The jelly beans I bought didn't have purple so we have changed the poem to say blue instead of purple. I pinned these last year too but they are going to take too much time so have left them for yet another year. Dinner parties are the best … well, unless they are awkward – then they are the worst! They can be pinned up for something big (like a wedding), or folded in half on the table for a smaller dinner party.

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feedor get AliLily updates sent straight to your email inbox and never miss a post.. It’s really a lot of fun but I’m nowhere close to the awesomeness these ladies here pull off! Usually, I just have a couple thoughts in my head to get things going, but I also love the idea of putting little conversational starters out on the tables. To help us all out, I designed this PDF with eight fun questions to get the conversation going.

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