Recently my brother and his wife celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, and only a few days later my sister and her husband celebrated their anniversary as well. After I came to the conclusion that I needed to do a better job of celebrating these fabulous marriages in my life, I went on the hunt to find the CUTEST anniversary gifts to give to these amazing couples, something to celebrate love, longevity, and marriage.
I am a homeschooling mom of four who has been married to my true love for almost fourteen years. Anniversaries come once a year, they deserve quite a bit of attention, and a little spice to make your special day memorable! For those of you who struggle getting out, even on your anniversary, this selection of at-home dates are perfect for you. We are going to help you bring your anniversary celebration indoors! 4. Great Expectations Date Night – A Victorian Themed date night that is sure to spark some romance!
15. Anniversary Celebration Ideas – This post has EVERYTHING you would ever need to pull off the perfect Anniversary!
You can’t celebrate an anniversary without adding romance! These date ideas will have the two of you snuggling, kissing, and oohing all night long! 30. Say Yes All Over Again – Reconnect with your spouse as you re-create your proposal and remember why you said YES!
31. Spa Date – If you liked the idea of pampering your spouse – you are going to LOVE this idea!
32. The Valentine Date – We’ve got the absolute BEST DATE EVER for your anniversary and it’s ALL planned out for you! 37. The Love Shack – Turn your bedroom into your very own Love Shack and escape for a night of romance!
We’ve listed the year and the traditional gifts associated with that year, along with our creative ideas based off the number or gifts to make your anniversary as memorable as possible!
Create a CD Of love songs, but create the CD case out of PAPER and photos of the two of you together. Going with the traditional gift of paper, create a calendar for him with all the big special date highlighted and significant moments together recorded on that day of the calendar. Create a romantic Message in a Bottle of the reasons you’ve loved being married one year. Since you’ve been together ONE year, put together a bouquet of ONE Dollar bills to use for a special date night.
Go shopping together and pick out a cotton blanket to adore throughout the years – something that will last and become a family heirloom. Feeling crazy…go pick out new cotton Pajamas for each other and wear them out on a date! Purchase leather bound journals for each other and keep them to write down special moments between the two of you. Make both husband and wife happy – pearl earrings for her, new leather wallet for him! A crazy idea is a leather passport holder or a travel document holder which include tickets for a second honeymoon!
Create or buy a wooden sign with your family establishment – your name and the year you were married! Pick out and purchase a new piece of furniture that you both love and will treasure forever! A dining table would be ideal adorned with a vase of daisies and brand new silverware! Get him some awesome cuff links that are made from actual baseball stadium seats (any die hard baseball fan would love that!) and a tree carved heart necklace for her. Carve your initials into a tree together, one where you can go back every so often to visit. Make a candy bouquet with SIX of your spouses favorite candy bars attached to sticks and put together in a vase. If you want to stick with the traditional gift of bronze, you could have a mold made of you and your spouse holding hands and then have it dipped in bronze to create a statue. Go stay at a hotel (you’ll be sleeping in different linens!) Even if you are in a hotel in your same town it will give you a change of scenery and make for a romantic night!

Base your date night off of a Magic 8 Ball (these can be found in the toy section of most stores.) Have activities planned based around questions that you have to ask the magic eight ball. Recreate the scene from the movie, Ghost, where they’re at the pottery wheel together and their hands are all muddy. Buy each other something fun out of leather – jacket, wallet, belt, scriptures, purse, photo albums, or a leatherman.
Fix up those rings (diamond) by having your husband’s engraved and yours cleaned and re-dipped if needed. Using a tin can as a lantern, create sweet messages to shine through with a hammer and nail. For you adventurous types, take a 10 mile hike (5 miles each way) to a gorgeous mountain spot and have a picnic with 10 of your favorite hor d’oeuvres or foods. If it is possible, take a 20-day Vacation (stay-cation) and make a list of things you had hoped to do in the twenty years you were married. Get a bouquet of 20 Day Lilies with a note attached of reasons you love your spouse or memories you have over the past 20 years. Create a book with the 25 reasons you’ve loved being married to them for the past 25 years.
Pretend you are 25 years old again and take a trip or go to a place where you would have when you were that young! Buy 50 gold coins, place them in a jar, and attach a note that says, “Another Day, Another Dollar.
Purchase a gold locket with each of your pictures displayed inside or a gold watch for him. Create a balloon bouquet of 50 gold and violet balloons – each having a separate gift inside.
Take a trip down memory lane by writing a memoir about how golden life is because of your spouse.
After my congratulatory phone calls and Facebook status shout outs, a thought occurred to me. I found five creative anniversary gifts that will be perfect for couples celebrating their first anniversary or their twentieth! Awhile back I posted a super cute DIY His & Hers Pillowcases idea that I had a blast creating, so when I saw these From My Heart to Yours Pillowcases I fell in love!
When my husband and I celebrate our anniversary, it’s a time to reflect on our lives together, and the many blessings our family has received throughout the years. This last idea isn’t a couples gift, but sometimes you need a special gift idea just for her.
After meeting my husband online and getting married at only nineteen, I have beat the statistics and proven that marriage is all about the effort and passion you put into it. What better way to fuel the fire than to turn off all electronics for the night and enjoy an anniversary evening completely focussed on each other? Look no further everything needed for your next picnic date is in this picnic idea collection. Celebrate your anniversary with a full day of watermelon themed date ideas that your man will love. Grab a ladder, find a stable surface and surprise your spouse with a romantic dinner for two on the roof. There is something SO romantic about cuddling under a blanket with your dream guy and wishing on a star. Create a giant card for your spouse out of paper telling them all the reasons you’ve loved being together the past year! OR if money is tight … create a passport to a FABULOUS date to celebrate your 3 years together.
Make your entire breakfast out of fruit – possibly even discovering 4 new fruits together that you’ve NEVER tried! Get as many different types of your sweetie’s favorite candy as you can get your hands on.

Take it a step further by arranging to have a photo shoot of the two of you out in the snow (if the season permits) with your new scarves, hats or gloves. Create something that you would want to giveaway (maybe to your in-laws) then laugh each time you see it at their house! Take it a step further by actually repeating the top 10 things on the list to relive the memories.
You could write down 25 reasons, put each one inside a SILVER balloon, and either put helium in them and have them loose in your bedroom …OR have them laying all over the floor with regular air. See if you can get 50 of them to write down a fond memory they have of the couple and compile them into a book for the lovebirds!
For instance…a photo, a trinket from a vacation, a love letter, things that have wonderful memories. Remember, if you are celebrating your 17th Anniversary you can use the ideas based off the number seven and just adjust to fit (…and so on)!
I think other couples do the same, and that’s why I picked this meaningful and cute As For Me and My House Canvas wall decor for my next anniversary gift pick. Pair these adorable Say I Love You Coffee Mugs with a gift basket of their favorite hot drink mixes and stir-ins for a fun and useful anniversary gift! This Lisa Leonard Connected Hearts Necklace is perfect to gift to your sister, dear friend, or even mother on their special day. You are going to find so many anniversary dates in this post that you won’t know which to pick! Fabulous free printables and a ton of swanky ideas to make your anniversary the cat’s pajamas! A fun dollar store watch, like the ones you try to get the balls in the holes (toy section) or the candy ones OR if your budget allows a nicer, new one!
You could easily adapt the idea for an Our Wedding Magazine that would be treasured for years to come. If that is too overwhelming, create a paper message in a bottle telling him the reasons you love him. Have those pillowcases already on your pillows to surprise your sweetheart when you slip into bed. Or engrave your names and anniversary in champagne glasses that you drink from every year on your anniversary. Focus on strengthening a spiritual side of marriage and get new leather scriptures with your name embossed on them.
Has it been since your wedding since you’ve had pictures of the two of you done together? It would also be fun to find a local pottery class where you could learn to throw your own pot. THEN – type up one word that explains how you feel about that memory and display it next to the photo it goes with. In reality, when our friends and family have strong marriages, it creates a loving and supportive atmosphere that in turn helps our marriage, and vice versa. Assorted Gift Set features a variety of items that every couple would love, including journals, love notes, a coupon book, cute couple mugs, and even a matching gift bag to gift it all in! It’s a thoughtful way to say I’m proud of you for working hard at your marriage, and thank you for being an inspiration to other wives.
Under the pillow, at their desk at work, a special delivery, at the cafe’ where they eat their lunch, tucked in a pocket of their jacket…what a sweet, sweet day!
If it isn’t in the budget, head to a baseball diamond for a fun night together cheering on your favorite team!
Take time that evening to go around the room, enjoy the pictures, talk about those fun times, and relive those memories!

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