I got him to put Hayley’s name at an angle to give it a more natural look, and to move the two kisses more to the right. I also worked with Hayley to create a series of 5 coaching packages which she could offer to her clients. Hayley then spent a couple of hours creating a separate Word file for each package, detailing everything a client would get if they signed up for a package, then I helped her refine that copy. We also role-played her trying to sell me a coaching package, and I helped her refine her sales technique. What I learned about her is how hard working and resilient she is, which has got her to such a high position of respect in the UK dating scene. Chris Payne helps clients design winning products, designs sales funnels, rewrites all sales copy, provides webinar critiques, designs high-end mastermind programs, and more.
Hayley Quinn has devoted her life to discovering how relationships work best and has, as a consequence become a leading dating coach in the UK, an expert on relationship and dating matters. Over the years Hayley, has committed herself to the world of dating and relationship advice as a dating coach.
However by studying this fascinating area of life, she ultimately overcame her troubled childhood and now believes that with the right advice and you providing the determination to change, most people can get a great return on their efforts in relationships and lead the life they want.
So whether your goal is to create opportunities to meet the someone special, find that perfect partner who you feel you could be truly happy with, make your current relationship work as well as it can, raise your ability to choose who you want to be with, or just be happy in life generally…Hayley has the ideas and methods to help you achieve that. She is intensely practical too and promises to always be realistic about what you can achieve and to tailor everything she recommends to you and your exact personal circumstances.

She has frequently featured on TV and in the media as a dating and relationships expert for Channel 4, Cosmopolitan, FHM and the Independent. Hayley is now our exclusive dating coach for Matchmakers, within the personal introductions arena and all clients receive an initial one to one consultation with Hayley and follow up recommendations in writing – this is an integral feature of our Matchmakers service which is fully inclusive in the price. Where you can meet your future partner….we bet she can tell you 3 places you would never have thought of!! How you can start to form real connections so that you enjoy social interactions much more. Allow people to understand that you’re attracted to them in a way that isn’t needy but avoids the ‘friend zone’.
Turbo charge your whole life for holistic results (just thank Hayley if you get a raise as well as a few dates).
Sign up to Matchmakers today and we will put you in touch with Hayley on a complimentary basis. She has a gift for analyzing social situations and decrypting what the people in your life could be trying to be communicating to you.
Now she will be contributing, through video, to onlinedating.org to give you the best relationship, dating and sex advice. This is is group determined to single people, above 30 years old who are seriously looking for a relationship, find their soul mate and settle down.
In the video testimonial Hayley recorded to me, she is open about crying a few times during her stay as we were working so intensely to create some big wins for her.

Hayley has also worked frequently internationally providing relationship and dating advice.
Through exploring the patterns and solutions as to how dating works,  the attraction process, why some people become incredibly popular and why sometimes it doesn’t work out due to the most fundamental errors being made… she has risen to become one of the leading worldwide dating experts. We provide readers with online dating tips, date ideas, and complete reviews of the top dating websites. Not only can she answer your dating and relationship dilemmas, but for years she has helped hundreds of men globally to seduce women as the world’s leading female pick up artist.
Usually dating sites are really expensive and you can end up spending hours in front of a computer speaking to a person you have never met.
Her life however wasn’t always as glitzy and successful as it is today and she frequently tells the story of growing up as a chubby, poor, geeky kid in rural England – certainly life hasn’t always been plain sailing or straight forward for Hayley. She can speak to you on a level as a great friend, whilst also understanding what creates attraction and seduction.
This group is free to join and we aim to run a lot of affordable speed dating events, combined with socialising, dinner, or sth else fun.

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