The national programme to vaccinate young girls against a sexually transmitted virus which can cause cervical cancer should be extended to gay men, doctors say. The British Medical Association has written to Anna Soubry, minister for Health, urging her to introduce HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccinations for young gay men attending sexual health clinics.
HPV vaccinations provide protection against the two commonest strains of the virus, which can cause cervical and anal cancer.
I’m 42, and I’m still going out the same bars, eating at the same places, and running into the same men that I did when I was 32.

Your life’s proverbial halfway mark is a chance to identify, evaluate and face down the fears – of the unknown, of failure, and yes of success – that have held you back. From next September, the existing vaccine Cervarix is being replaced with Gardasil, which also protects against genital warts. People ridicule fetishists behind their backs, and I’m afraid of being lumped in with them.
If you accept fear as a reason to avoid circumstances without assessing them and making an informed decision, you’re stuck.

Forget naysayers who use their own fears to ostracize people and activities they don’t understand.
Pushing him away may be easier in the moment, but progress comes from outside your comfort zone.

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