Ms Bennett said there were men in the benefit system who had fathered numerous children, but they escaped much of the criticism. Yup.I have a young nephew who has 3 kids by 3 different woman,he has never had a job (hes 25)hes a dead beat and 2 of the women have gone on to have other kids by yet more dead beats,guess who pays?
It is my understanding that Paula (beneficiary) Bennett has risen to be one of the highest paid beneficiaries of the country.
I’ve never done the sums, but I would guess that I paid out around $75k over 16 years until my youngest left home.
If the ex is not on a benefit a voluntary arrangement can be made which allows for flexibility in contributions. Do you think your kids will appreciate the example set by their parents – it’s better to walk away from a problem than to resolve it?
I believe what Steve may be trying to get at is the massive disparity between the enforcement of male responsibility and the upholding of the rights of males to be involved with their children. Jez Inventory    We pay around 10K a year, as my wife’s ex has 2 of the 4 kids, and her ex hubbie WONT work (for over 12 years) so we have to pay. A few months back, we found he hard managed to get a job, and we had overpaid as a result, now he owes us approx 3K, but the IRD WONT get it back as, it would affect the standard of living of the kids in his care. The repeat offenders should be educated that the likelihood of getting penile cancer exponentially increases each time they contribute a new sprog to a different mother.
I do not care how bad the realtionship is with the ex, there is no excuse to not pay for your own children. Why don’t you cut your balls off and hand them on a plate to the first woman you see. Why should a man, denied a proper connection to his children by the mother, hand dollars to her to spend as she wishes?
Kids are not something you rent, they are yours through thick and thin and the one thing a man must do is provide for those kids. We hear on and on (and on and on and on) about deadbeat dads (because, y’know, fatherhood is all about PAY THE FUCKING MONEY ASSHOLE), what about a woman who would deliberately have a child without a father… how come we never hear about deadbeat mums? By the way abolition of cash with all transactions via the paper trail would have a wondrous effect on both the tax take, the crims and the pricks who try to evade their responsibilities overseas. The pricks will pay their bloody dues or will spend the rest of their useless lives as eunuchs. So you agree then that if a woman gets pregnant she absolutely must raise the child, and absolutely must not be permitted to have an abortion or to give up the child for adoption? And if you don’t think it’s right for a woman to be forced into parenthood just because she had sex, why is it ok for a man?
How the hell did you read that into what Puka posted.  Sometimes you make sense, your abuse comments do you no favours and sometimes I think you need professional help.
What medication you are on, change it, take less or take a heap more – but do something. I dunno, that seems pretty clear to me – if a guy gets a woman pregnant there is no out for him, he must pay the price. Having sex without using contraception is like driving dangerously, eventually you will have an accident.

If the state or the mother have to fund the upbringing of this child, you are obliged by LAW to contribute as well.  There is no such thing as the government has to pay, because the government is representative of society and its law.
The car accident analogy is good.   You believe that you can go around driving like and idiot, crash into anyone and then all the other drivers have to pay for you lack of common sense.
Paternal responsibility therefore extends beyond the terms of the original contract – marriage. Since the late ’60s births to unmarried mothers have gone up from around 13% to around 45% of all births. However, study after study shows that children raised in single mother homes without their biological father are much more likely to be socially dysfunctional: to be alcoholics, drug users, criminals, promiscuous, violent, suicidal and so on. So let’s cut all the white-knighting and shaming language and talk openly and honestly about the consequences to society as a whole.
Dangerous driving is considered a criminal offence and is liable to punitive, criminal punishment such as imprisonment. By your argument therefore child support is indeed criminal punishment for having sex with a woman while being a man. Contraceptive fluid secretly injected into McDonalds, KFC, takeaway pizzas, and cigarettes should do the trick.
When good fathers are denied reasonable access to their much loved children, it’s a total head fuck. If I earn $100k gross, I am liable to pay $24k (from net) to the mother earning $200k (or $500k) despite the fact that I need and love to care for, accommodate, feed, clothe and entertain my daughters 5 nights per fortnight.
Contrary to what lawyers might coach their female clients into saying in family court, there is only a small minority of marriages that break up because of husband violence or abuse. Mark, if you don’t want to wait for the changes, you could look into having an Administrative Review. We have even gone to the Family court twice and had an Admin review overturned, and IRD received a spanking both times.
If, however, you are happy with the laws as they are; you think that women have a right to force the state to pay for their kids regardless of how those kids came to be, then you have absolutely no grounds for complaint. Can someone please enlighten me as to what happens in this scenario.  IRD takes x-amount based on income off the liable parent and is that amount paid directly to the custodial parent?
With an estimated 10% of Fathers, not the paternal Father, before a court makes any decision, a paternity test should be compulsory.
I have come across Women who have fucked around so much they have no idea who the Father is or even what color the baby will be. Is there compensation for wrongly accused Fathers, are there any penalties for Mothers who wrongly accuses a Man of being the Father.
Those who are on a benefit and still don’t contribute to their offspring other than an occasional bash. Some had up to eight children to different mothers – and even if they were employed they could not afford child support.
We should run the same system as Sheriff joe in Arizona who publishes photos of dead-beat parents. Are they accountable ?  My sister-in-law has 3 kids from 3 different guys (she is 19), her parents, (my in-laws) are raising two of them.

Her Daughter, going on news reports, is also a beneficiary shacked up with a, wannabe, gang banger when he is not in prison. I might be sick and stupid, for not jumping on the welfare bandwagon and encouraging my Daughters to do the same. It was about three months after the separation before I got first assessed, so of course I got hit with an arrears bill as well.
But I make no apologies for having a very low tolerance for those who run away from that responsibility; especially when some who do that set themselves up as social commenters, and tell everyone else what to do. They are down amongst those student loan repayment dodgers bludging off their fellow citizens. So we did it the IRD way, and I made a point of paying on time every month just to spite her! We probably don’t want to employ tactics that work though because it would put far too many lawyers and other cunts that scrabble around the edges out of work. All the shitbag lawyers that make their living by leaching from the rest of us will have to get gainful employment elsewhere. Either you are not bright enough to grasp the concepts involved or you are simply burying your head in the sand. No different than rooting around without a condom like an idiot having an accident (unplanned baby) and then expecting all the other people to pay for your stupidity. Men only have reproductive responsibilities – the responsibility to pay should the woman choose to become a parent. This was all because because biological fatherhood could not be determined with any accuracy.
That is not necessarily bad in and of itself; personally I have no moral objections to single mothers. Happily the CS Legislation changes next year, now it’s time for the Family Court to reflect modern life.
Or is it just an off-set against the dpb?  Does it count as income for the custodial parent and get taxed again? It is to easy by far, for a woman to simply name who she thinks will be the best provider for her children. Even though I was trying to set up a new home etc, I made my monthly payments dutifully, because I didn’t want my kids to go without. But it came at the cost of a second relationship when she couldn’t accept that my kids were just as needy of my dosh as her kids were. Micro chipping at birth would help track them and one number for life say the IRD one (that we all already have) should enable easy tracking. It is now known that there are biological consequences to raising children without the father in the household, so it seems likely to me that we are not dealing fairly fundamental biological forces – forces that helped separate man from the other apes.
It starts with the family that makes statements like, well if she wants it then she better look after it.

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