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It was an early morning in May when I boarded the aircraft at Newark Airport and already I knew there was something different. The plane I had just boarded was full of gorgeous women, and just about every one of them was displaying signs of being interested in me.
In just a few weeks in Santa Cruz I had dozens of phone numbers from local ladies-all of them gorgeous-who wanted to be my girlfriend.
Each one of the girls on my list would have been a 9 or a 10 in New Jersey, but here they're practically average. Well, I wish I could take credit for it, but the truth is I'm the exact same guy I always was.
Not only are the women different, but for the first time in my life, the numbers are working for me instead of against me.
In Latin America, a lot of the men die young due to war, violence or a tough life of hard labor. Secondly, my very average salary and very average education in the US actually put me in the top 1% of all men in Latin America, Eastern Europe or South East Asia, so they see me like women in the US or UK might see Sean Connery or Tom Brady.
These factors - the greater ratio of women to men, a traditional culture where the women want to love and respect their men and take care of them, and my first-world income and education - mean that suddenly the girls are fighting for a chance to date average guys like me!

That experience in Bolivia and the many subsequent trips I've made to Latin America, Eastern Europe and South East Asia, have validated my experience and conclusions. My friends back in the US had heard my stories and begged me to write a book so they could travel around the world and replicate my success, and so I've done just that. One of my buddies told me that reading this book was like having a big brother as a wingman, guiding him through every step of the process and sharing the lessons learned from years of on the ground experience. It doesn't matter whether you barely graduated from high school and work at Wal-Mart or if you're a 50 year-old PhD on your third wife, the Global Dating Revolution will change your life. Read about how two beautiful Latina's fought over little old me, in the central town plaza! A case study based on the experiences of two American men, one local dater, and one international dater.
Where you can go where the girls are the hottest on earth and $1,000 a month is a millionaire's lifestyle.
Whether you're looking for a once in a lifetime fling or you're a romantic looking for a lifelong partner, I'm going to teach you where to go, what to do, and why the truth on the ground is different from everything you've ever experienced before. Just imagine, a few weeks from now you can be sitting on the beach with a steamy Filipino babe who could win beauty contests or hiking high in the mountains of Colombia with a gorgeous soccer player who can outrun you but mostly wants to give you a massage or maybe you're touring medieval castles and going to the symphonies with a classy woman from the Czech Republic. Each of these dreams can be your reality it doesn't matter what you look like, how big your bank account is or what you do for a living these women want a man who will let them love them and shower them with respect and attention. In fact, your problem may be managing the new-found power you've discovered and not abusing it by leaving a trail of broken hearts all over the world. What's it worth to have the secret techniques to travel the world and find beautiful women who are looking for a guy just like you? What's it worth to know that you will never again waste time, money and energy on girls in the US or UK who are just going to use you and then rip your heart out and stomp on it?
What's it worth to you to have the love of your life at your side so you can spend your time doing what you really love instead of learning the latest 'trick' to convince women to go out with you? I know that other guys on the internet are selling their dating programs for hundreds of dollars, and some are charging even more to attend seminars or get personal consulting. You're going to get Gary's insights on global dating, foreign women, and valuable legal advice you'd have to pay $100s of dollars for with an attorney.

Including how to catch online scammers, sample emails, and the top websites for meeting foreign women from Latin America, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe.
In this 33 page guide, I go over all scams out there and how to spot them including all the red flags to look and how to stay safe and scammer free. I want you to download and read my eBook and put these strategies into action for a full 60 days.
Hundreds of guys just like you have already joined me in the elite club of the Global Dating Revolution and are tasting the sweet fruit Just think, right now, in some corner of the world, some other guy is sitting on a park bench between two stunning ladies, trying to keep them from fighting in public over him, and it's all because he's sitting there instead of some joint in London or Dallas or LA filled with hundreds of other guys. It is your future happiness and possibly a lifetime with a beautiful woman that hangs in the balance. Our Native American dating service makes it easy to connect and meet with single Native American women and men. If you approach money, and spending in the same way you're use to, you're going to be in for a rude awakening! Not to mention there are no attorneys out there with Gary's level of experience with marriage visas and visas in general. You're probably blaming yourself for your lack of dating activity, but if you’re busy juggling a career and many, many other obligations, then you can choose this tried and tested method. If you’ve tried out other dating sites, then you might have been victimized by scams, false profiles, and irritating ads and pop-ups.
Just go online, create your profile, pay a basic fee, and you’re all set in the world of Internet dating.
In this exclusive ebook I reveal my most valued guerrilla tactics for meeting foreign women right in your own back yard. Like anything, feel free to shop around and compare on our online dating directory prior to commitment.

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