Last Saturday was White Day, the annual Japanese celebration in which men give gifts to women who gave them gifts for Valentine’s Day. Among female dating simulator fans, though, the big hit flavor this year seems to have been “kisses.” No, not Hershey’s Kisses, but candy that actually claims to tastes like locking lips with one of six virtual boyfriends. Riding high on the success of 2012’s Girlfriend Beta, software developed Cyber Agent decided to flip the script and make a dating simulator for girls. Despite what you might assume from its elaborately-coifed cast of characters, Boyfriend Beta doesn’t put the player into the shoes of a marketing executive picking the perfect model to star in a shampoo company’s newest TV commercial campaign.
As mentioned above, in Japan it’s customary for girls to give presents, usually chocolate, to guys they have a crush on for Valentine’s Day.
Now it’s true that among dating simulator fans you can find mature, worldly types who’re currently in a serious relationship with another human being.
In the case of the Boyfriend Beta candies, Kanro’s website indicates they’re OK for people with shrimp, crab, flour, buckwheat, egg, milk, and peanut allergies.
However, Kanro actually still had the candies, which sold in 2,000-yen (US$17) sets of three tins of 33 grams (1.2 ounces) each, in stock. Kanro has subsequently announced it will begin taking orders for the candies again at noon on March 28 here through its website. Enter your email address to follow RocketNews24 and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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GamesRadar+ is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Yes, you will want her to be your waifu, and no, you won’t get her on your first playthrough. Trouble only emerges at the end of each route when the game starts to take itself seriously.
So the game is okay-but-not-great and it’s nearly impossible to play every route because of the poor dialogue skipping, but where does that leave us?
Sounds pretty interesting still, though crazy plot twists involving such fantasy elements aren’t my cup of tea either. While these are all pretty weird, none of them are quite as bizarre as My Forged Wedding, a dating sim where players pretend to have a pretend wedding. Here’s the premise: You’re a recent college grad with no employment prospects traveling to Tokyo to stay with your uncle, who is the “president of one of those tech companies that is so hot right now.” (Timely!
After you get off the train, you meet a sexy, mysterious stranger who asks you to be his fake bride.
I chose Kyoichi, the “big shot diplomat,” because his cheekbones reminded me of Christian Bale and because the other characters’ storylines were $3.99 each. As you play the game, it turns into a choose-your-own-adventure-type story that culminates in the two of you falling in love and raising a family together. My Forged Marriage is brought to you by Voltage Inc., the maker of such other dating sims as Kissed By The Baddest Bidder, 10 Days with my Devil, and Be My Princess. As such, confectioners rolled out a huge selection of special offerings for the occasion, and while chocolate is a perennial favorite, shoppers could also choose from strawberry, green tea, cherry blossom, and a variety of other gourmet options.

Even stranger, gamers were clamoring to buy them even though no one really knows what “kiss-flavored” means, except that apparently the anime-style heartthrobs’ kisses don’t taste like shellfish. Instead, it’s a high school romance game, wherein the player can enjoy being romanced by one of many possible future beaus.
Cyber Agent decided to have a bit of fun by asking fans, on February 14, to tweet which Boyfriend Beta hottie they’d like to give chocolate to. That said, the largest and loyalist block of the fanbase for the genre has traditionally been gamers who’re, let’s say, “inexperienced” in the ways of real world romance. But while it was a pretty safe bet that those flavor possibilities were off the table, no one knew exactly what to expect.
So many customers were trying to order at once that they had crashed the company’s order system. Looking over the ingredient lists, it seems that all six contain sugar, honey, and chemical sweeteners.
While you’re waiting, you might want to while away the time by playing the Boyfriend Beta game itself, which can be downloaded for iOS devices here.
Set in the crown prosecutor's office of Montreal, Love %26amp; Order follows a young secretary as she solves a mystery, balances her work and her social life, and chooses between four different suitors. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
The game unfolds through an ostensibly believable development of the main character’s stats rather than through complicated branches based on decision points. After all I will be subscribing in your rss feed and I am hoping you write again very soon! There was LovePlus, a game that inspired thousands of men to pledge their everlasting love to virtual (and, surprisingly, volatile) girlfriends. Relevant!) I chose the name “Kimberly Karmichael,” which is the name I used in middle school when I went into chatrooms to cybersex with strangers. All of them appear to be conceptually similar to My Forged Marriage, and they all seem to cater to the same adolescent girl fantasies of being swept off your feet by a wealthy, high-cheekboned, secretly soft-hearted bad boy.
That translates to lots of gentlemen who spend down to pockets o' change, perfect for piggy banks, which have evolved to meet the demand, beeps and booms and all.But what about the ladies who might be less used to dumping hundred-yen coins into a little gadget on a regular basis? You can follow community members and vote up their blogs - support each other so we can promote a more diverse and deep content mix on our home page.
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Then, for White Day (March 14), Cyber Agent would team up with confectioner Kanro to sell a limited run of “kiss flavor” candies for the six most popular characters. In reality, people’s kisses tend to taste like the last thing they put in their mouths, meaning the flavor possibilities run the gamut from refreshing mint and sweet strawberries to cheap whiskey and fermented soybeans (actually a pretty common breakfast food in Japan). Nonetheless, Boyfriend Beta fans flooded Kanro’s website once the candies went on sale at noon on March 14, with messages popping up soon after that the candies were sold out. Unable to sort the issue out immediately, Kanro had no choice but to temporarily suspend orders. That means that the overall effect can possibly be described as sweet, sappy, and artificial, which, if you’re the cynical type, might also be your unflinchingly harsh evaluation of the romance genre of video games as a whole.

And if you find you just can’t wait for your candies to come before giving your in-game dream guy a smooch, consider smearing a little honey on the screen first.
The anime art style and generic music fit right in with genre conventions, and only the game's impeccable English gives it away as a non-Japanese otome game. While never entirely realistic, much of the fun comes from challenging a seemingly real world and working your way up the social ladder to win the heart of your chosen girl. The player is given choices to develop different aspects of Protag’s social abilities (intelligence for schoolwork, athletics for attractiveness, etc. By not directly telling the player what impact taking a rest on the weekend or raising their intelligence stat will have, you encourage them to play the game as they would real life, exploring options on their own. It operates well with the fantastic design of the game in that dialogue is rarely transparent and the characters don’t betray their feelings in too obvious a way. There was Jurassic Heart, where you play a high school girl who falls in love with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. These fantasies are derivative and silly and sexist and totally eyeroll-worthy, but if this is how young Japanese girls are getting their ya-yas out before they start meeting boys and having sex IRL, then more power to them. So really, it’s sort of a crap shoot as to whether someone’s kiss is going to taste like paradise, or, well, crap. Shira Oka succeeds in creating a playground of sorts in which you can experiment with your life and observe the consequences. Even the less subtle lines are endearing; words slip here and there, revealing feelings coyly rather than blatantly. At the very least, it’s probably healthier than what Kimberly Karmichael did when she was their age. The bank really is a miniature dating sim, because there's an object behind the money-saving stuff: put in 100 500-yen coins (almost $500 total) and answer questions as you feed your new monstrosity, leading up to either a big drama-queen breakup or a happy ending with your new inch-square lover.
Nothing is as simple as meeting the bookworm in the library three days in a row to unlock her route. But I could easily see how the game, with its meta “pretending to pretend to be married” conceit, would be addictive if you were a 14 year old Japanese girl who was tired of stealing her mom’s translated E.L.
You have to be careful to keep it up, too; for example, if you pick the model and then neglect Captain Yaoiface (it's what I'd call him) for 5 days, he takes off in a huff and you have to start over.
HAPPY" accoutrements, I have to ask again: Why, exactly, are Japanese scientists the world's goddamn Batmen at simulating human emotion in cute little devices? Is it because their incredible diligence, drive, and dedication to their work, sitting in the family portrait next to fantastically low birthrates and an ever-growing bumper crop of old people, are steadily turning its citizens into zombies?
The Japanese certainly did not invent the first inane little gadgets designed to act as Band-Aids over the gaping wounds in people's souls - did they?

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