Free website design layout in PSD format are offered by Quality Web Programming for its clients. Create background panels, a header and footer, breadcrumb links, primary and secondary navigation, info panels - and finally style the text with an appropriate web-friendly typeface. When starting on the graphic design of a website I usually create a new Photoshop document 990 pixels wide.
Anyone who uses an Apple Mac knows that the width of a browser window is much more fluid, but because Mac users are in the minority, the website designer must work with (primarily) PC users in mind - unless the audience is known to be Mac-based. One other important thing to keep in mind is that whilst we have a roomy 990 pixels of width to work with, we’re not so lucky with the height. As you can see from the screenshots (figure 2), even if we expand the screen resolution to 1280 x 800 pixels, even though we get lots more width, the height available remains practically unchanged. The least you should aim for is to get the key message of the website visible above the fold - this might just mean getting a headline and paragraph saying exactly what the site is going to do for the visitor. As for this site, I wanted it to be simple, clean and uncomplicated so the user (you) could focus on the content (this).
The following steps are really aimed at Adobe Photoshop novices, so all you Photoshop experts out there, please bear with us or skip to the next step.
The background color (or pattern) of a website is the area which will fill every corner of a browser window unused by the site itself - so it’s important not to make it too distracting or garish. Now we’re going to create the next rounded box which will contain the bulk of the site (content and navigation).
Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool as before, change the foreground color to #ccff99 and drag-create a new rounded rectangle in the same way as before using the newly created guides as the boundary. If you want to do something more complex with Photoshop, it’s pretty straightforward - as long as you know which buttons to press. To add text in Photoshop, just select the Text tool (Horizontal Type Tool) from the Tools palette, click somewhere on the canvas and start typing.
Try to keep the footer clear and uncluttered with as much information as is required, and no more. There are so many different types of navigation menus out there that it can be a little overwhelming when trying to decide what kind of system to use. There are plenty of other navigation possibilities - one of which is the often practical Mega Menu. If there are few enough pages in the site to include them all in links across the top of the page (or top left below the header), then that’s a good thing to do. For this site I’ve used tab-shaped buttons for the main category links and contextually relevant side sub-category navigation for all pages within a category.
The tab buttons in figure 7 are simply more rounded rectangles with a 10 pixel rounded corner. I’m going to keep the tabs in the same dark green of the background panel, except for the active tab.
It’s a font designed for the web by Microsoft, so it works well in large and small sizes.
Although the text styling at this initial design stage is subject to change (as is everything!), it helps to get a general overview of how different fonts, sizes and colors look. If awaiting content for a publication, whether it's for a website or a printed brochure, it's often necessary to use placeholder text so as not to delay the design process. The most widely used placeholder text is known as Lorum Ipsum, first used in the 1500s, when a printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.
In the design (and this may have changed during the build process) I decided to break the link colour convention in the links down the left hand side.
An inside stroke is used for the side panels instead of an outside stroke because when determining the exact width of a panel, if the stroke is set outside it will increase the width by double the width of the stroke - which means that we would have to redo our sums for working out the column widths for the whole site area. Now select the front white panel by clicking on its Vector mask thumbnail - if done correctly, you should see its path show itself in black.
Click on the gray background and drag a marquee around the top of the panel, ensuring that all anchor points making up the top of the shape layer are selected. The methods and styles I’ve used to create this design are by no means set in stone - go ahead and experiment!
Unique, customized, responsive and professional website designs that stand the test of time and convey business message loud and clear. Our Web Designing Services focus on conveying your intended business message loud and clear. Our website solutions for start up businesses enable potential customers to find and know more about your business. Having visibility on a couple of social media platforms with overwhelming followers is not enough to make you stand out from the crowd nowadays. As the Internet is being increasingly assessed through mobile devices, we make it a point to ensure design and functional versatility of your website with our responsive concepts. A Content Management System (CMS) enables you to manage your website content with great ease, without the need for full time technical expert. Whether it is a pure Joomla integration, a Wordpress Development or an implementation in Magento, we provide you all.
Converting casual online buyers into loyal customers a€“ thata€™s what you want as an online retailer. Also, you may hire our services for developing impressive Market Place B2B Structures and enable your users rent or sell goods, services or spaces online. Having covered all the services above, our skills and expertise on development of custom web applications need a special mention.
We help your business have an excellent online presence and grow it by harnessing the power of internet. If you are not sure where to begin and how to make the right decision, request a quote now. From brochure style websites, e-commerce sites and bespoke web directories, here at Mayfly our skilled team of designers will bring your internet ideas to life.
We are regularly contacted to review an existing website to give advice on how it can be improved, or to troubleshoot why the site is not performing on the search engines as well as it should be. We started working with Mayfly full-time last year and we saw phenomenal results much quicker than we anticipated. Website Designing has become a major part in this online technology and a business man thrives to improve the prospects of their business and run a successful website. GeniPro Technologies which has a wide experience in designing websites have satisfied many customers with our innovative work.
For more information about GeniPro Technologies on various Website Designing services, you are welcome to Call us at +91-8861113426 or Contact us. Have you ever advertised your business through various forms such as printed media, radio, television or by other means?

Most business have local popularity, but what about potential customers outside their city?
GeniPro Technologies is an IT Services and web development company providing a wide-range of services like Web Designing, Web Application Development, Android Development, E-commerce solutions, Custom CMS Solutions and SEO Services. Studio Otwarte is a branding agency specialising in visual communication and graphic design. Interactive Design Studio is an advertising digital agency who work in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Geneva. Daniel James Diggle is an Art Director, Designer, Illustrator and Animator working across the digital landscape. French digital marketing agency specializing in the development and implementation of digital communication strategies. Trying to make an open, warm, welcoming webpage for Customers, who are inexperienced with media and advertising business. Time2art it’s a desgin studio started by Przemyslaw Cholewa from passion to digital art (webdesign & branding).
Inspired on the great Jet Pac (ZX Spectrum) game, developed and released by Ultimate Play The Game in 1983.
Srvd helps website owners show different content on their website based on visitor location & settings.
We have tried to present in a simple and unobtrusive way the main advantages of the new tire and confirm — Dunlop WinterMAXX The pursuit of Maximum ice grip.
Wildlife Conservation Society, along with numerous partners are part of a new global movement to protect Africa’s elephants.
If you would like to recieve our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address below & click subscribe. These days the internet has come to host a lot of websites and the only reason behind this many companies going viral on the internet with their.. This is a beautiful creative PSD business card template with a plaid, tartan texture theme. In today's fast-changing eCommerce world, it's challenging for any web designer to predict the future.
After lots of web browsing we found that there are no resources for ready made blueprints of civil constructions available on the net. This is because 990 pixels is almost the widest you can go on a webpage without a nasty horizontal scrollbar appearing in a Microsoft Windows browser within the constraints of a 1024 x 768 pixel display (the most popular screen resolution at the time of writing).
One such battleground is often fought over by uncompromising web usability experts like Jacob Nielsen versus uncompromising designers.
And the more toolbars and features that are added at the top of the browser window, the less vertical website real estate we get.
Everything 'above the fold' on the front page would be visible when the newspaper had been folded and put in a pile - everything 'below the fold' would be out of sight until someone actually picked up the paper (presumably enticed by the headlines) and unfolded it to read on. Too many sites make the mistake of being ambiguous on the home page, forcing a visitor to guess what the site’s about and how it might be of use.
Too many tutorial sites these days seem to exist primarily to serve up a cocktail of Google adverts and banner ads - which practically never get looked at, let alone clicked. I think they give a website a nice organic feel in an environment where everything is hard-edged or horribly bevelled. To name them, just double click on the existing or default layer name - and type in a new, more appropriate one. This ensures that the shadow is even all the way around instead of being heavier on one side than the other. Since the main focus of the website is about how to build a website using Dreamweaver (apart from these preliminary tutorials), it seemed logical to make that very clear in the site header. The temptation to fill up empty space with abstract artwork is a strong one - but one that must be resisted in order to purify the message.
Depending on the nature of the website, the footer tends to contain some of the following pieces of information.
Generally the footer is where the visitor would expect to find essential company details and contact information, terms and conditions, the company address and so on. Actually, it's not hard to make a decision - I just choose a menu system which a user is almost certainly already familiar with. Web users generally look to the top of the site for the main navigation, and then sometimes to the left for local navigation for the section they’ve just come to. If the user finds themselves on any page in the Designing category, the tab will remain white. Whilst I like the clean look of a sans serif font (such as the one used in the header) I feel that the simplicity of the site’s framework will really set off a nice, interesting serif font like Georgia.
This is the crucial deciding factor which drastically limits the number of fonts generally used in website design.
I added names for the tabs by selecting the Text tool, clicking on or near one of the tabs and typing in the category name. To do this, it’s a simple case of drag-creating a text box in the Photoshop document (using the Horizontal Type Tool) and filling it with placeholder text.
Although once visited they turn a light shade of purple, the actual un-clicked links are gray rather than blue. These are supporting elements which will ultimately contain extra information relevant to the text they sit next to.
You may decide either to keep this as an image or style it in CSS later - I used text rather than an image.
Our designs are clean and professional and they perfectly blend with the custom functionalities further implemented into them. We are a one stop solution for designing, developing and maintaining a web presence that matters to your business. Even if you are not planning to sell online, you need a presence online to promote your brand and products to your potential buyers.
Our responsive web design philosophy aims at delivering optimized designs that displays with equal clarity on different devices with different aspect ratio and display resolution. Additionally, we take care of Version Upgrades, Plugin Installations, Minor tweaks as well as development of Custom Plugins or Modules for your CMS Driven website.
Our solutions will help your business attract more customers not only for one time purchase, but make them coming back for more. Congratulations on the accomplishments of your teams, as great customer service + skills is almost impossible to find these days and your professionalism has been extremely positive. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to you for the good and professional work done for us. There are large numbers of websites on World Wide Web and hence, the importance of web design for a business is also being increased.

All websites comes with unique page style, awesome slideshows and beautiful color variations. Using webkit-filters to react atmospherically to a user’s feelings on a set of given sounds, it compares their answers to others. Audrey is passionate with a keen eye for details and pays careful attention to the requirements and demands of her clients. Use any of Basecamp accounts connected to your profile and navigate easily through the app with just few taps using our exceptional menu.
We wanted to portray all the McDonald’s customers moments to it’s best, give the user a great way to navigate and explore, as well as to make it available to all the devices. The website has been simplified to highlight photographies and answer to the new navigation habits. To become a nationally recognized creative agency through personality, team collaboration, and close relationships with clients. The interactive video for “Happy” allows you to watch Pharrell and other people dancing to the song at any hour of the day!
In my experience, the most effective links are contextually relevant hyperlinks like the one leading to this eyetracker study by Jacob Neilsen which provides evidence of how people read a web page. To do this, click on the foreground color picker square at the bottom of the tools palette and either choose your own color from the color picker, or enter the following value in the field at the bottom centre of the dialogue box by the # symbol: 666666. This will ensure that a nice, editable filled path will be created rather than an empty path or pixelated shape. You can either click once and type to create an unconstrained block of text, or you can click and drag to create a text box which’ll constrain the text within to the area you define. Again, this depends on the size and nature of the website, but it’s not good to make people think too much about how to get around. There are plenty of workarounds - such as Flash text, images as text and PHP text replacement techniques - but for simplicity, these alternatives tend to be in the minority online.
I generally experiment with styles for two headings (H1 and H2), Paragraph Text (P), Bullet Points and Links (figure 8). They’re very easy to create - the process is very similar to the one used in the creation of the mega-menu panel. Duplicate the shape layer in the Layers palette and color it white, keeping the same inside stroke colour. We’re going to drag around the top of the white panel, but once again we need to start the drag by clicking on the dark gray background, and not on one of the other existing vector shapes. For these headings I added interest by using a combination of lower case italic and upper case roman and removed spaces between words (see the footNOTE panel on the right) - a really simple way of making a heading look a little funkier. At WebGuru, your ideas meet with our zeal for design and your business goals meet with our dedication to delivering unique, customized web design services, turning your dreams into accomplishments. Avail our services to develop an exceptional website to boost your business via online presence. You can select the most appropriate service(s) for your business from those mentioned below. Consumers today expect companies to have an online information center and we provide with just the effective way to market your products and services and compete with the bigger brands. If you are a professional or artist working autonomously, we can develop your online Personal Portfolio which can provide you with creative freedom. With our extra amount of attention on the design basics, your web page is going to respond to all access devices. Workflow being the core feature of a CMS, our CMS driven solution ensures you have complete control over your existing business content online.
We can help you build your online store from search to checkout without a hitch by leveraging popular platforms and frameworks, teamed with our innovative strategies.
Get started with our analysis on the technical aspects, logical standpoint and the economic feasibility of your requirements and get a detailed System Requirement Specification from our analysts. By listening to what you and your audience require & expect, together with our own research, a number of concepts will be designed before we embark on the build of your website, thus ensuring a smooth process.
By researching the market and your competitors, we can design you a website that not only looks great, but will be designed to convert your traffic into potential customers, as well as rank well on the search engines.
You can drive more people to your site by consistently updating and promoting the contents of your site. This is a collection of Company, Business, Creative, Medical, Hosting, Blog and Portfolio Websites and Blog designs for inspiration. In brief, if a computer doesn’t have the font used by a website installed, the browser will display an alternative - sometimes with undesirable results. Again, my plan is to recreate this text in CSS - good for the search engines and more efficient for the page loading time. Use the UP and DOWN arrows without the SHIFT key to nudge the anchor points until you’re happy. In case you are not sure how to make the right choice, we are here to help you understand the technical aspect of the scope of work and estimate its cost. Whether it is about building a new website or rebuilding the existing one, we provide robust solutions for market challenges very specific to you. We can make your personal website more flexible by outlining information about you, your skills, experiences and accomplishments for your target audience. A single website will cater to both your desktop and mobile traffic further, making it easier for search engines to assign you a noticeable rank. You may choose to proceed with various CMS options or our extensive Custom Programming for Shopping Cart Development. With our well defined development timeline, stay involved with us throughout the development phases of the project. Leverage our world-class services to catalyze the process of lead conversions for your business.
Building attractive and easily navigable websites have greater appeal to users than ones that are uninteresting. Also, your website serves as a place for a potential investor to explore what your business is about and what it can do in the future. In the future I will have clients who may need website design & development so I will definitely use WebGuru.
With our custom web applications you will not need your business process to adjust to the software, rather the software is customized as per your need.

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