Easter is just around the corner, so now’s the time to make your plans for the holiday. Our free Easter printable is designed for you to print, cut and place each conversation starter in a colorful plastic Easter egg. I like to place the conversation starter Easter eggs into an Easter basket, as part of my my Easter tabletop, which instantly turns them into an interactive centerpiece. The free printable is in PDF format — just click the image or link below and download the zip file to your computer. As you can see in the image below, you just need to curve them slightly to get them to fit. You can set your basket on your dinner table, or place it somewhere that your guest are gathering.
Love this idea and just printed my printables … can’t wait to start this tradition!!!
Hi , Brandi I just love the conversation starters for Easter, but also couldn’t get it to print .
Email us at [email protected] and we will email you a free recipe eBook, filled with easy recipes your family will enjoy, as well as helpful tips along the way! 5.  If you had one wish (and you can’t wish for more wishes), what would you wish for and why? 6.  If you could eat just one food everyday for a month and nothing else, what would it be? I have some creative features to share today all focused on fall decor and crafts for Thanksgiving. Some of the products or services appearing on this site have been received complimentary, or by affiliate, in hopes that they would be mentioned.

Well, today I’d like to help you turn those mealtimes into lasting memories by making them more fun and enjoyable with the Table Talk Family Dinner Conversation Starters cards. The set includes 8 different retro, kitchen-inspired designs, with 12 cards for each design. You can choose to print your cards with the design on the back or just print out the front of the cards.
Table Talk: Family Dinner Conversation Starters CardsThis set of downloadable, printable cards contains 96 cards - 64 conversation starters cards & 34 blank cards so you can make up your own questions that are unique to your own family. Not only do I completely love this concept, but the fonts, colours, and overall design of these printables are killer! Do you have favorite family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation? For a fun Easter activity, I have put together a free printable of Easter dinner conversation starters.
I printed on white cardstock, but you could also print on regular printer paper, if you wish. When you are ready to use them, take turns opening an egg and reading aloud the papers inside, with your guests giving their answers. There is still time to fit a few of these projects in – or simply tuck them away for next year. And what fabulous features… it’s fun to be included in such a talented round-up!! Regardless, I only recommend and share products or services I personally use and believe my readers will enjoy.

I love this and I will download the printable so that way I can start working on it Thank you so much! Download the file and make sure you make note to where on your computer that you are downloading it to. I believe cooking doesn't have to be complicated or fancy to be memorable, so I share easy recipes that get you out of the kitchen fast.
We’re going to be giving away 16 signed copies of our new cookbook, Six Sisters’ Stuff to those who register for the dinner!
I want my family to know that it is her recipe, and that she loved making them with me when I was little.
After you register you can check out our World’s Largest Family Dinner Map to see others who have registered from around the world.
There is a Family Recipe Printable in the Mom It Forward Family History eBook that can perfectly capture these precious recipes for now and years to come. Once you start this fun habit you will be amazed at how much more of an effort you will make to have family dinner together.
To receive a copy of this printable and all of the other printables in the Family History eBook, go "here". Her interests include camping, motorcycling, boating, photography, reading, cooking, and traveling.

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