Confession: Mark and I recently passed our 10-year mark as a couple, but since we got married last June, we pretty much skipped over the date. We originally tried to plan our wedding so that the date would fall closer to our old anniversary, but we were having an outdoor ceremony and reception, and the weather can still be a little unpredictable in early April, even in sunny Southern California. It would probably be silly to celebrate two anniversaries every year after you got married, but I do sort of wish that we had done something for this big 10-year one. This entry was posted in Relationship Question, Weddings + Relationships and tagged anniversary, mark, married, wedding.

I sent him a sweet little text reminding him what day it was and he responded, but the day was nothing out of the ordinary. But nine years is a long time to celebrate one anniversary together and then suddenly switch, right?! If you’re not married yet, do you think you’ll still commemorate your first date once you do tie the knot? Hooray Hurrah is a place for the things that inspire me from fashion to weddings to decor and much, much more.

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