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Welcome to Dating the World’s exclusive interview with Lucia, a leading international romance expert specializing in advising older women on dating younger men.
Some women have written to us complaining that younger men often just want a one night encounter with an older woman - but are not really into dating them properly. What advice do you have for women who are looking to find a younger guy for the long term - how can she keep him keen over the years?
Women need to keep in mind that just because hea€™s younger, it doesna€™t mean hea€™s not male. What are the most common mistakes you’ve seem older women make when trying to find and date a younger man? Assuming the financial responsibility - In many cases, the woman has more money than the younger man, so she figures it cana€™t hurt to pay for everything and buy him things he cana€™t afford. Becoming his mother - As tempting as it may be, an older woman shouldna€™t try to solve all of a younger mana€™s problems, otherwise he will see her as his mother instead of his lover. Competing with younger women - Younger guys are interested in older women because of their age, not despite their age. Do you have any more dating tips for women who are looking for a successful May-December relationship? Dona€™t feel embarrassed just because May-December relationships are still not totally accepted in society. Tribal thinking is strong but I believe it will eventually catch up with the current reality. When it comes to dating an older man, common arguments can be made about age not being an issue.
The 21st century woman is able to handle and deal with a relationship that has a man old enough to be her father involved, yet, still gets to work her way around the relationship and make it flourish. Dating an older man offers the opportunity of becoming stable in terms of finances and general comfort. Dating older men offers slight variations when it comes to making love! Mmm…pretty interesting huh?

All of these pros highlighted, why we don’t take a look at some cons as well, to get you better informed of your choices concerning dating older men…. In the first place, even though older men know just the right ways to make you feel loved, cherished, appreciated and all; they appear to show signs of being controlling.
Here’s one truth that always confronts an older man- younger woman kind of relationships…., ‘The Ageing Factor. And last but not the least, dating an older man is always faced with the threat of constant scrutiny and mixed criticism from outsiders.
GuestTiyumba1 year 6 months agoI am 25 years young and energetic man looking for a woman older than me to date.
Her husband died in 2009, and when she was ready to date again she thought she would try these hot, new online dating websites that are all the rage these days.
Many sites are free to register, include UK customer support, profile checking, video profiles, advanced searching, personality profiling and much more.
Find your perfect match on one of the great sites featured here - user reviews help you to find the site that suits you best.
On the whole do you think women are looking for long term love or is it they more about sex and intimacy with someone who’s young and passionate?
Gone are the days when the age difference between two people who loved themselves and wanted to be together was highly frowned at and highly questioned. But one thing should be brought to light -not every date with an older man will eventually last or be successful. Older men have lived almost all of their hay days accumulating wealth and promoting themselves financially and career wise, thus giving that kind of comfort and financial stability you yearn for. This comes about as a result of being through several relationships and from such relationships he learnt and picked up a lot on his way…,this gives him more experience and a bigger picture when it comes to having sexual relations with a younger woman as well as knowing how best to satisfy them sexually. Having dated for a longer period of time, they feel the need to commit and be serious when it comes to their relationships. They would prefer doing things the mild and serene way, and wouldn’t like to go all out for the kind of crazy youthful fun that a younger woman might feel for.
This usually happens when one finds herself in a typically hostile and ‘moral out- spoken’ community, which frowns upon the act of older men dating younger women. It really depends on your entire perception and general acceptance of the said relationship even though it might not sound ideal for others your age.
An older man doesn’t mind sharing all he’s got with you and may often end up pampering and spoiling you with love and material stuff. From living decades before you were born and gaining the requisite knowledge and experience on certain common issues you might face, predisposes them to aid you in that field when the need arises.
An older man knows what he’s doing, knows what he wants and goes all out for it without any hesitations.

An older man can be impulsive when it comes to dating and they tend to be uptight as well as possessive of the younger girls they date. Forget it even if you met him on a dating website – the older trend might still be there. His whole appearance goes through the period of change and the fear you’ve always dreaded, WRINKLES! Sets in.
This leads to pressure being pushed down unto the relationship leading to an eventual breakdown or collapse of the said relationship.
Age difference, needn’t be a barrier separating two people who love and cherish each other so much. A total outburst of dating websites for seniors accepting newer and modernized ideas in terms of doing things. Various reasons may account for a woman deciding to date someone far advanced in age than her.
They’ve got no time for childish’ love tales’ and love dramas; all they want is to be in a relationship that promises to be there, even tomorrow. He feels he’s older, knows much more than you do and as such is in control of the relationship as well as you the person he’s dating.
What really matters or the essential aspect of the relationship is how you two feel about each other, and not the years you’ve gotten to live on earth. Hence, your experience horizon when dating an older men is broadened and they tend to be rational and perceptive in their decision makings. The kind of hot body you crave for in a guy is unattainable at this point in the relationship. Most girls of today prefer to go all out and try new stuff and when it comes to dating an older man twice their age, some consider it a thing of fun and a bit of dynamism. But albeit all these, there do exist certain pros and cons when it comes to dating older men. So if you’re the young type, seeking that fun-filled, out of control, crazy kind of relationship, dating an older man, is not a good idea really. Have you ever thought of why many dating websites are offering “married women looking for younger guys” online?
So just go out there, Have fun and date whomever you wish to date and try avoiding the age barrier.

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