How Medecision Radically Improved Their Software DeliveryMedecision recently undertook a large transformation to migrate to a new cloud-based infrastructure.
To get better insight into what’s happening in a release, we have developed the release dashboard.
Last week, I was invited by Microsoft partner Cellenza to talk about XL Deploy during their BootCamp tech rally. Of course, you need to transfer your SSH key onto the machine on which the Azure xplat-cli is installed.

In the definitions of the two deployed CIs, the two deployable types are those defined in the IIS plugin. This new ebook helps managers understand the principles behind Continuous Delivery, explains the transition to a Continuous Delivery organization and gives practical advice on how to start benefiting from the dramatic improvements Continuous Delivery provides.
Most of today’s forward-thinking companies are investigating container technology as a potentially better way to deliver software. XebiaLabs develops enterprise-scale Continuous Delivery and DevOps software, providing companies with the visibility, automation and control to deliver software faster and with less risk.

Of course, we could have shown them our IIS+SQL Server deployment demo, but I wanted to take this opportunity to dig into a new subject: Microsoft Azure. Containers let developers bundle all of the necessary components of an application into one package that can easily be shared and distributed, which can greatly simplify deployment to test, user acceptance and production environments.

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