It is only necessary to write a personal profile, or questionnaire that will give you the opportunity to choose a suitable partner.
Properly written and informative profile on a dating site will provide many answers from women users. On Internet dating sites you can found many forms, written spontaneously and without a soul. Some profiles are found sentences like “I’m a witty person with a good sense of humor”. Avoid adjectives as an honest, sweet, creative, imaginative, or that you have above average IQ level.

Your profile should reflect your positive attitude, it should be informative, rich in content and interesting.
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Do not write what you interested in blonde girls with a good figure, but if she is suddenly dark-haired , but still cute, then you would think.
A well-written profile will always have success and you will attract a lot of interesting people.

I’ve coached hundreds of guys, young and old, both in live sessions and through this website. You can write what you love to read, mountaineering, or like a walks on the beach, instead of saying that you have registered on the site because of boredom.

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