Does Your Dating Profile Need Work?Are you stuck on how to write an engaging About Me Summary or Tinder Bio? I think that if you have to suggest to a man of any age that you and he spend more time together, you have your answer as to the direction of the relationship. I am used to going on a several dates and then pursuing a relationship if you determine there is something there. Unless he tells you explicitly, theres no way to know what is in another persons head and it doesnt much matter. The OP should probably assume that the guy really is just killing time, enjoying himself, probably until something better comes along.

My guess is that this guy doesn’t really want anything more serious, but is conflicted about saying so for any number of reasons. Posting an update, we talked last week and agreed to spend more time together to see where it goes, we also discussed kids, and if he were to get hit by a bus tomorrow he would not regret not having kids of his own. If he were genuinely trying to assess the compatibility between you two you wouldn’t have to make a special request to see him more often. What he is doing is surveying your wrinkles & laugh lines while casually pondering how long he is going to continue this. I suggested that we invest in the process of getting to know each other in order to determine true compatibility and to see if we want to eventually be in an mutually exclusive relationship, which means spending more time together.

I am worried that he is just passing time with me but he assures me that this is not a matter of hoping to find something better rather to determine if we are genuinely a good fit.
Should I take his word at face value or do I remove myself from the situation all together and while he dates other people?
They’re just too temporary for me to ever feel 100% comfortable trying to date one seriously.

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