A poll of 2,137 people aged over 18 in the UK showed that 61% of mobile owners texted their partners to say they loved them n a regular basis, compared to only 22% who would whisper sweet nothings face-to-face. Other findings included that needy men are likely to send their partners three text messages a day compared to just one received from ladies, and that 71% of women questioned had dumped a guy by text. Gawker is known for all things hilarious, weird and absurd, and one of their posts today shared a real-life situation that shed some light on the cruel yet amusing world of dating in the city. The satirical site posted text messages between Candice, a 31-year-old woman, and a lawyer she met at a bar. We have to laugh at the fact that he questioned her taste in men just because he didn’t deem her to be a supermodel. Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. What I like about bb torch is that you can read a part of the message without even having to open whatsapp or bbm. It’s probably best not to respond cuz he act like he wants to continue to stretch this thing out. I would type “puh hahahahahahahahahahahha” or just ignore him completely and keep it moving -she clearly dodged a bullet!
He knew exactly what he was doing by sending her that.  He needs to get over himself and get a life. Had a similar experience, although the guy didn’t try to play it off- he just went off at me directly.

For some, folks become a lot less attractive, even ugly, when they’ve rejected you LOL.
Ur right he sounded thirsty as fk trying to get her out on a 2nd date and then writing to ya boy that she was nothing special….
She probably shouldn’t have eaten that bacon cheeseburger before this photoshoot, but we digress. Well these days you’re 3 times more likely to open your heart via text than just opening your mouth and saying it.
We all know absence makes the heart grow fonder, so perhaps it’s being away from your partner that makes us feel the need to text them our true feelings.
After going out on a date to watch The Avengers, Candice expressed to him that she wasn’t interested in getting to know him further.
His going on and on in his text message to her when she communicated to him her lack of interest is a huge insight as to the type of man he is. I honestly believe the guy sent that message to her but then tried to front and act like he was sending it to his friend. In fact, I would continuously ignore any future texts or phone calls. Silence speaks volumes. This is clearly a setup message cause dude is salty and he’d rather have her arguing with him though text than not responding to his texts at all. I’d solely move back down there for the purpose of meeting a suitable man if I could!

So If it was me, I would ignore it like I have much better things to do than reading his messages. He’s probably the type of guy that would be lucky to date a 5, let alone the 8 or 9 she was.
The fact that she was upfront and told him for her, she didn’t feel a connection is admirable rather than leading someone on. Man hate when you ignore them, especially when they think that they are better looking than you.
I need him to take a trip to Home Depot … buy some wood and nails …build a bridge and then GET OVER IT!!
Then after a day or 2, I would probably tell him no problem or ammm ok (act like it’s one of the most wierdest msgs that you have ever got). My 36 year old boyfriend does this and talks about how such a great guy he is and he will go make someone else happy. That *I’mma tell you about yourself on the sly* text message tho… child please! I bet he had a lot of bad relationships in the past because he is such a cornball (Certified)!!!!

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