It’s no surprise that the Big Apple is America’s most expensive metropolis, but just how pricey is its Left Coast counterpart?
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New York and Los Angeles are both awesome cities to live and both of these cities hold their own fan number.
But if you're looking to move to either for business purposes or to explore other creative opportunities, it could be helpful to see a breakdown of the cost of living in each city before you decide! To put things in perspective, the average salary in New York is roughly 15% higher than that in LA, and can vary greatly depending on type of employment. Starting with the essentials of food, LA has more reasonable prices than New York for often-purchased foods like eggs, meat, milk, fruit and bread, with prices in LA averaging nearly one-third less than in New York across the board. The biggest difference comes when comparing the cost of rent, where an average one-bedroom apartment in New York is $2,800 per month, nearly double the average price of a one-bedroom apartment in LA, which is $1,500.
Could Forcing Anti-Vaxxer Parents To Attend A Science Class On Immunization Change Their Minds? Target Bomb Threat Leads To Evacuation Of Sacramento Store, Could It Be Related To Bathroom Policy? The New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers square off in a winner-take-all Game Five Thursday night, and fans can watch live online as the game features the type of top-level pitching matchup that true baseball aficionados dream about in the decisive game of a playoff series. Twenty-seven-year-old deGrom turned in a stellar outing in Game 1, pacing the Mets to a 3-1 victory with seven shutout, five-hit innings and 13 strikeouts, a Mets record for a postseason game.
Greinke pitched in Game 2 and was almost, but not quite, as good, lasting seven with two runs on his ledger, with five hits and eight K’s as the Dodgers took that game 5-2.

The winner of Thursday’s Mets-Dodgers showdown in sunny Southern California earns the right to head to the National League Championship Series against the Wild Card Chicago Cubs in a series that opens on Saturday. The pitching matchup is so close that even Greinke’s own teammate, Game 4 winner Clayton Kershaw has trouble picking a favorite. Greinke may have a little extra motivation if winning a series-deciding game wasn’t enough for him. The last game at Dodger Stadium featured the most controversial play of the MLB postseason so far, when the Dodgers Chase Utley slid into Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada, breaking the infielder’s leg and bringing himself a two-game suspension, which he has appealed. Ruben Tejadaof the New York Mets is hit by a Chase Utley of the Los Angeles Dodgers (Credit: Sean M. The Dodgers have appeared in three NL Championship Series since 2008 and lost all three, most recently in 2013 when they fell to the St. Neither the Mets nor the Dodgers has won a World Series since the 1980s, with the Dodger drought stretching back to 1988 and the Mets to 1986.
Submit a photo of you wearing your favorite FP piece and tell us which city best suits your personal style! Cities don't get any bigger than New York, with a population of over 8 million, and Los Angeles, with close to 4 million inhabitants. So you need to factor that in when comparing the cost between average monthly rent, transit and food.
Los Angeles Dodgers NL Division Series Game 5 live online, see the streaming link in the final paragraph of this article.
Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly held Utley out of the two games in New York, but if Utley takes the field Thursday, it could raise tensions in an already tense contest.

Los Angeles Dodgers National League Division Series Game 4 live online, and see who the Chicago Cubs will fare in the National League Championship Series opening Saturday, go to the WatchTBS site at this link.
We will select a winner for New York and a winner for LA, who will each receive a $250 gift card.
Greinke has the option to cancel the remaining three years of his Dodger contract after this season, and with the stellar year he’s turned in, may choose to do so and seek out the untold riches of the free agent market this winter.
Login credentials from a cable or satellite provider will be required to access the live stream.
Los Angeles has gotten a little bit more interesting when the creative minds of some entertaining youths were put in front of a camera and asked to give their opinions about the epic rivalry. Pacific Time at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, October 15 — 8 p.m. The results are surprisingly insightful, coming from a generation that never lived a minute without the Internet or even MP3s.
Dodgers game on mobile devices, to see if New York can return to the NLCS for the first time in nine years, or if Los Angeles will redeem themselves after their playoff disappointment last year, download the WatchTBS app.
Peep the video above and be sure to check out other hilarious videos from Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

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