The only key for a dating site to achieve success is to target a specific niche, and not to be a general one, as the averages one.
In fact, this site is meant for the Polish people all over the world to find other Polish people so they can find a romance, fun and dates.
Basically, this site offers exactly the same services as the other dating sites: real time messaging, real time chatting and full access to the contact details of other members, but only if they choose to pay some fees and become premium members.
There is one thing, though: it’s a known the fact that there are a lot of fake profiles on these dating sites, this is why PolishDating requires a fee from those serious members, just to see that the persons appearing in the profiles are the real ones, and not just some pictures picked up by the scammers from the Internet and uploaded there in order to appear to be somebody else. As the readers have already found there are more than 453,000 members registered and their number is continuously growing: is it so difficult finding a partner through those many singles?

Finally, when it comes to the safety of this site, the security is 100% ensured against every type of external 3rd parties that might try to find out the data from credit cards – used belonging to members that pay their subscriptions -, therefore all users can buy their full membership without being afraid that they might be scammed.
ORIGINAL: STIMPY have you got a link to the original blog or wherever you stole these from? ORIGINAL: Temp0 ORIGINAL: STIMPY have you got a link to the original blog or wherever you stole these from? Now, even though this might look odd, PolishDating claims to have registered no less than 453,000 members from 16 countries, fact that definitely denotes its popularity.
As it is normal, the paid subscription can last 1 month, 6 months or 12 months, and depending of their option, the members can even get some discounts.

After they have paid their first subscription, members will be given a special “logo” at their profile, logo that will tell everybody else that they are the real persons appearing in the pictures and not some fake profiles.
Of course, the functionality of the site is extremely efficient, and even the loading time is quite fast. As for the interface, it is specially designed in such a manner that allows even the average users of the Internet to create easily a profile, to browse the site and to send messages to the member they want to communicate with.

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