I’m submitting this list to a local paper so I thought I’d give my blog readers the benefit of some great advice.  Hope some of this helps you. 1. Don’t be afraid to fight for alimony for life if you’ve been married for more than fifteen years and you’re over 55. So how can a woman who fights for “VAGINAMONY” FOR LIFE brainwash herself into thinking she doesn’t need a man to survive??
While a woman is fighting a MAN for vaginamony, getting a MAN to fix her car, or calling a MAN to fix her plumbing. I just have to say that I LOVE your book – it has become my bible through my divorce – thanks so much for writing it and all your wise and sometimes humorous advice! Ladies I am a 38 year old woman and I am going to tell you right now when you get a divorce you need to get your big girl panties on and quit relying on a man to take care of you. I have just turned 50 and my life partner (and I use the term very loosely) left me 3 years ago after a lengthy affair with a serial marriage breakuperer. I have only just bought myself my OWN home, drive my sons old car and kick started my old business, have also had to live on my own, no family no nothing, Dickhead still lives with a mate in a beautiful home, has 3 cars he doesn’t own and gets fatter and uglier by the minute. I left without a husband, no home, no business, nothing, I did not get pension, he let me just debts, was traumatic for me, did not know where to start or where to go for help, everything is money, thank God my children are grown.
I went to live with my sister, I started working with a friend, but I could not keep in that work my depression was so bad, I was almost a year in recovery, and I started again, I had to eat. If I been mistreated, abused and lied to for more than 20 years by a pig who all he did was sit on the couch wearing out the remote control, while I cooked, cleaned AND worked as well why shouldn’t I be angry?
As far as my ex was concerned I was just there to cook, clean, keep my mouth shut and legs open for the mandatory sex.
Spirit ExpertsOur Spirit Experts provide you with teaching, sharing and guidance on psychic readings, tarot, numerology, astrology,mediumship, angel readings, channelling, spirit messages and more. I just want to say a big Thank You for giving me the opportunity to go on Soul Tv a few months back and get help with my fear of aeroplanes.

I sit down with my coffee every day and have a chat about different topics and come out with some great information!!!
Thank you Soul TV for giving me the opportunity to be on your show and for giving me the guidance and support from your beautiful experts that I clearly needed.
I want to say a big thank you to Nicole for contacting me saying that she wanted to help me contact my son, with the delightful girls julianna leanne and jo i had the most enlightening time. Alimony these days is supposed to be just for a few years until you get “rehabilitated, ” i.e. He returned after 2 months and left again for good, I divorced the disgusting scum bag, however, in doing that I lost EVERYTHING.I No husband, no family, no job, no business, NO HOME, NOTHING, had 3 massive breakdowns and lost 10 kilograms to boot. Actually, more than just angry, I feel rage, I often fantasize about attacking him with a sledge hammer until his head turns to mash. The fear was controlling my life but Hearing what Ivan had to say It has completely changed my life, and knowing im safe in this lifetime has made me not scared but excited and interested in aeroplanes! I just watched my episode and all those feelings I had when I filmed all came flooding back. The process you described you apply to prospective tenants, I have applied very successfully with job applicants.
Too many divorcees get the house in the divorce and then find they can’t pay the mortgage, the taxes and the  maintenance. Adult children can be just as traumatized by their parents divorce as young children.  You need to break it to them gently, make sure you don’t pressure them to take sides, and don’t expect them to take care of you. So many women, especially older women, have put themselves aside for their husbands and kids for so many years they’ve forgotten who they used to be.  If  you once loved to dance, or paint or ride a motorcyle, go out there and do  again. If you’ve been betrayed it can be impossible to forgive, for many years if not forever.  This does not mean you can’t move on. But that’s why God invented the internet.  Get a manicure, a pedicure and some snazzy new clothes and give it a try.

You can figure out on your own how to pay the bills, get the car fixed and call the plumber at 3am. It cracks me up that a man tries to use the alimony, fixing the plumbing and car as justification that a woman can’t survive without a man. I have just watched 5 episodes of soul academy back to back and seriously this is awesome stuff.
But if you’re over 55, and have always stayed home with the kids this isn’t a reasonable expectation..
It’s harder to find a man, a job and to learn to live alone after being married your entire adult life. Finding out you have the courage and independence to travel alone will teach you that you can survive as a single woman. There are men out there for older women, but you have to find them, they won’t come knocking on your door.. I look forward to the future with my children and cutting the apron strings as I know I have done the best job I can raising them with good values and morals.
We are better than that and this is not saying alamony for a short term ,like five years, is bad but there comes a point that you got to get off that couch, go get a job and show your daughters that we dont need someone else to take care of us like invalids in order to survive. And if you are one of those women then shame on you for being lazy because I raise my son, go to work and take care of the tramas and crisis in my life on my own. You can get angry all you want but how are you really an independant single woman if you have to have what is equivalent to a sugar daddy!

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