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Have you not seen a man professing love to a woman and at the same time showing the woman some signs that might somehow signal otherwise? There are different types of dating games played by people according to their situations and convictions.
When you are on the dating games, you must insure that you handle accessibility issues right. One cardinal point here is that when you call and your call is not picked and not returned; do not call back the same day. Another point is that when you are involved in dating games, you must try everything possible not to talk about the past, at least till some time. You must also avoid the act of demanding answers that you might not be comfortable to give. Another good thing you must do when the game is on is to always look charming when they are near you. This is the dating game that involves sending you on humiliating errands and trials, to know the level or extent you can go for her sake. This is the dating game that involves the collection of phone numbers from almost every girl you meet out there and stockpiling these numbers on your phone book without even calling them for once.
The Turkish model who was a tour guide for my friends and me while we vacationed in Turkey years back.
We would go long periods of time without communicating– one reason being that he was imprisoned awhile for punching a Japanese customs agent who questioned the origin of his gems. It is my understanding that the US Government has banned this individual from obtaining a US Visa. The 30-something Adrian Brody look-a-like from Philly (another online acquaintance) who was so attached to his father that he slept in the same bed with him.
The lawyer from NYC (a local!) who actually seemed pretty normal until his mother called at the beginning of the date. Last and least of this batch of winners is the struggling Canadian acting extra with disastrous hair transplants. He had a bit speaking part in a major movie where he manhandled an Academy Award-winning actress. Ironically, he introduced me to the Law of Attraction long before it became a household term. Awhile ago, out of boredom, I searched his pathetic imdb page which is basically an idle list of D-rated made-for-tv movies.
If I were to make an educated guess I would say that he’s not using the Law of Attraction to its full potential. I'm not sure I was always this lazy-- I did manage to score an Engineering degree and a Physics degree with some hard work.
Some of these are my personal observations and some come from countless conversations with friends. They are not looking for anything serious and are not really interested in making a connection, they just have meaningless conversation while on the date, looking for a free meal or drinks, and are constantly looking for the perfect mate (good luck!).
I find this mostly from individuals who are older, scared to be alone,  wants kids (believe biological clock is about to expire) and want the fancy wedding. We have also seen cases where a woman professes undying and very strong love to a man and at the same time displaying some acts that makes the man doubt this love. But the simple fact is that the type of dating games played by men is always different from what women play. The issue of trying to get your new date jealous or to get them to want to be with you is good. The dating games played by both parties all find their roots in the aforementioned principles.
Here, she will always come across to you as that girl who is interested, but will not give you any chance to know the amount or level of interest.

This game involves playing around with guys when you are around, and this is meant to inspire some level of interest from you. I have discovered that many of them normally play these dating games as a revenge for the games they had to stomach from the ladies when they were at the initial stage of the relationship.
The main aim here is still to get her to be very jealous of you and to think that you have a lot of things you are not telling her, when in actual sense there is nothing.
Men use this to remind their ladies of all the bad and negative things they have done during the period of the dating. The lady might bring up topics about the state of the relationship, but the man will always refuse to talk about it by changing the topic each time. He has more charm, wit, talent, and personality in his little finger than any of these guys combined.
Rumor has it he punched his landlord in the face while I was there and broke the guy’s glasses. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some of our correspondance was under FBI surveillance. He paraded me around it, showed me all the funky controls, and asked me if I had any questions. This guy, another online treasure, was nearly 40, had never dated anyone longer than a few months, had weird fetishes, and was incredibly condescending and negative. You have a lot to offer someone and we need to figure out why you’re in sabotage mode and give these guys the time of day. I believe these people will ultimately still want a mate but will soon get exhausted or lonely since they have been on a lot of dates. They have decided that settling down is not for them, so having sex with as many people is their only focus. We need to learn how to build healthy relationships and friendships (stop texting, start talking) that can develop into a lifelong romantic relationship. Don’t pretend to be playing games while the other party is there laughing at you because you have busted the dictates of the game.
If you are not ready to have an answer to a question and is also not ready to answer such if it is reversed, never ask it. She hides all things that will point in particular to the feelings, yet generally, he is very much interested and even shows it. She does everything to arouse you and put you in the mood for sex, only to hang you there without agreeing to the real thing. Those ludicrous requests like bringing her some beans and picking it for her before she comes home are ones you must say abrupt no to. Men play this game easily because even if there are to be an investigation, nothing will be found out and you will now have the basis to blame her and even take actions for not trusting you. Texts are replied after a long period of time and there are no explanations why it is coming late.
The meaning here is that at any given conversation, they will remind her of all the mistakes made, even if it is over a year ago.
He knows that you have offended him and he is angry with you, but will continue to answer you “I am fine” whenever you ask how he is doing. He supposedly dealt in “gems and rugs” and had an obsession with becoming the next Ryan Gosling.
I almost did an about-face the second I saw him because I didn’t like his vibe, but I tried to give him a chance (he was harmless, just an ass). But, with the exception of a once-a-year thrill-seeking adventure, I tend to be pretty lazy on my downtime.
They go on dates asking tons of questions instead of letting things flow naturally or be organic. We cannot start off relationships with lies, cheating, dishonesty, and misrepresenting ourselves. The reasons why these games are played by men and women have not been completely explained.  Many people see dating games as a result of some felt inferiority, which makes one to seek for ways of knowing how important one is in a relationship. The dating games normally come at the beginning of the dating process and you must not be available whenever he or she needs you.

It will get to a time when these types of discussions will be warranted by developments in the relationship.
This involves asking the new date whether he or she loves you, when you know he or she is still not sure about such and when you are not ready to profess your own love. Get a friend of the opposite sex and hang out with him or her hand in hand, to make them want to approach you. Some are played while you are getting into the relationship with them, while others come when you have built something between the two off you. But knowing me, I probably wouldn’t be as appreciative of the Chairman as I am now had I not experienced what I did in my pre-Chairman days. Many often say that they want their mate to be their best friend, but they do not take the time to build a friendship that could grow into a romantic relationship.
My rule of thumb is, if they send you nude pictures after one or two conversations, they are stored on their phone and this is a normal thing for them, and that’s not a good sign.
Some others enjoy the simple fact that they play the games, while some men use this to convince them and also show others that they are in control.
One African adage says that if there are no such deep quarrels, there will be no such deep reconciliation.
If you can be easily accessed and is always there for them, you are not making them know that you have a full life. Anyway this happens; you must insure that you have all the methods of handling each game handy to avoid being defeated as a man.
You might just overlook this and mention it in a subtle way when next you are with her or more appropriately call her out from the crowd, explain to her your desire to consolidate what you have with her and then demand to know what she wants and her opinion about what you just said. Again, you send messages without any expressions of any sort of emotions, everything is made plain and they all come late.
But things have changed and my cold, hard, commitment-phobic heart is starting to melt a bit. So if you’re going to love somebody, you have to not only extend him grace; you have to express faith.
But, apart from these conscious reasons why men and ladies play dating games, there are some unconscious reasons why these games are played.
Acting out coy, lying, hiding some essential things and throwing out of those lines have become part of what we live for and we must embrace this. If she wants you, you will get an explanation about the incident with the guy, but if she accuses you, just call it quits, she is not serious. Of course, if you do, you will apologize first and that means you have accepted the wrong doing. Take your time to get to know the person you want to build a family and a long lasting relationship with.
To his credit he tried to get off the phone several times, apologized, and said that he wanted to see me again.
Here, we are not just talking about men’s games; we are talking about playing games in general. If she did not come for a scheduled date, tell her how the date eventually became a huge success without her. Just writing a few minutes here and there about random happenings will be an improvement from my current lifestyle. If she refuses to accompany you to a party, explain to her how the lady that eventually did was so wonderful. The thing is, girls that make it their mission to conquer you are those who feel they have all it takes as a lady. She is doing this because she has options and therefore wants to know whether you are really serious, so she needs to know you have options too, though you must have shown her how serious you are.

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