Today we kick it all off with our fabulous Favorite Things Questionnaire & Love Quest Survey!
Make sure you check back in tomorrow to grab everything you will need to take your romance up a notch! This baby contains instructions, photos and ALL of the printables for each day of the Divas 30 Day Love Challenge! WE LOVE the 30 Day Love Challenge and know that you will as well!! Just a reminder that we will be posting a new challenge every day for the next 30 days leading up to Valentine’s Day!

You will find out some seriously invaluable information tonight and your spouse will as well!! I love nothing more than time with my family while playing games, watching movies, and just being together! Take the evening to cuddle up, fill in your questionnaires and surveys and enjoy an evening in!
This is a great option if you want to complete the challenge on your own schedule or don’t have time to hunt down printables all over our site!

I know you all are super busy helping us with this amazing challenge….just wondering!

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