Nothing says party better than a pair of speedos to show off your hot bod in ironic fashion. Online university programs have opened up new ways of collegiate learning, but a heated debate exists about the validity of online degrees. How many loads is she going to take to her face to recognize that might not have been the best idea?
I have to admit that I admire the intern’s panache in asking literally every hot girl he comes across if they want the pipe. Picking the right clothes from the waist down is critical because those clothes are what all the ladies are going to see first when they're checking out your junk.
Every true frat guy will tell you the look that gets the girls going is a pair of baggy cargo shorts.
Drinking beer everyday cause you are in a frat does not mean you have an excuse to have a dad bod.
While everybody else has five-day school weeks and short weekends, frat guys get to rock a two- or three-day week with plenty of time for raging parties. He's a native Texan with a full head of hair and knows his way around a nice box of red wine.
Then the big night rolls around and she pulls the ol’ switcharoo with her gay best friend in the stall. If youa€™re giving us head, for the love of God dona€™t remind us of the fact that you have teeth. You might think that screaming at the top of your lungs during sex is a turn on, it isna€™t. Sure, wea€™d love to throw you a birthday party at the frat castle, just make sure you bring all of your (hot) sisters. Just because it drizzled last Tuesday doesna€™t mean you should wear those hideous rain boots.

Showing up at the house with bagels, cream cheese, and grain alcohol is the best way to get an early morning event started on the right foot. If you a€?borrowa€? one of our favorite frocket tees, then you better believe wea€™re going to get it back. If we hooked up before and youa€™re going to be awkward about it, dona€™t bother talking to us at all. If wea€™re watching a sporting event, at least pretend youa€™re interested and know whata€™s going on. We dona€™t trust you with our iPoda€™s at parties, mostly because we know a€?Call Me Maybea€? exists. Wea€™re not going to do your sorority gang sign in every picture we take together, stop asking.
Therea€™s a stripper pole upstairs for a reason, if you want to use it you wona€™t hear any complaints from us. Yes, we can get you a pledge ride, but dona€™t start acting like youa€™re entitled to one whenever you want. If you order more than us during a late night drunken Taco Bell run, wea€™re going to be a little concerned. We dona€™t want to go see the new Nicholas Sparks movie with you because we know youa€™ll be a crying hormonal mess afterwards.
Therea€™s absolutely nothing wrong with leaving SportsCenter on in the background during sex. If youa€™ve already sucked one dick that night, please dona€™t try to hook up with another one of us. If youa€™re sober at one of our parties for longer than 30 minutes, youa€™re doing it wrong. If your little sister is in town for Family Weekend, wea€™re probably going to hit on her too.

I dont wear socks with my sperrys, Don’t complain if they smell when I take them off. Not to bash this but frat guys really could break out and be friends with people who aren’t just their brothers.
But could you please spend a few bucks more and get us mangoritas or at least some lime bud lights?? Yes while some brothers do work out and keep in shape, clearly not all have realized that they probably should not try to look like the mini version of their dad.
Well some other college students, apparently, prefer to advertise their fantasies to recruit fraternity members, then wait by a hole in the wall and attempt to orally pleasure whatever piece of frat meat is stuffed through that hole. Dorn graduated (BBA) with a GPA sitting in the meaty part of the bell curve, not lagging behind, but not trying to show off, either. The next day when the house starts spreading the rumors of the glory hole slut, she turns the tables by posting the pics online.
If youa€™re pretty enough it doesna€™t matter if the picture is of a 200lb black woman, youa€™ll still get in.
He is a self described Huguenot, and commands a secret sexual fetish for angry internet comments. Instead of regurgitating, your brain automatically wonder what the fuck is up with your fist and doesnt pay attention to your central organs.

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