Feel free to take a look around, meet the Waverunners, and see how the foundation is being set in place, by building a softball powerhouse in Indiana! Day 1: 1st girl and 4th girl was picked up on same day by Justin Wayne and 2nd Girl was picked up By Bruce that Day. Day 2: The 3rd girl was picked up by Justin Wayne and the 5th Girl was picked up by bruce that day. So, the in-field footage shows Justin talking to a gorgeous 19 year old blonde, who’s slightly taller than him and described by Bruce as out of Justin’s “league”. Justin efficiently realizes that this girl isn’t going to stand around all day listening to him talk, so he has to go big and spice up the interaction. It’s pretty standard Domino Effect game, but I want you guys to really understand how to effectively go in for the kiss close.
Pick up # 4 is one of my favorites, simply based on the fact that the chick was going to meet her boyfriend.
Justin gets her to go on an instant date with him WHILE she’s carrying a backpack and full suitcase, and gets the kiss close. Seriously consider creating an e-book on either clickbank or clicksure and other similar websites.
That should help raise your gravity – meaning more people promoting your site that are actually generating sales. I do farily well in internet marketing because I only use paid advertising to generate traffic to my landing pages.
I have never had any idea of game till i viewed your shopping mall video back in april,i learnt so much and the results have shown that day game is better than night game, i wish u were here with me in sydney australia !! Notice how you can gauge whether she’s a “Yes”, “Maybe”, or “No” girl right off the bat when watching the video. While a simple hand hold and kiss seem to pale in comparison to actually banging a girl, the reality is that they’re much more important.
But at the end, the fact that Bruce showed balls and stayed despite her resistant attitude portrayed enough confidence for her to meet up with him the next day. The first one goes back to Justin, and demonstrates how if you can get the “maybe-no” girls, everything else will seem like a piece of cake.

We pride ourselves on hard work, dedication, and improvement; while enjoying the game of fastpitch softball.
Today I’m going to break down our latest video, titled “HIDDEN CAM PICKUPS.” If you haven’t watched the video yet, I strongly suggest you do that before reading on.
If she was a “No” girl, she would’ve just kept on walking without answering any of his questions. The instant date.  Girls love adventures, and know that during broad daylight in the middle of New York City, they’re safe. Justin on the other hand plays it off like nothing, and as a result the interaction goes on. The date footage is pretty standard, and even though it cuts off, you get a nice glimpse of the end result. This particular girl was pretty friendly right off the bat, and agreed to go with Justin on an instant date without much resistance. He doesn’t just say, “Ok time for the kiss” and makes out with her – that would likely end in rejection.
When you hear about PUA’s playing the numbers game, it means that they’re approaching tons of girls to weed out the “Yes” girls and bang them. Also, Secret GIA Traffic where you let Google be your affiliate and pay them pennies for traffic they send you. Our goal as a team is to develop as softball players and build character within ourselves as well as represent our communities as responsible and classy individuals. It’s a word thrown around when talking about basketball, or baseball, but certainly not pick up.
However, her body language shows that she’s skeptical of the situation, but slightly curious as to what Justin’s going to say. Most of you know how conservative most Asian women are – their families only want them to marry nice rich Asian boys from good conservative families.
So she seems very resistant to investing thought into the conversation, and answers everything that Bruce says curtly. Back to the current topic of her cheating…I mean it’s not that girls are bad people who constantly cheat on their boyfriends, it’s that great game is irresistible.

Hopefully when I get back to the city in better weather I’ll be able to join you guys.
While walking, Justin goes for the hand hold, which takes the interaction from friendly to romantic.
But if you want to actually get a girl to be invested in you, you need to go through all the steps of the Domino Effect. Most guys would walk away at that point, thinking “It’s not worth my time.” However, as long as she hasn’t asked you to leave, STAY.
I’m broke as hell now, (investing in my art business) but as soon I get some extra cash I will make that purchase. The more you make it into this holy power from the Greek gods, the slower you’re going to progress. With Bruce’s girl, she honestly seems like a “No” girl off the bat, but we’ll call her a “Maybe-No” with an emphasis on the no.
The “Yes” girls (totally DTF), the “Maybe” girls (smooth game required), and the “No” girls (Master PUA’s will usually fail.) To get any of the “Maybe” or “No” girls, you have to be clutch. Conversely, if you treat game like it isn’t a big deal, and you’re just striking up conversations and flirting, this shit will be easy for you. Bruce plows her with endless questions and observations, all of which she seems to be leery towards. Game isn’t about total comfort – it’s about putting yourself in dicey situations and making shit happen.  That’s how you grow as a PUA, and as a person. Even the greatest athletes fail the majority of the time, but that doesn’t stop them from taking the shot.

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