I wanted to do a podcast on this subject right now because we are quickly approaching DATING SEASON. We’re giving you actionable advice that will help you get better results in your dating life.
What’s the biggest dating mistake you’re making before you even go out on a first date? What are things you can do to make it a great first date… that leaves them wanting more of you?
How can putting a priority on “chemistry” distract you from the most important ingredients for a healthy relationship?
All these questions and many more are answered on this edition of the Love, Happiness and Success podcast. Be prepared to take notes!
Wondering Why You're Still Single?Free Advice To Help You Troubleshoot, and Attract The Love You're Looking For. If you had tried to convince me a year ago that I’d feel this happy and content now, I wouldn’t have believed it! We’re available to meet in-person in Denver, and across the US and internationally through online video. Learn the skills we teach our private clients: Twelve strategic sessions = A more positive, confident, strong and healthy YOU. On this edition of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast I’m interviewing Denver Dating Coach Jessica Small about things that you can do to attract a happy new relationship into your life in the New Year.

You have to have insight, self awareness, clarity and a PLAN that will help you not just make a good first impression, but turn a great first date into a fantastic relationship. Our relationship class teaches you how to communicate, create agreement, avoid conflict, and keep your love alive. I'm a Marriage Counselor, Therapist and Life Coach who is all about helping you become stronger, happier and healthier -- both as a couple, and as a person. I have over twenty-five years of experience in helping people make positive changes. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and have over eight years of experience in helping couples become stronger, happier, and more loving with each other.
I have been helping couples, families, and individuals grow for over a decade. I believe that part of the human experience is to go through both ups and downs in life.
My specialty is Marriage Counseling, and helping even the most conflictual couples come back from the brink, avoid the tragedy of divorce, and heal their families after infidelity using proven "divorce-busting" techniques.
I use the most effective forms of marriage counseling -- Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and The Gottman Method -- to help couples build secure, loving relationships, strengthen their friendships, and create compromise and agreement. I also believe that during these "growth moments" people can benefit from support and guidance. Right about now they’re all firing up their laptops, scrolling through possible profile photos, and wracking their brains for a pithy opener for their profile statement.
I’m a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Life Coach with over fifteen years of experience in helping my clients get real results and lasting change through strategic Love, Life and Career Coaching.""I help you 'climb your mountain' by breaking it down into small, attainable steps. I help blended families create connection, and families with tough teenagers create peace in their homes.I've been told I have a warm, friendly, and competent way of being that helps my clients feel safe and cared for.

I’m an Emotional Intelligence Communication Coach and I and I teach our "Lifetime of Love" relationship class. If you're in a transitional period in your relationship, or your life, I can help you figure out your next steps. I have twenty-five years of experience in helping people make positive changes in their lives and relationships. In addition to my work as a marriage and family therapist, I have vast experience as a therapist in helping people overcome depression and anxiety, recover from addictions, and improve their relationships.
I love helping my clients discover their professional passion, and I can help you live your dream too. I often work with businesses to help their teams thrive together, and I can help you flourish in your job -- or transition out.
As a Life Coach and Dating Coach, I help my clients attain the personal goals that feel out of reach through solution focused, action oriented coaching. If your goal is to  create a vibrant, joyful relationship I can work with you either as a Dating Coach or Relationship Coach, guiding you towards the connection, satisfaction, and the love you're looking for. I love helping couples find new solutions to old problems, and start enjoying each other again.

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