Over the course of the 13 long seasons, Degrassi: The Next Generation has become a Canadian mainstay. Degrassi: TNG managed to touch upon a number of issues in its first season, including the likes of Emma making a not-so-young cyber friend. But just when I thought it was over between Craig and his dad, things took an unexpected turn near the end of the second season when his father tried to rekindle their relationship.
If you told me that Miley Cyrus’ dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, was going to be  a limo driver named Duke on Degrassi, I would have NEVER believed you. Rick, a smart student who became the victim of a cruel prank, seeks out revenge on the students who made life for him at Degrassi High difficult. Clare and Eli were my OTP (One True Pairing) because I thought they were the one couple in Degrassi that would have a happy ending. The two had a loving but complicated relationship: they both lose a friend, Eli becomes a little too obsessed with Clare, and the communication between the two breaks down. A hockey player and fellow student, Cam seemed like any other kid but underneath it all, he was struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, and a variety of other issues.
Having previously dealt with sexual assault throughout the years, the Degrassi writers are not afraid to discuss this issue, and for me, this was the most shocking moment of season 13.
After attending a party, Zoe wakes up with no clothes on and unable to remember what happened the night before. The relationship between Degrassi High and its rival high school, Lakehurst, has never been good.
Merna Jibrail is known for discovering new music, making cheesy band references, taking photographs at her favourite concerts and travelling the world. Over the years Degrassi has grown into something amazing, you can see the characters morph into something different right before your eyes. The character of Manny Santos used to be sweet an innocent, and she went through many changes and is now a beautiful girl, who happens to like to go around a little too much.
The character Liberty Van Sandt changed from an awkward underrated smart girl, with a want to be noticed. But some characters have changed in their emotions towards other people like the character Paige Michalchuk, when the show first began she had enough meanness for the whole school, but as she progressed and her character went through things, she become a lot nicer, and less hated.

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After 14 dramatic seasons, TeenNick recently canceled Degrassi: The Next Generation, but Netflix has saved it!
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From deaths to pregnancies, friendships to lovers and abuse to memorable first times, there was no subject this show’s crack team of writers were afraid to tackle.
Just as Craig realizes that their reunion isn’t exactly picture perfect and nothing has really changed between them, his father dies in a car accident the next morning. After a tough battle that involved real physical fights, drug abuse and making difficult life decisions, Spinner pulls through as he cancer goes into remission.
But in a moment of jealous rage over Holly J’s newfound success in New York City, Fiona kisses her brothers on the lips at a swanky party full of photographers!

He brings a gun to school and shoots Jimmy in the back after Spinner and Jay (the true masterminds behind the cruel prank) convince Rick that Jimmy was behind the prank that embarrassed Rick. Their on-and-off relationship makes my head spin, and hopefully their latest break-up (their third) from the last season is the final one. The weight of it all finally broke Cam during the two-part season 12 finale when he commits suicide in the school’s greenhouse, where he was discovered by Cam and Clare.
If you want a hard hitting show that actually thinks about what teenagers go through, the school Degrassi seems far-fetched to what an actual high school is, but actually it's not that far away from what an actual school is. Following the conclusion of the series on July 31, the streaming site is planning to release Degrassi: Next Class in 2016.
Let’s also not forget that Degrassi became a breeding ground for a new wave of Canadian talent, including Drake, and actresses Shenae Grimes and Nina Dobrev.
At first, I thought someone was cheating on the other person but it turns out that Ashley’s dad is gay. She quickly starts to piece together everything that happens after footage of her being assaulted while clearly drunk begins to circulate. The follow-up to the popular '80s series Degrassi High, the second incarnation of the show taught teenagers everywhere how to feel. Determined to find out who was behind the camera, Zoe discovers that it was the good Christian boy, Luke Baker, and his pal, Neil, who sexually assaulted her. Those poor kids really went through the wringer over the course of our time with them; we saw eating disorders, pregnancies, a school shooting, struggles with sexuality, rape, drug use, alcohol abuse, and much, much more. But somehow, this resilient group of teens never let it get them down, and we were inspired to live our own lives of perseverance.
In honor of the classic show, read on to remember all the wonderful life lessons you learned from the Degrassi crew.

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