This drama is about a dating agency that orchestrates romantic scenarios for paying clients, all in an effort to raise enough money to save an old theater. After Seo Byung Hoon (Lee Jong Hyuk) loses his best friend in an accident, the once-renowned theater director suffers from guilt and decides to save his late friend’s theater troupe. Production director Kang Hee Jun said that given the cast's strong acting skills he expects them to deliver quality work. The series is based on the hit film, "Cyrano Dating Agency," which was originally a webtoon. Girls Generation Soo Young will play Gong Min Young, an impulsive romantic who works at the agency. The film that the drama is based on became a sleeper hit in 2010, attracting more than 2.7 million viewers. Have you ever wished a drama production team would make your life perfect—choosing your outfit, compiling a soundtrack, manufacturing reasons for you to spend time with your crush, and even giving you the perfect script for the occasion? Mixing a heist-film mentality and classic romantic hijinks, the movie opens with a bang: the team organizes a series of primetime calibre meet-cutes for a sad sack customer intent on dating his favorite barista. Played with slouching charm by Uhm Tae Woong, Byung Hoon does everything in his power to stay off the case, but money is scare and the rest of the team eventually convince him to move forward.
Standout among the movie’s cast is Daniel Choi, as the star of Byung Hoon’s greatest scheme. Early Korean working title was "Ggotminam, Yeonaejojakdan" (literally "Flower Boy Dating Agency"). Sooyoung is really good at acting and her role was so cute which made me love it even more. NOTE: just please, please, PLEASEEEE, DO NOT mind the age gap difference between the lead actors! I'm a sooyoungster so it pleases me to see positive comments on the drama, so as on sooyoung.
My headcanon is that Gong Min Young (Sooyoung) got bullied by the girls in her high school, and dumped by like twelve guys four of which cheated on her, so she was really depressed and stopped talking and tried to commit suicide but then her psychiatrist suggested she go on a vacation.
If I wasn’t so free when my summer break began, I would not watch this drama despite my great love for SNSD. Anyway, I am glad to see that Master asked MinYoung out because now the love triangle begins! Do you know what I love about Korean Dramas, there is a wide choice of type of drama to watch. I was just reading some of the comments and want to add that Lee Jong Hyuk is the best thing about this drama.
I just hope that Soo Young gets some better direction for her part and matures a little if there is to be any romance between the two.
I am not sure if producers think that mostly men watch these dramas and that men like to see women as stupid. I have never seen Soo Young in anything else but I do think that people are entitled to say if they like someone's performance in a drama or not without having had to have seen other works. Yoon Yi-Seol who has just been introduced in ep.4 looks lovely and intriguing and hopefully will continue to be so as well.
The people here do realise that she doesn't get up with Seo Byung-Hoon, but instead ends up as his drama student, if the original movie is anything to go by? Some people are complaining about him being too old for her, but I personally thought an older actress would fit Lee Jong Hyuk better. It would've been better if the lead actor isn't that much old, when I first saw the 1st ep, I thought he can be minyoung's uncle or something.. Please just watch The 3rd Hospital before you comment about Sooyoung's acting,,,,or you just don't like Sooyoung, do you? IMO, Sooyoung and Sunny are the best actresses in SNSD although there's not much opportunities for them to showcase their acting skills. For most of us in Singapore, we are probably familiar with Lunch Actually, a dating agency which specializes in matchmaking Singaporeans with one another. Longchamp Le Pliage¨ Cuir Personalized 1Bag your very own Longchamp Le Pliage® Cuir Personalized, available exclusively at Paragon. Longchamp Le Pliage¨ Cuir Personalized 2Bag your very own Longchamp Le Pliage® Cuir Personalized, available exclusively at Paragon. This week, Girls Generation Soo Young, Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Chun Hee, Hong Jong Hyun and the rest of the cast for the new drama, tvN's Dating Agency: Cyrano, met for their first script reading. Lee is an actor who is known for playing funny roles but in this comedy, his character is a serious one. Told in a clever montage that cuts between planning sessions and real-life events, it shows the dating agents—and the movie—at their finest. His shared past with the agency’s newest prey is told in fragmentary flashbacks that gradually reveal the details of their love, from a gum-driven meeting to a teary breakup.

His easy-going energy is perfectly showcased here, thanks to a script that gives plenty of opportunities for both physical comedy and puppyish sweetness. The biggest of them all, of course, is at the very heart of the agency’s work: Why would you ever want someone who would only want a “perfect” version of you, not the real thing? He is the chef for his own modest restaurant, which resides next to the office for the Cyrano Agency.
The movie had a few things in it, that I think could've been added to this drama, but overall, the movie seemed like a precursor to this drama. She decided to go to Paris, because she'd always wanted to see the eiffel tower and she had an old friend that lived there. I think you could've skipped the creepy part with the girl that has her eye covered by her hair and I think Sooyoung should've been paired up wit the BOYS not the MEN! There is no profound concept to the plot, it is more of a fun drama for middle school students to watch because they have so much free time. I haven't really seen him properly before as I didn't like GD and stopped watching it after a few episodes. Or if in fact producers think that women like to watch other women in dramas who are stupid. From the first scene in the first episode it was obvious that she did not fit this part well. The writing and directing is a little all over the place and choppy so that momentum is often lost but it is still good enough to watch. Most idols aren't really that good in acting, even if they are, you still can see that there's that newbie feel and so, but SooYoung unnie's acting was one of the best acting from idols I've ever seen! But please, watch 'SNSD Horror Movie Factor" and "Third Hospital" before you want to criticize. If you want to criticize sooyoung's acting skills please first watch The Third Hospital (but the whole drama not only one episode) and then talk! What the company promises its customer is that you will be matched with the partner of your choice, where a consultant will talk to you about your requirements and personally screen through their database of users and recommend you the "perfect one".Launched in Singapore in 2004 by husband and wife team Jamie Lee and Violet Lim, the Lunch Actually Group has since expanded to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hong Kong and Jakarta. Cha Seung Pyo (Lee Chun Hee) is a man with a mysterious past and the chef of the restaurant that’s next door to the theater where the dating agency is housed. They create elaborate scenarios designed to help their clients win over the object of their affection.
As he choreographs the client’s quest for her hand, Byung Hoon is forced to decide between a broken past and an uncertain future not only for himself, but also for his former sweetheart. In an underused role, Park Shin Hye also shines as a no-nonsense businesswoman working to keep the agency afloat. I liked the script, the actors and the way they act..the plot, the story, even the background music, everythings' perfect! The concept of this drama is intriguing, enough so that I'd want to actually be a part of a team that did this, since I so believe in love and not just romantic love, but in the broadest sense as well. Did anyone else realize that there is always a guest star in every episode I died when I saw tamin and gong Yoo! But at the same time, I have a feeling MinYoung will somehow reject Master or someone will interrupt the scene and MinYoung cannot answer Master’s request. Oh and yes I do 100% agree that Jong-Hyuk is a tad bit too old for SooYoung unnie but then I kind of got used to it, so I wish this show all the best! In 2014, the company claims to have grown by more than 50 per cent and hit a new revenue target of S$5 million. Moo Jin (Hong Jong Hyun) recruited into the dating agency because of his genius engineering skills. Since the agency guarantees success in getting people to fall in love, there are bound to be some laughable complications. Seo Byung-Hoon then decides to save his late friend's theatre troupe and forms "Cyrano Agency". The crazy amount of product placement was a bit annoying, but in all the drama was worth watching. Although the main actress is younger than the lead actor, it doesn't really make you feel uncomfortable. Of course it is harder in our part seeing sooyoung work with old actors but we also respect them and go on with the flow (so does you should be). Sooyoung acts like a 4 year old child, like someone said, and looks so young, why would you pair her up with a person who is so much older than her? I am a college student and I have been there done that so all these romance advice and stories are not surprising to me at all.
Here in this drama Min Young started looking like she was in her early 20's and now she is acting like a four year old. I think the same lines could be acted in a way that is a little smarter and not so terribly annoying.

I also like Lee Chun hee since i watched him on Running Man together with Jinhee, Sungsoo, and Changwook ajussi. To date, the Lunch Actually Group has over 400,000 members in its combined database and has arranged more than 40,000 dates.While the company has been growing steadily over the past few years, there were controversial news that come along with it, notably the high price point it is charging. Please come to my house, I would love to serve you with pleasure, as you're my special guest! I actually think that master and Mingyoung should be together I don't know why but they look cute together!
It's cut how he doesn't know much about the feelings he feels for hye ri, but as time goes by he learns why ep. With that said, I will ask that those who have nothing but criticism and degrading for the efforts of the cast, go watch a drama that suits your taste allow the rest of us to simply enjoy this oh so interesting and funny drama with a very talented cast especially Lee Jong Hyuk. Recently launched news site The Middle Ground also wrote an article on how Lunch Actually is just Lunch, Actually.
There are a lot of manpower cost involved - from meeting customers, understanding their requirements, manually going through the database to find the best match, and calling up the two parties to arrange a mutually convenient time and date to meet.
A Rang (Jo Yoon Woo) is a 19 years old high school young boy who dreams of becoming a theater actor.
There's much hard work put on the show, especially by sooyoung so please don't bash her (there's nothing to bash about either). The necklace was in the boat, not the water, his hair wouldn't stand up like that in water, the clothes would be drenched upon being on top of the dock and how did she get him up there in the first place? Anyhow, I decided to watch the drama just for fun and for Sooyoung (SONE ) I then got caught up with the chemistry between ByungHoon and MinYoung. I find it interesting to see ByungHoon so mean to her and she’s just being a “romance maniac”.
So that "artistic license" kind of put me off, but I still like the rest of it and I hope Soo Young and Jong Hyuk fall in love.
Well the same thing happen with sooyoungsters sones or whatever person that have watch sooyoung's acting skills! If thats out of their budget, they can choose eSynchrony, which cost lesser, but customers have to do some of the work themselves by looking through the database and deciding who may be the right match. Especially when MinYoung keeps talking about the first love and all; it’s giving me goosebumps. If that is still out of the budget, customers can definitely go for LunchClick, which is free to use and we don't have to do any work.2. We also offer different number of date packages.One of the things we do is also to manage customers expectation, and demand and supply. There are times when we turn down customers because we really cant help them find what they are looking for ( for example, a 30 - 40 year old woman looking for someone young and eligible). The next day when he was at work, he told us that for the first time, his boss actually spoke to him about his outfit.
One of the things that most customers do not know is that, as a SDN (Social Development Network) accredited dating agency since the last 12 years, we are also accountable to the Government. If anything goes wrong, we need to answer to SDN - and if we are not honest in our business, we wouldn't be the longest dating agency in service. We have to answer to every complains and we are also regularly auditted by SDN too.For the refund policy, we have a very clear refund policy on our website, and if you compare it to other dating agencies, we have the most customer friendly refund policy. If we did that, over the past 12 years, one of the alleged hired girls would have come out and said that she was one of the hired girls, and we would have been out of business just like that!""A lot of people also think that match making is a money making business and that we are printing money. That is not the case - though we make a decent living, the dating business again has high manpower cost. There were a lot of companies that came in and tried to undercut us, but they soon realise that the costing structure doesn't make sense and they went out of business.""On match making, it is also in our best interest to find the best suitable match for our customers. There were also people that shared that we purposely matchmake them with lousy quality matches. So we have to balance this and take care of the interest of all our customers."To be fair to Lunch Actually, they have been in the business for over a decade and has successfully matchmake some. While there are some complaints here and there, which is unavoidable for any business, there hasn't been any huge complaints.
As a forum user puts it, finding a good date and a life partner may be easy for some but tough for others.

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