You can choose to go outdoor to show your gentlemen-ship, lots of things and surprises awaits you of course, but be careful, a single wrong move would end of your date right away and you have to start all over again!
Take Note that this game is only for 18 years old and above, yeah~ there’s are no doubt exciting scene, and some close shot as well. Hi my name is Kodi or "Kodi Brown" and this is my Gaming Comedy Channel where I play games laugh, screw and rage alot! Well i went through two situations, and my firefox said theres something wrong and it had to close.

I produce daily comedy videos and try to make my subscribers laugh with entertaining video gaming content!
Still you have to build up relationship, act according to the dialogue and shouldn’t be a problem at all! Before going on a date, head on over to the Virtual Dating Simulator (click only if you are above 18) and run a dating simulation with Ariane. Never get too desperate, have to of course build up some relationship with her with various actions.

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