In recent years the term "Dating Coach" has made its way into the realm of mass media, cinema, and various circles in American and world culture. Love Systems is a company tailored specifically to men that is at the world's forefront for recruiting, training, and hiring the best dating coaches found today. Before being hired each dating coach, or Love Systems Instructor, is taken through an extensive process by which they are evaluated on everything from their knowledge and skills with women to their personal character and innovative ideas on how to improve the company itself. Jessica, Why is dating coaching such an important part of a person's dating success in today's busy dating world? Many of my clients over the years have expressed that the need for a dating coach is based on a simple time and energy equation.
I have been coaching on and off for approximately 8 years now and I have seen interest in coaching go through multiple cycles of up and down, but the "need" for coaching has seemed to consistently increase over time. Being an IDCA certified coach, how do you feel your approach to dating coaching is different from not certified coaches?
Many of my previous clients are now married or actively dating regularly with ease, which makes my job so rewarding! Damona runs her website DatesAndMates, coaches private clients in both online and offline dating, and holds regular seminars and mixers. International Dating Coach Association is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the dating coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of certified dating coaches.  Don’t you want to stand out from your peers?  Take your coaching to the next level by becoming an IDCA-certified coach! Melanie Schilling is a psychologist and dating coach in the Australian media and is known for her informative, yet fun and energetic approach. In 2013 Melanie became the first Australian dating coach to become accredited by the International Dating Coaching Association (IDCA) and in 2014, she was appointed the Dating and Relationship Expert for eHarmony Australia.  We wanted to catch up with her and ask her a few questions about her life and work! Our next certification will be held in Las Vegas on January 20th, right before the iDate conference.  Sign up now while tickets are at their cheapest and we have open slots!  We can only fit so many people in our class, so make sure that you sign up early. Here are some of the highlights of what it will cover: A clear step-by-step dating coaching business structure.
Psychologist and dating coach Melanie Schilling founded Dating Crusade a year ago to help women in their search for love.
We have just completed our certification for Idate IDCA Certification, and pleased to welcome a new wave of IDCA coaches. Julie is responsible for over 1,100 marriages, with over 23 years in business as a personal matchmaker and seasoned dating coach.
A winner of 4 consecutive "Best Match Maker Of The Year" awards at Idate from 2009-2013, she is a great addition to IDCA team and we are extremely happy to see her as part of IDCA. Here are few photos of Arthur Milov, Program Director for IDCA at Idate's (Internet Dating Conference) 5th annual award ceremony. We would like to congratulate one of IDCA Certified Instructors, Hunt Ethridge for his excellent and very pointed dating advice based on IDCA methodology.

In its simplest form a dating coach is someone who is hired by men or women to help them improve their skills in meeting, attracting, and building various kinds of relationships with the type of person they desire. As an aside, the term "Dating Coach" is much preferred to either "pick up artist" or “guru” by the teachers.
Founder and Program Leader Nick Savoy has developed and refined over the years a system of meeting and dating women proven to work for all men in all circumstances, and that’s what he laid out in his book Magic Bullets. Instructors routinely perform live demonstrations on their bootcamp weekends for their students and they must be able to display their skills under stressful situations. IDCA coaches are trained to quickly pick up on social cues, have an uncanny eye for detail and find easy solutions for what may seem like insurmountable issues. We are trained not just as advice givers, but to gently guide someone in the right direction, help our clients overcome obstacles and find a sexier, happier dating life.
The use of social media and online dating tools has increased exponentially over those 8 years, which has shifted the dating pool in favor of those who are both photogenic and computer savvy.
Many successes have occurred with a few simple in-field sessions, while I have seen other clients off and on for years. She also makes frequent television appearances and has been seen on Fox, CBS, NBC, and most recently the hit show Pit Boss on Animal Planet.
She is a regular contributor to television, radio and a range of online and print publications.  She has been seen on and in Today, The Sydney Herald, Cosmo and others as well as writing countless articles all over the web.
Renee Piane (most left in the picture), this years Idate #1 Dating Coach has just got certified at the event.
Skip the guesswork and find out the right way to promote yourself AND reach your ideal clients. Among them is Julia Ferman, one of the most decorated match makers not only in USA but probably the world.
Program directors Antonia Geno, Hunt Ethridge and Arthur Milov were certifying IDCA Coaches. Just as no two personal trainers are exactly alike, dating coaches come from a range of different backgrounds. The former negatively implies that all men are interested in is having sex with women and the latter that an instructor knows all there is to know or that he followed the “one path” to get where he is. As such, the dating coaches for Love Systems are tasked with traveling the world and teaching like-minded men this proven system to help them meet their personal dating and relationship goals. Nearly all of the company’s instructors were at one time students and their evaluation begins the moment they voice their desire to become a dating coach themselves. By ensuring its testing process is the most rigorous in the industry, Love Systems can ensure the highest quality dating coaches on the market and be able to offer its famous 100% money back guarantee on every product and service. In turn, a dating coach can save their clients both time and energy better spent elsewhere.

For example, southern charm simply doesn't play on a computer screen the way it does in a crowded bar. My goal is not to find a quick solution, score my client one easy date, or help them with a personal conquest. Brian, a 29 year old man I have been helping for over a year now has a girlfriend for the first time in his life and is learning how relationships work step by step. Damona's Secret Sessions has helped many online daters polish their profiles, learn how to impress on a first date, and gain the confidence necessary to find love. These teaching sessions are sometimes referred to as “bootcamps” and typically involve a weekend (three days of classroom time and two nights “in field” at bars and nightclubs) during which clients are taught the information and actually learn how to successfully meet and attract women.
At that point they are tasked with receiving personal recommendations from at least two current instructors so that they may then attend the yearly Love Systems Super Conference in Las Vegas to be evaluated by Nick Savoy himself. IDCA coaches are an invaluable asset to someone with a full schedule who does not have time to contemplate the reasons behind their dating successes and failures. My goal is to fix bigger issues, build confidence, and set my clients on a better path towards enjoying dating and socializing in the long term.
His girlfriend is very patient and he often comes to me in search of relationship advice now, which I happily offer.
Listen to podcast hosted by IDCA certified dating coach Dear Mrs.D on topics of first dates, confidence and flirting.
The system itself, known as the Love Systems Triad Model, is an ever-evolving concept that is put into logical steps for ease of teaching, but is also flexible to account for new breakthroughs in the dating field and each coach’s personal style and preferences.
I am well trained in the art of body language, sexual prowess, online dating, vocal coaching, fashion and confidence building and as an IDCA coach, I have an exceptional success rate.
My other most recent success story is Jeanine: a 57 year old divorcee and tax attorney without much of a wild side.
Coaching Jeanine is a challenge, but watching her transform and meet men for the first time in years has been exciting and rewarding, and it happened in a matter of weeks.
She is now seeing a gentleman regularly, whom she met in a dance class I urged her to attend.
Success!Find out more: Each IDCA Certified Dating Coach has gone through a series of pre-qualifications and intense training.

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