I know the background is asame as the first one but the logo is not that much differnet and after that there WON'T be a Dating Sim 3 because Victor Interactive Software inc.
Finally a Sim game for the Gameboy Color and it's made by the same people who made Harvest Moon and it's only on Gameboy Color and there sequels as well. The two were walking together, hand in hand, watching as the sun descended beneath the horizon. The game will let you pursue four young boys, each one with completely different interests, personality, and approach. The other dateable characters are: Eddy the young hospital doctor, Lawrence who works with Amy in the ice cream parlor, and Hugh, who owns a fashion shop in the town center mall.
On each place you’ll be able to do several actions that will consume one or more day time units, unlock scenes, or change your four main statistics (see the status bar on the left).

There will be a morale system, so if you attempt to perform actions while your morale is low you’ll fail.
I have no estimate release date yet, but if all goes well I think end of March might be LIKELY, but not 100% sure.
This entry was posted in development screenshot, otome games, pets, remember me, simulation games, winter wolves games. The evening was wearing on and the warm colors of twilight were starting to fade from the sky.
There are also other secondary characters, like the annoying Abigail, Aaron’s ex-girlfriend, who shows up in the most unappropriate moment…! So for example you might go to the library and read a book from afternoon to sunset, or even evening, to raise Culture.

There will be also money, that you’ll need to use to do several actions in the game like going to the pub, buy stuff in the mall, and so on. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. As Amy wakes up in the hospital, she discovers thanks to the help of Eddy, a young doctor, that Aaron has lost short-term memory, completely forgetting about her and their relationship!

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