Digital cameras have the function that enables you to add the date and time stamps to the photos. Microsoft, Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
The Self-Inking Rubber Date Stamp features a lock that provides more convenient use of the stamp.
The only way of turning on the camera is by sliding the lens cover open, even for picture review mode. Although marketed to compete at entry-level, this camera has a number of intermediate features that are generally unfound on other entry-level cameras. The ViviCam 3695 camera comes with an USB port and a TV-port for connecting to external devices. The mini-USB port on the camera is slightly different than the port on the Sony DSC-U30 digital camera and the Sony DCR-TRV350 Handycam. When the camera is connected to the computer via the USB port, the camera memory shows up on the computer as an USB Mass Storage Device.
The date stamp feature allows the user to put a date stamp on the bottom right of the picture.
After opening the packaging and looking at the user manual, I realized that Vivitar has shipped the ViviCam 3695B in the original 3695 packaging and did not update the original packaging to show the new specification.
Sometimes you may forget to disable it and your will see the annoying date stamps printed over your photos. Here are basic steps that allow you to remove the stamp from all of your photos in a batch mode. The Drive wheel allows users to set the date smoothly and easily.This small dater is lightweight and durable, and is an economical way to handle your dating needs.

Instead of packaging the camera in square reusable cardboard boxes, Vivitar sealed this camera and accessories in clear plastic. The camera has an annoying beep that occurs whenever a button is pressed while going through the menu system. These features include macro, exposure compensation, EV Lock, date stamp, command dial, 4-way directional pad, SD card, video out, self-timer and tripod socket.
Unlike the SDRAM in the Gear To Go CyberPix (reviewed elsewhere on this site), flash memory are non-volatile, meaning that the pictures stored on the flash memory will not be lost when the battery is removed and replaced.
The ports are covered with a black rubber plug, preventing dusts and elements to enter via those ports. This is a nice feature that I see missing in all of the digital cameras that I have used in the past.
Surprisingly, marking on the camera shows "4X Digital Zoom" and "4MP Interpolation", contrary to the package specification. The package includes camera, TV-out cable, USB cable, hand strap, camera pouch, user manual, 2 AA batteries, and software CD. Really, I would have considered this camera to be a very good intermediate camera, rather than an entry-level camera, if Vivitar had added auto-focus to the list of features. But thumb up to Vivitar to design a camera that can use either a pair of AA or a CR-V3 battery. This concept is the same as the one found on the Sony DSC-U30 digital camera (reviewed elsewhere on this site).
Too often, the camera manufacturers assumes that since the date and time are already associated electronically with the picture file, the user will not want it stamped on the pictures themselves. Exposure compensation allows a photographer to change the brightness of a scene to turn an average picture into an artistic masterpiece.

Then select the Object Removing Method (you may keep the Quick, the Accurate is quite slower but produces better result). Vivitar packaged this camera with some thought; the LCD screen is protected from scratch by a clear plastic film, from the factory, that can be peeled off. For some reason, I had a hard time getting my hands on the camera and shutter release when the hand strap is around my wrist. In order to save battery life, the camera allows the user to turn off the LCD with the "DISP" button.
These features are impressive, because the Sony DSC-U30 could not capture audio and was limited to 15 seconds clips. Unfortunately, the new model also has a new lens specification, which caused the minimum focus distance to increase. Unlike other entry-level digital cameras, such as the Kodak EasyShare CX6200, which has a silver plastic in front and dull black plastic in back, the full silver casing on the ViviCam 3695 feels more complete.
The camera supports English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese; finally a second language that I can understand. Just click the Start button and you will get your date stamp removed from all of your pictures.
The camera also turns off the LCD while charging up the flash and turns the display back on when the flash is ready to fire.

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