Financial aid can also include job training, especially for those who are re-entering the workforce after a long period of time.
An Online Divorce Support Group for Women - Midlife Divorce Recovery Call Us Today!
Assistance is provided in three areas: emotional support, financial assistance, and legal advice. Surgeon General, 30 to 40 percent of individuals experience depression and anxiety during a divorce. Besides financial assistance for women, inexpensive and sound legal advice is also crucial.
Counseling with divorce support groups will aid you in managing the emotional roller coaster you’re about to embark on. Financial assistance can be obtained through the state or federal government and is based on your income.

Certain lawyers and counselors can give divorced women financial advice through a fee structure based on your income. Seeking legal advice early and looking for agencies that provide financial assistance for recently divorced women will allow you to prepare for your future.
Financial relief can come in the form of a monthly stipend, but can also be counseling for women to cope and manage in a single-income household. Some financial aid for divorced women is also low-cost or free, depending on your situation. May I just say, its been 7 months since my tsunami, and if it weren’t for talking with you all, I would not be as healed as I am.
Unfortunately, verbal promises of financial support by such untrustworthy men usually turn to dust, whether their original intentions were genuine or not.
You have learned an unusually harsh lesson, and I am so sorry for that…but I also believe that, as you remain true to doing the best you know, God will reward you.

Sometimes the ‘universe’ sends help in the most unexpected ways when we forge ahead with integrity, pure hearts and steadfast determination.
But you are not alone, and you will be stronger and more beautiful and more real on the other side of this. As one woman to another—you are good, you are gracious and I am very glad to call you a friend!
So have a good cry—God gave you really good tear ducts–and this is when we get to really use them!!!

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