Merci Annie pour ce bon moment en video, j'adore cette chanson, toujours autant de frissons quand je l'ecoute !
When you get right down to it, every truly important bit of life wisdom can be found on a well-stocked jukebox. Sledge has said that he carried around the refrain for years before the song was written, and it's easy to see why: It's a melody made for pleading, a graceful rainbow arc that holds all the romance (and concomitant distress) a singer can muster.
Celebrate the joy, the revelation, the mystery, the fun, the sheer shivers-up-the-spine pleasure of great music. De Amerikaanse zanger Percy Sledge, die bekend is van de hit When A Man Loves A Woman, is gister overleden.

The famed Atlantic Records producer Jerry Wexler once described it as "a holy love hymn," and certainly Sledge's edge-of-tears performance has lots to do with that: He's not singing to entertain. Though Sledge wrote most of the tune, because he wasn't savvy about the music business, he gave away song credit to two backing musicians who'd helped him refine the piece. De zanger schreef het nummer zelf en dat was ook de eerste single die van hem werd uitgebracht. Dial up "When a Man Loves a Woman," the first single from Alabama-born soul singer Percy Sledge. Following its success, Sledge recorded a string of albums and successful singles for Atlantic; these are spirited affairs, invested with the unshakable sincerity that defines this gem.

If the subsequent works are less prominent in the Great Big Jukebox of Knowledge, that's probably because "When a Man Loves a Woman" says so much. Hear it just once and you know Sledge, a former hospital orderly, is speaking from experience—about spending his last dime and putting up with all manner of mistreatment just to hold on to what he's got.

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