatory world.

There are also a limited number of bespoke and exclusive sponsor opportunities still available and details can be found here. The audit bureau of circulation (ABC) has certified the net circulation of Munsif Daily at 60,009 copies per day. From humble beginnings as a regional airline serving five destinations in Western Canada, we have grown to become a truly international carrier in just two decades, now taking Canadians across the North Atlantic to visit family and friends in London and beyond. John’s, which will operate on one of the airline’s Boeing Next-Generation 737s, all Gatwick flights will be operated by WestJet’s 767-300 extended-range aircraft. In the meantime, the hosts, Insurance Ireland, and Insurance Europe look forward to welcoming you to Dublin in 2016. All 767s are also equipped with WestJet Connect, the airline’s new inflight entertainment and wireless connectivity system.

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